Josephine Octavia
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Josephine Zahria Octavia
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Brown-ish red
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Thanatos Marzullo
Turron Octavia
Tula Octavia
Georgia Octavia
Relanda Octavia
Turok Octavia
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Zarina Octavia
Tyzino Octavia
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"There are poisons that can blind you... and there are poisons that can open your eyes."




Josephine Octavia

Josephine has never had much time to be very social given her blindness and the fact during her teen years she spent a lot of time focusing on the Force and how she could use it to her advantage, so it made her somewhat socially awkward and unsure how to interact with people

She's shy and gets embarrassed easily. She does like being a little social though and she wishes she was better at it. So she strives to try and make herself more social. She especially gets shy around men as she's never really had much experience around them other than being around her father.

Though she has matured in many ways, sometimes her old bitterness can get the best of her around others if they agravate her. It doesn't happen easily, but it can if someone rubs her the wrong way.


  • The Earth
  • Spells
  • Her 'light' to see
  • Fruit
  • Water
  • The sound of waterfalls
  • Swimming
  • Being around Thanatos Marzullo
  • Cheesy jokes


  • Fire
  • Being completely alone
  • Being blind
  • Too much pain
  • Too much sound(it hurts due to her enhanced senses)
  • Rudness
  • Talking about her blindness
  • People acting like babbling idiots over her blindness


  • Her loyalty
  • Her enhanced senses
  • Quickness
  • Ability to shape Earth
  • Easy going personality


  • Her shyness
  • Being blind
  • Fear of fire
  • Her hidden bitterness
  • Her Force sight can black out


  • Fire
  • Force blacking out at the wrong times
  • Losing the things she cares about
  • Being a disgrace to her family/the Witches
  • Being judged over her blindness




Josephine; age 8

Before the accident, Josie's childhood was pretty normal. She didn't have many cares in the world and she had a solid family to grow up in with a younger sister, her parents, grandparents and an aunt and uncle. She seemingly had the perfect world. Not that she minded at all. She was perfectly pleased with having all she had. She wasn't anyone but herself and she was far more outgoing than she is now. Though, her parents much rather living closed off from the others and resided in the mountains around the rivers and waterfalls.

The AccidentEdit

When Josie was nine years old, she figured out that she was Force sensitive, it came to no surprise as her parents were as well. She was messing with her powers about a day after she figured out she had them and even though her mother had told her to be careful and wait until she went to the Witches for guidance in the Force, she still messed with it.

At one point she had accidently messed with fire and lifted it up with the Force and it backfired on her, causing the fire to jump right at her and straight into her eyes.

After going to the hospital and going through some surgeries and intensive care to heal her burns around her eyes, the doctors came to the conclusion that she was blind and she would remain that way. Which broke not only Josie's heart, but also her family's but her family knew they were strong enough to cope with this, it was the struggle that Josephine would go through that worried them the most.

Hate For The ForceEdit

With her being blind so suddenly, and the way it happened, at the young age she was so non-understanding of what had happened besides being unable to see, she blamed it all on the Force and said that it hated her and so she refused to go to the Witches at nine years old and refused to use the Force at all since it had hurt her once, she believed it would hurt her again and maybe do worse. So for five years, she refused to use the Force in any way.

Teenage YearsEdit


Josephine; age 15

Her teenage years were rougher than most as she was blind and she couldn't do everything she wanted to do. She hated it, but she understood as to why she couldn't and she did everything she could do. Since she had grown such a hate for the Force she hadn't really realized it could also help her even though it had caused her blindness int he first place, as she now uses it to see, but she didn't know that then. Otherwise being a teen may have been more fun, and she regrets her choice in denying the Force as she had when she was younger.

The RealizationEdit

Around the age of 14 and 15 she started to realize that it wasn't truly all the Force's fault that she had become blind. She had not heeded her mother's warning in not screwing with it since she was so new to it.

With her realization came the acceptance of her Force abilities and after doing much studying and experimenting, she realized she could use the Force to her advantage and use it to essentially see. Not in the normal way in complete color and seeing people fully, but by touching things and using the Force to outline it and using the Earth to her advantage and the sounds things made and the vibrations it let off when things were hit, like the first sounds of rain as it hit things for the first time.

Going to the WitchesEdit

After mostly mastering her abilities to 'see' and understanding the Force for the most part, becoming stronger in it after it weakening of not using it for so many years, Josephine finally felt confident enough to approach the Witches for help in guiding her further in the Force and helping her take it to the next level.

She plans on specializing in Spells, Earth Shaping, and Melee/Weapon Combat.

Her master is Pandora Marzullo.

The PresentEdit


Josephine Octavia; Present; Age 19

Josephine is presently learning the ways of the Witches and she is trying to overcome those that judge and doubt her power because of her handicap of being blind. As unfair as she finds it, she knows it is just going to be the way it is for the rest of her life. Though, she hopes as she progresses and proves her power, that some minds will be changed along the way.

She has high hopes in achieving much power and she tends to use her blindness more to her advantage than to look at it as a disadvantage. With her blindness she has enhanced senses and is more in tune with the earth, so she uses everything she can to her advantage. Which many would say is a strength since so many people who have gone through what she has only want to use it to get people to feel sorry for them, but with the way Josie is, she doesn't want anyone's pity, she wants to succeed and prove she doesn't need it.

Life With The WitchesEdit



Josephine Octavia; Nightsister Apprentice

  • Went to join the Witches of Dathomir
  • Met Thanatos Marzullo
  • Met Pandora Marzullo
  • Joined the Witches of Dathomir
  • Became the apprentice of Pandora Marzullo
  • Started training


To be filled...


To be filled...

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Thanatos MarzulloEdit

The Witches of Dathomir(Training/Trials/Takeovers/ect)Edit

There Are Poisons That Can Blind You...


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