In Character BioEdit

Kaim Sq Wikia 01

Kaim of Sphere

Age - 24
Gender - Male
Species - Human
Height - 6'
Homeworld - Sphere
Affiliation - Jedi
Rank - Jedi Padawan

Personality -
A straight-forward, no-nonsense Achiever Type. He will go to great lengths to achieve his goals.

Short Biography -
Kaim grew up in the Outer Rim on the arid planet of Sphere. He was just hired labor all his life and began wanting more as he got older. The opportunity to enlist in the Alliance Military granted him the knowledge and audience of the Jedi Order. He would leave his old life behind to become a member of the Jedi order and grant himself the wish of becoming something more. He remembers nothing of parents and often tells others that he, like so many good ideas in this universe, was simply concevied underneath the branches of an apple tree.

Events on the Boards -
*Joins the Jedi Order.

Out of Character InfoEdit

Writer - American, USA

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