Jenisis Lancer
Avatar: Megan Fox
Jenisis Korina Mauder-Lancer-Rainier
Also known as
Darth Serna, Jen, Jeni
Varies; 26
Sith Knight
2 blood red lightsabers; customized
128 lbs
Body type
Eye color
Ice Blue
Hair color
Dyed Black; natural Blonde
Skin color
Family members
England Family
Zereth Lancer (ex,missing)
Skyler Rainier
Significant other
Ket Limelight (biological)
Teron Mauder (adoptive, d.)
Serenity Mauder (adopted, d.)
Curupira D'Arr Hawk (stepmother)
Serenity Lancer(d.)
Ezra Lancer (d.)
Soryn Valnor
Delilah Rainier
Dexter Rainier
Salene Rainier (d.)
Jason Mauder (adoptive, d.)
Tesanya Beltrak
Orian Beltrak
Mason England
Bianca Holloway
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Satkia Riker
Wallace Riker
Darya Beltrak (d.)
Ryori Holloway
Other family
Elizabeth Lone (granddaughter)

Daughter to a Dark Jedi, Teron Mauder and a bounty hunter, Serenity Mauder nee DeShana, she grew up in a different setting then most. Unbeknownst to Jenisis, she was adopted by Serenity and Teron and she was actually the cloned daughter of a Sith Master named Ket Limelight . Though she grew up thinking that Serenity and Teron Mauder were her parents, along with having a brother, Jason Mauder.


When Jenisis was young, she was good, and innocent. Though after her tragedies as a teenager, she completely changed. Presently, she is a woman confused. Her mood could change at the blink of an eye. Around those she loves, she is gentle, for the most part. When around others, she is as hard as stone. Keeping a mask on her face. Anger, pain, and bitchiness is what she normally shows to others. She would kill someone without much thought. She doesn't take shit from anyone around her. She is an extremely seductive woman and bound to getting what she wants. She is also extremely ill-tempered.


Jen young2

Jenisis Mauder; age 8

As a child, Jenisis was a completely carefree girl. She had her brother, Jason, her parents, a home, and peace. She was outgoing as a child and never took no for answer. She had a passion for being herself and she wasn't afraid to take action.

She was presistant with learning about the Force even though her mother hated the fact that she did, for reasons that had remained unknown to the young girl. Her father secretly taught her. Her brother refused to learn, he listened to their mother, while Jenisis did not. She wanted to know everything about the Force and practice it, something inside of her told her she belonged with the Force. So in turn, she and her father went behind her mother's back to get her to learn the ways of the Force.

Her Teenage YearsEdit

Her teenage years were no dream boat. After she hit 14, her entire life went


Jenisis Mauder; age 16; before she dyed her hair

into a complete hell, causing permant scars, and lots of hate to eminate from the young girl. Her destiny setting itself in, which was what was feared.

Her father hadn't wanted her to get into the Dark things he had when he was younger, nor had he wanted her to be involved in the same practices as her biological father, Ket , whom by this time had achieved being a Sith Master . He wanted his daughter to take a path with the light. Be pure as he viewed her. Though, he would not be able to get what he wanted for his daughter, sadly. As he would not even be able to see his daughter grow up fully.

Finally, once she turned 17, everything fell apart and she was destroyed emotionally, permently, from what she was as a child/early teens. She suffered losses not many can say they suffered and it destroyed any and all good that had once been in her.

Her Parents' and Brother's DeathEdit


Serenity Mauder; age 38; just before her murder


Age 14; Just before his death

When Jenisis was 14, she was out with her father, working on her Force ablitites, without her mother's knowledge, and it had seemed like just a normal day to her, but it would turn out much worse for her and her father. Her father was a well known Dark Jedi, and he had turned on them when he met Serenity, making him a traitor and someone extremely wanted. He had his bounty on his head established, but he was able to hide himself and his family for many years. Though, all good things must come to an end eventually. While they were out practicing, they heard screams orginate from their home, confused, Jenisis looked


Teron Mauder; age 40; just before his murder

to her father to find out what was wrong, but Teron knew all too well what was going on. Suddenly a man appeared to them and in which revealed to them that he had just killed Serenity and Jason. The man did not attack Jenisis and Teron physically, but he did mentally and emotionally by killing their family.

After that they left and disappeared, going into hiding. Her father feared for them, scared that they would be found again. Which eventually they were, by the same man. Not more than two or three years later. They were at home and they heard someone break into their home, Jenisis hid under her bed by her father's orders, he fought the man vigorously, attempting to kill him, but the man killed Teron first, and Jenisis saw the whole thing. Keeping herself quiet, the man left, thinking she was gone, but she wasn't.

After he left, she ran out, trying to think of a place to go. She was seventeen and orphaned, at least to her thoughts she was since her father had never disclosed to her that she was actually adopted. She had to think fast, because she wasn't nearly at an age where she felt comfortable living by herself. But she couldn't really think of a place where she could run to. Most of her family had disowned them when Teron turned his back on the Dark Jedi. Though she did eventually find a place to go...

All Good Must Come to an EndEdit

Jen young3

Jenisis Mauder; Age 17 established her change of identity

Jenisis was scared, and she searched for any and all lost family she hadn't known about. Maybe they could help her, but they all turned her down. Most because they had hated Teron for turning and running off on everyone. So in spite, they wouldn't take Jenisis in in her time of need. Only having to say that he got what he had coming to him.

Jenisis did eventually find a place to go. Neav Draclau nee Reveta. She had always been close to Neav and Neav knew her family well, though Neav had never gone and obtained the knowledge that Jenisis was in fact adopted from a powerful Sith being. Willingly, Neav took Jenisis in as her own daughter. Even training her for a while. Jenisis, though living well with Neav, was always cursed with nightmares of her family, hating her life completely, even though Neav was extremely good to Jenisis.

Jenisis knew she would be hunted as well, so she changed her appearance by changing her hair from blonde to a brownish-black. She knew it was most likely a smart idea to at least change her appearence some. She liked the way it looked on her so it stuck, she never looked back on her blonde hair.

Neav Draclau nee Reveta

She didn't seem like the same person anymore with her hair dyed, it was a new beginning for her. All she felt was pain and suffering and she taught herself not to care for anyone or trust anyone. Except Neav, but that was because Neav had helped her and been a mother to her when no one else would be there for her. So Neav was a different story entirely.

All sense of good had been drained from her, and because of that, she knew exactly where she would belong in the universe.

Bring Forth the SithEdit

After many years of debate, Jenisis joined the The Sith Council. She hated all Jedi and she was Force sensitive, so she needed a place to train and become stronger, which she knew the Sith would bring to her. She wanted to be feared and powerful. She wanted to find the man whom killed her family and get revenge, no one else in her mind could bring her that but the Sith.

Though she had never felt completely set with them. Her adoptive father's wants haunting her from time to time. She had known he wanted more for her than the Sith, but it was the path she had chosen. She hated the Jedi, so why would she want to be with them? Little else to go for Force sensitivity, she stuck with the Sith where she could at least find happiness in causing others pain.

Presently, Jenisis is a Sith Knight in The Sith Council.


Two single blade, blood red lightsabers, customized handles.


Zereth Lancer; Jenisis's now ex-husband

Love Me DearlyEdit

Jenisis had promised herself that she would never care about another living being other than those she all ready cared about, but one person changed that. Zereth Lancer. Zereth and Jenisis met because they were both in the Sith, him being a Master whilst she was an Apprentice. He tried to be her master in the Sith, but she refused and stuck with Neav as her master in the teachings of the Sith. Jenisis wasn't naive, she knew he wanted to teach her just so he could be around her. It wasn't love at first sight. She actually dispised him for a while, but he pursued her even though she was so resistant.

Eventually she saw some potential in him, and gave into dating him. Which had been a silly decision in her opinion at the time, but she was okay with it. After a few years, Jenisis realized how much she really loved this man, despite her promise to herself. She knew she couldn't see herself without him. She needed him.

Soon after realizing that, Jenisis left Neav's estate to live with Zereth, which Neav wasn't the happiest about, but she let Jenisis go her seperate way because she was an adult now at the age of 20.

He needed her too, and he proved it by proposing to her. With that, they married and lived happily together, soon after, she got pregnant with their twins, Ezra and Serenity Lancer, named after his father and her adoptive mother. Jenisis restarted again, starting a family and figuring that the happiness of having a family would last, but silly her for being so naive...

Leave Me LostEdit

Zereth's disappearenceEdit

Zereth and Jenisis had been married and had kids, but that wouldn't last forever. Jenisis had been asleep, life was good, not many disturbances, her powers were strengthing, soon to be Knighted in fact, she was happy. Life was actually looking up for her, but then, she woke up from that thought quickly and violently.

Zereth hadn't been home for a while, saying he would be, she assumed that he was telling the truth, though when she woke up, she would realize, that he had other plans. She awoke to find that all of his things were gone. Jenisis thought she was dreaming. Though, no matter how many times she pinched herself or slapped herself to try and wake up, she realized that this was no dream. That it was harsh reality that her husband, whom she loved more than anything, left her. No note, no explantion to her face, just left.

Only proving to her that nothing good lasts, just like she discovered when she was younger. She re-realized the reason why she promised to love no one. Heartbroken, she fought through the pain, trying to keep strong for her children, whom were also heartbroken by their father's sudden and suprising disappearence.

Ezra and Serenity's disappearenceEdit

Ezra and Serenity were all Jenisis had left, it was hard to imagine her life without them, but she would eventually have to. She was found again by the same man who had killed her family. He had taken her kids while she was out running errands. She had a feeling earlier that day that she shouldn't have left, but motherhood called, and she needed to provide for her kids. This leading to her children's disappearance, tearing her from the inside out.

After years of searching for them, eventually she found, them, horribly tortured and her heart was completely torn apart, knowing that they had suffered in a way they didn't deserve to.

The Lost YearsEdit


Mikhael Bakunin; Ex-Lover

Age 25-27

The years spent with Mikhael Bakunin.

A New BeginningEdit

After many years of being missing from the Sith, Jenisis decided to return. She wanted to start over again. She


Jenisis Mauder-Lancer-Rainier; present

knew it was going to be hard, but after promising herself once again that she wasn't going to relive what she lived when she was slightly younger, she decided to return to the Sith. Starting her studies over again and becoming the Sith she knew she could be. She couldn't hide forever, and she wasn't going to, because she was no coward. She despised cowards and she wasn't going to let herself turn into one just because she had lost her husband and children.

She was going to restart her life, whether she truely wanted to or not at that time. No love, no children, just her, a trainer, and her studies. She wanted to become feared, she wanted to hunt down her children and the person who took them. She was going to get revenge, and she knew it. There wasn't much in the galaxy that was going to stop her from doing so.

Love FoundEdit


Skyler Rainier; present husband

After years of promising herself she'd be alone, she ran into the one person who was going to change that. Skyler Rainier finding her, alone and pregnant for a second time with a man she didn't even love, he approached her while she was crying. Probably not because he was actually worried, but because he was curious. It wasn't often you found a grown woman crying in a cantina.

She definitely wasn't fond of him at first, but after a few meetings, they grew fond of each other, though inadvertainly getting themselves into a major pickle after a while. Skyler and Jenisis had their time in her bedroom and then not to long after that, she had found out she was pregnant. Again. It pissed herself off to no end, but she knew she'd love this kid all the same. She was starting to fall for Skyler, and she didn't like that thought, seeing as she had been left before. No matter how many times Skyler promised he wouldn't leave, she couldn't help but doubt it. Zereth had promised her as well, and look at where she had ended up with that.

Skyler had been far more excited then Jenisis over the pregnancy. Though, she pretended like she was excited. Skyler then revealed that he had fallen for Jenisis, and even though she hated herself for it, she had fallen for Skyler in the short time they knew each other. When he asked her to marry him, she said yes. Not only because she loved him, but because she didn't want to be alone.

Not too far after the proposal, they had discoved that they had known each other well when they were much younger. Visiting a place they called "Happy Endings," because they weren't really supposed to be around each other, starting a love when they were young that had been broken when Jenisis had disappeared when she had to leave. They remembered each other, but they just hadn't realized it until the memory triggered in Jenisis's mind and she reminded Skyler.

Though Skyler and Jenisis have gone through rough patches, like when their daughter got pregnant and they ended up separated for a while, they never could stay away from each other for long. Ending up back together after a few months of being separated.

One Day Too Late...Edit

Her Biological Father(The Person She's Cloned From): Ket LimelightEdit


Ket Limelight; Sith Master; Jenisis's biological father


To be added...


Completely. Insane.


Curupria D'Arr Hawk

Meeting JenisisEdit

To be added...

Her ChildrenEdit

Living ChildrenEdit


Delilah Rainier; Age 19; Daughter of Skyler Rainier; Twin of Dexter Rainier


Soryn Valnor; age 18; Son of Kaz Valnor

Delilah Rainier -- Age 19

Dexter Rainier -- Age 19

Soryn Valnor -- Age 18


Dexter Rainier; Age 19; Son of Skyler Rainier; Twin of Delilah Rainier

Deceased ChildrenEdit


Serenity Lancer; just before she was kidnapped and killed

Serenity Lancer -- murdered

Ezra Lancer; just before he was kidnapped and killed

Ezra Lancer -- murdered

Salene Rainier -- still born



Elizabeth Lone; once she grows up

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lone - Daughter of Kael Lone and Delilah Rainier

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