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History Edit

Toe The Line Edit

Before becoming know as Kadesh, Sekhmet Lah was groomed to be a warrior, even during childhood, His father Khri despised his brother Viusk for the latter's gentle pacifism, and was cruel to Sekhmet, even by Yuuzahn Vong standards.

Among the crowd of onlookers, Sekhmet witnessed the event. Shedao Shai patted Viung Lah on his shoulder, he spoke a simple phrase into the young boy's ear, a phrase that would haunt Viung Lah the rest of his known life.

"The son shall succeed the father, Viung. It is the God's will."

Kadesh was close enough to hear what was said, and at that moment, a seed of ambition and piousness was planted within Kadesh. During this time, he served the Yuuzahn Vong well as a warrior, eventually rising to the rank of Warleader, and placed in command of about 300 other Yuuzahn Warriors during the Galactic Invasion.

To Fall Edit

"This one has Spirit, we shall keep him.... I shall make him my plaything...." - Nashak The Hutt, speaking to his majordomo about Sekhmet.

During the fall of the Yuuzhan Vong and the end of the Invasion, spice sales skyrocketed and soon the galaxy's mercenaries found their way towards planets like Nar Shadda and Klatooine, the latter planet in which Nashak operated from at the time. During the end of the invasion, Sekhmet Lah was given a mission with only 11 other selected Yuuzahn warriors, instead of the usual 300; he was to infiltrate Nashak's operations on Klatooine and destroy the Hutt, ending the flow of monetary relief the Hutts were providing to the Galactic Alliance.

While on the planet, Sekhmet heard of his Domain's destruction and fall to shame, but decided to push forth and complete his mission, to at least try and retain some personal honor. It is unknown if Sekhmet and the 11 others were betrayed, but something happened, because as soon as they were planetside, things went from bad to worse at a suspiciously fast rate.

Of the full dozen that started the mission, only 4 (including Sekhmet) actually made it into the Hutt's palace, and only Sekhmet made it to the throne room alive, wounding the Hutt and being captured for enslavement.

To Live and Die in Spotlights Edit

When torturing Sekhmet only proved to get him off, and his refusal to serve in any other capacity, The Hutt sold him to the open market, and so Sekhmet drifted from one owner to another, some Hutts, others not.

Eventually, nobody would buy him, so the slavers sold him in a batch of 11 others, two of which were Other Yuuzahn Vong; a Master Shaper of radical views, and Consul, to a gladiator stadium.

Fights came and went, fighters either died and were replaced or lived to kill, and for Sekhmet, by now called 'Kadesh' by his handlers, fought and killed in the gladiator arenas by day, and in the martial arts cage matches by night.

Before the Master Shaper was taken away to be executed, he sacrificed his right arm to the Yuuzahn Gods, and bestowed the markings of a Shaper Adept onto his face and arms, as well as his severed right arm, to Kadesh, and a copied series of the 5 cortex's.

Keeping the extra right arm hidden beneath his cloaker, Kadesh practiced shaping when not fighting, mutating the pests and such that strayed into his cell. After some time of having to use metal things, a necessary evil at the time, Kadesh began to fashion various Yuzzahn biot things, including his own Amphistaff from a serpent-rat that had wandered into his cell one night.

The Code Edit

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