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Early LifeEdit

Jessari was raised in a small village in the mountains of Skye. From an early age, she was able to use the Force to speed the healing of those around her. This skill made her useful whenever someone in the village was sick or injured.

She also had a love for children, and this led her to take a job in the village nursery, which also doubled as a daycare. The nursery cared for young S'kytri children, and also unhatched S'kytri eggs when the parents weren't able to watch them.

Then, when Jessari was in her mid-twenties, a trio of Sith attacked her village. When she ran to protect the nursery, she found one of the Sith , Mikhael Kosovich, waiting for her surrounded by the dead bodies of those she had cared for. She attacked him, but he overpowered her and raped her. This left her grieving, and also pregnant.

The Jedi WayEdit

When she discovered she was pregnant, Jessari left for the Jedi Temple on Naboo. She hadn't been able to protect the younglings in the nursery, but she swore that she'd train and protect her own children once they were born.

Shortly after arriving on Naboo, Jessari met Jedi Master Spark Vallen who took her as a student, and even helped deliver her children, the twins Chase Tanelorn and Kaliska Tanelorn. Spark trained her in the use of the Force and the beliefs of the Jedi. When the time came, Jessari became a Knight.

Dark AbilitiesEdit

Shortly before Jessari became a Knight, the Sith Council attacked Naboo. After a battle that left much of Theed in ruins, the Jedi were forced to surrender. Jessari's children were held with the rest of the younglings to ensure her good behavior, and she was placed in a team of carefully-watched healers to tend to the wounded, both Jedi and Sith.

The seperation from her children, combined with the feeling of being caged, wore her down quickly. Her race had been born to fly free, and any form of captivity quickly broke their spirit. While tending a Sith soldier with a chest wound, Jessari snapped, twisting her healing powers to worsen the injury. She realized what she had done in enough time to repair the damage, but for a long time after that, she couldn't use her healing powers without severe flashbacks. Even now, healing takes more energy from her than it used to.

When the time came, the Jedi organized an uprising against the Sith. Using a fallen Sith's saber, Jessari fought alongside Metran Seamus, a Jedi Knight she grew close to in the passing months.

Rising in the RanksEdit

Recognized for her growing Force abilities and her dedication to the Jedi Order, Jessari was eventually promoted to the rank of Master, a promotion she appreciated but never felt she was worthy of.

The FallEdit

(The IC Thread can be found here)Not long after earning the rank of Master, Jessari began to have disturbing visions in which she saw her daughter's body and knew that she had killed her. How or why, she didn't know, but the visions came frequently enough to rattle her. She requested a meeting with Master Vohn Exel and Kaliska on Naboo's moon, Rori, intending to beg Vohn to take Kali somewhere hidden so her vision couldn't come to pass. Their meeting, however, was interrupted by the Sith Master Archon Kaan. Kaan taunted Kali with her helplessness, tricking her into taking up a cursed Sith sword against him. The spirits trapped within the sword possessed Kali, forcing her to fight against her mother. The spirits corrupted her mind, and although she turned their own power against them, she was filled with a blood-lust that caused her to run Jessari through with the Sith sword. Realizing what she had done, Kaliska begged for death. Unable to fight, and sure that Kaan had brought reinforcements, Jessari killed her daughter rather than let Kaan capture her and turn her into a Sith. Making Vohn promise to give Kaliska a proper burial, Jessari followed Kaan, who manipulated her into using a Thought Bomb to destroy all the non-Force-users in the city. Then he bestowed the Dark Mark upon her, a Sith mark that would grow along with the darkness inside of her, and left her to plot her revenge.

A New Line of WorkEdit

After a couple of years as a Sith, Jessari has again resurfaced, this time at the Galactic Underworld, where she plans on training as a Pirate. Due to an ancient Sith artifact implanted in her arm, her Force connection has been disrupted, leaving her with nothing but an uncontrolled 'poltergeist' ability that surfaces when she gets upset.



Jessari is tall and slender, her bones light to make flight possible. Due to her S'kytri heritage, she possesses a pair of thin-skinned wings. Her skin is a delicate shade of porcelain white, and the rest of her appearance is human.

The Dark Mark given to her by Archon Kaan covers her right arm. The black, ink-like marking traces the veins in her shoulder, arm, and hand, and although it has faded along with her Force abilities, it will never completely go away.

Living the life of a warrior has given her several scars. There are several of these on her wings, small round scars where they've been punctured with lightsabers and swords. She has a scar in the center of her chest, and a matching one on her back where she was run all the way through with a Sith sword.


Jessari is very reserved, unwilling to get close enough to hurt anyone or to be hurt by them in turn. At times she seems nervous, eyes following something that others cannot see, but so far she has refused to discuss this. When others pry into her personal life, she either blows them off with a joke or gets irritated.

When intoxicated, which happens more and more often nowadays, she seems to revert to the easy-going, benevolent person she had been before her daughter's death, and is at least a little more willing to talk about her past. Word to the wise: never inquire about the events surrounding her daughter's death unless you're willing to risk a knife at your throat.


With her connection to the Force disrupted, Jessari has no Jedi or Sith abilities. All that remains of her Force powers is the tendency to make things in the room tremble when she becomes extremely emotional. This, however, isn't something she intentionally causes.

The Sith artifact that keeps her from using the Force also makes it difficult for others to use the Force to affect her directly. A Force-user would be able to vaguely sense her emotions, but reading her thoughts would be close to impossible. One could use the Force to throw a desk at her, but using the Force to lift/move her body would be a strain. Consider her a glitch in the Force, a half-Yuzzan Vong of sorts.


Since the loss of the Force, Jessari has put away her lightsabers and taken up a blaster. She's an average shot with it, but she's relatively more comfortable fighting with a knife or her fists.


A B-wing christened The Maiden's Hand, after a legendary figure in her village's history.


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