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Kaliska T.

Kaliska Tanelorn
Student at Theed University
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Animal Behavior
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Jessari Tanelorn
Mikhael Kosovich
Chase Tanelorn


Early LifeEdit

Kaliska was born and raised at the Jedi Temple on Naboo. She made a loveable nuisance of herself because of her energetic and outgoing nature. This trait often got her and her brother, Chase Tanelorn, into trouble, because she would drag him along on whatever mischief she was planning at the time. When she was nine, her mother, Jessari Tanelorn, enrolled her in a gymnastics class, but she dropped it after a year because she lost interest. Something that had always fascinated her, however, was gardening. For a while, her interest was so intense that Jessari thought it was a sign of Force sensitivity.

The Later YearsEdit

Once Kaliska graduated high school, everyone expected her to go for training at the Jedi Temple. She shocked them by applying instead to Theed University. She is now in her second year, working towards a degree as an animal behaviorist. Her dream after graduating college is to build a 'petting zoo' of sorts in the center of Theed, consisting of both common and rare species of animals.



Like her mother, Kaliska slender, her bones light to make flight possible. She stands at 5'5", and has deceptively delicate features. Due to her S'kytri heritage, she possesses a pair of thin-skinned wings. Her skin is pale, and besides the wings, she appears completely human. She seems to have picked up none of the Anzati traits of her father, Mikhael Kosovich.

Kaliska has a bit of trouble matching colors, leading her mother and brother to think she might be a bit color-blind. She loves to wear bright colors that would give any normal person a headache, and when she isn't planning on flying, likes to wear full, flowing skirts.


"Sugar and spice, and everything nice." That phrase sums Kaliska up perfectly. She is every bit as energetic as she was as a child, and has a short attention span, unless she is doing something related to her studies. Her favorite snacks are freshly-baked cookies, something her mother spoiled her with, although she is one of those people you should never give sugar to.


Because she never received training in the ways of the Force, Kaliska has about as much power as your normal, every-day person. She has a green thumb, and is wonderful with animals. This last fact assists her very much in her chosen area of study. She is also a fine cook, something else she picked up from her mother.


A small blaster that she keeps with her on outings in the forest, just in case she runs into an animal with an attitude. She also takes a survival knife with her on these trips, and uses it for various purposes.


Kali doesn't own a ship yet, as being a college student tends to suck one's wallet dry. If she needs to go somewhere, she borrows her mother's B-wing or hitches a ride with a friend.


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