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Childhood and Early LifeEdit

"I did not tell half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed..."

The files on Jonathon Patches childhood are sketchy at best, and he wouldn't have it any other way. Born to a middle class Corellian family, their history and names have been stricken from the records - Patches doing.

What is known, is scarce: his mother died when he was young, his father having mysteriously vanished some years prior to his mother's death while working for Corsec, his body or whereabouts never to be found or heard from again. Alone, and resorting to petty thievery and cons on the the streets of Corellia, a local crime lord by the name of Har Stubbs took Jonathon under his wing.

Har promised to help Jonathon find his father, give him a roof over his head and food on his plate. What seemed like a kind gesture though, was anything but. Forced to work long days, with little rest and even less time for fun, Jonathon carried out a variety of tasks, doing mechanic work and remedial data entry for Har. As Jonathon got older, his tasks become more complex; he began flying escort missions for Har, recon work, thievery and espionage. He learned the tricks of the trade; how to lie, deceive and cheat his way out of any situation.

It was these same skills though, that allowed Jonathon to do some investigating of his own. While trying to locate his father on his own time, Jonathon discovered that Har was doing nothing anything but helping Jonathon find his father; he fed him false information and leads, creating webs of lies and tales, doing anything to keep Jonathon on a false trail, and more importantly, under the employment of Har himself.

When the truth was discovered, Jonathon rebelled, nearly killing Har himself, destroying his facility, and leaving him a broken man; much like the manner Har had found Jonathon some seven years prior.


"You can't even call your wife on a comlink without Jonathon Patches hearing about it..."

Once out on his own, Jonathon quickly learned the value of information. At first, it was to keep tabs on Har and always stay several steps ahead of him. However, as time went on, Jonathon found that information was also a useful tool and if need be, a weapon. As the years went by, Jonathon relied less on smuggling and trading of tangible goods, and more on the exchange of information and data. Through his brief stint as a smuggler, he developed various contacts and "associates" throughout the galaxy, and the one thing they all had in common, was a need for information; whether it was shipment details, security layouts, or the whereabouts of a mark or target, they all needed it, and Jonathon was becoming increasingly good at providing it.

At first, it was mostly small time stuff; cargo manifests, checkpoint pass codes, false ID transponders. As the years went on, and his lists of contacts grew, so did his network of contacts, and the services they required; fleet positions, planetary defences, and government overthrows.

By the age of 22, he found himself in charge of one of the largest information networks in the galaxy, with contacts in the republic, empire, trade federation, jedi and sith. At his peak, he had information on everything and everyone. There wasn't a military leader nor government official that wasn't in his pocket; or with the right persuasion, could be. If there was a trace of someone on the holonet or on a datapad, it was likely Patches knew about it. He batered and traded information amongst all of them, never taking sides, and profiting quite well in the proess. With the funds he earned, he purcahsed a Corellian Corvette, named it Excalibur, and had it refitted to hold six T-65C X-Wings, known as Knight Squadron. He had some influence in the Conquest of Caprica, the downfall of the Trade Federation, and the Independance of Velusia. His ability to stay neutral was what kept him off the radar, and often kept him alive at times. It was this neutrality though, that ultimately led to his downfall.

Once it was learned that he was dealing information to both sides, his allies became few and far between. A trap was sprung, and most of Knight Squadron was destroyed, along with his flagship, the Exaclibur limped away from battle, never to be seen or heard from again. It was assumed the nav unit failed, and the ship jumped into lightspeed into a moon or asteroid. That was five years ago...



Very few people have ever met Jonathon; and those that have, are often unaware of the fact that they have. He is discreet when he wants to be, and usually knows far more about others thatn they do of him; and this is how he likes it. Those whom have met him or dones business with him, say there are two sides to him; The no-nonsense business type, a straight shooter; and the sarcastic socialite, but most people that attest to the later half are few and far between. This they all agree on; he is a hard man to read, and one never knows if you are interacting with the man behind the mask, or the mask in front of the man.

He is light hearted, easy going, and enjoys a good laugh; often at others expense. Sarcasm, mockery and wit are the traits that most use to describe him. A penchant for getting under peoples skin and nerves, it is his ability to distance himself from the mission and others that allows him to do his job, no matter the consequences.

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