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Kamon Vondiranach
Rogue Jedi Order
Kammy or Kam
173 lbs
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Hair Color
Dirty Blonde
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Naomi Hinata-Vondiranach
Maxi Vondiranach(deceased)
Corbin Vondiranach
Shayla Vondiranach
Kalia Vondiranach

Andraes Vondiranach
Alethea Vondiranach

Ezekiel Vondiranach

Biography Edit

Early Years Edit

Born on Corellia as the youngest child of Naomi Hinata-Vondiranach and Maxi Vondiranach. There were two older siblings in his life, the twins Corbin and Shayla, both of whom loved him very much. His father was a chief detective with CorSec and his mother was a rather well known clothing designer. Kamon, of course, didn't really know what all this was about as he was left to play with his brother and sister most of the time.

The two older siblings became like his mother and father, especially when they were staying in their home inside of the capital city. Mom and Dad weren't often home during those days and there wasn't anyone else but the older kids to take care of him. So he spent most of his days doing his best to learn the material that was given to him by his parents and siblings. He had become quite the learned little lad. Needless to say, his family was quite proud of his ability to learn.

When he was small he showed a natural proficiency with another aspect of his life as well. Kamon, like his older brother Corbin, had a unique gift in the form of the Force. While he couldn't control it like Jedi and Sith were known to do, he would accomplish things on occassion that would seem out of reach for most young children his age. He didn't always know what it was that was going on, and he didn't always know why it was happening. But his parents were proud of him for what he could do.

The Parting of Ways Edit

The Vondiranach family under Maxi didn't only have the one home inside of the capital, they also owned a cottage of sorts which was situated in a nearby forest. They would often take the time every few months to go out and relax together as an entire family. These were the times that Kamon had grown to be the most fond of because he could spend time with both his mother and his father without them having to go to work. And there was always plenty to do with Shayla and Corbin.

However, things changed when Kamon was ten and the twins were fifteen. A particularly nasty smuggler had gotten freed from jail via ways that weren't exactly legal. Maxi had been the one that worked the mans case. Of course, the smuggler was none too happy about what Maxi had done and wanted revenge. So he found out where the Vondiranach's were living, got together his posse, and came after them.

Kamon awoke in the middle of the night and crept to his door when he heard arguing in the main room. Pushing the door slightly open, he peered out and saw his parents on their knees, looking up at a handful of men. What he saw next, when the man aimed his blaster at his father's head, scarred him for life. His father fell limply to the ground, dead with a blaster wound in his forehead, and Kamon's mother, Naomi, soon joined him.

The men then split up and Kamon hid underneath of his bed while the men put a lighter fluid all through the house and lit it on fire. Kamon was too scared to get up and try and escape and would most likely have perished in the fire. However, a friendly CorSec fighter pilot was patrolling the skies and happened across the scene. He was an old friend of Maxi's and came to Kamon's rescue. His two siblings were believed lost in the flames. This was the last Kamon saw of his family for a very long time.

Birth of a Jedi Edit

Kamon spent much of his life after the loss of his family in the Vondiranach's city home under the guide of a caretaker appointed to him by the remaining members of his father's family. Schooling was a top priority, but his Force skills had become more and more pronounced and he was starting to be able to do things he didn't know he could do. The rest of his family had no idea what was going on, so they contacted the Jedi.

It was in this way that Kamon came to be brought to the Jedi Temple, not something he had actually come to expect. The first person he befriended there was his first Master, Cole Donovin. The two became fast friends, but there were problems with Kamon that neither of them truly understood. Half way through his training, Kamon left the Jedi Order and went to the Rogue Jedi Order where he was trained by Xylon Hexyra and then Gash Jiren.

It was in the Rogue's that Kamon surpassed the rank of padawan and made it to the rank of Knight. He had grown strong thanks to his training with the Master's that the Rogue Jedi had to offer and so had ventured back into the world, seeking to use the new powers to his advantage. But it wouldn't last long for him. Things were to pass that would alter his life forever, much like it had been before.

First Love Edit

As a Rogue Jedi Knight he was quite wily and different from most of the Force users in the galaxy. He acted like a darksider more often than not, killing many a Sith merely because he wanted to do it. In the long run this might not have seemed like a bad thing, but it really messed with Kamon's internal wiring. The only thing that really saved him from becoming a darksider was when he met Alana Skywalker.

In all honesty one could have described it as love at first sight. They ran into each other rather inadvertently on Coruscant and spent a while talking. Not long after that they had progressed to something a little more than friends but not quite lovers. It could be called a relationship with two people that weren't all that sure what they were doing. He liked her a great deal, though, and that ended up as being the downfall of their relationship.

The Dark Lord Sedriss Sadow learned of Kamon's feelings for Alana. Sedriss and Kamon had a long standing hatred for each other and had encountered each other many times in the past. Sensing the opportunity to completely obliterate Kamon's life, he poisoned Alana with a poison that had no cure. It wiped out all of her memories of Kamon, and he was left stunned as she continually ran away from him, thinking him some man trying to do things to her that she didn't want.

Sedriss leaked that he had a cure for the poison, but Kamon had to come to him and fight him for it. At first he was angry, but after a good while and a visit to his parents graves Kamon did something he didn't think he could. Taking a few hours, he changed himself from the inside out, changing who he was and going back to what he had been as a pure Jedi, not a Rogue. This was his only shot at saving himself and Alana.

Of course, Sedriss had lied, only drawing Kamon into a trap which slightly backfired on the both of them. Sedriss and Kamon fought to a stalemate, but in the end Kamon was left with nothing but an angry Han Skywalker telling him to stay away from Alana. So he lost the first woman that he had ever loved and lost a part of his life, but he had regained the real Kamon beneath the mask, and he went back to the Jedi Council to ask for them to forgive him and allow him back in, which they did.

Reunited and New Love Edit

It wasn't until a good few years after his return to the Jedi Order that he ran into the fact that he wasn't the last of his family. He learned from his cousin, Hawk Hinata, that there was an interesting little fact about their families: they couldn't die. It was something to do with a discovery made by someone from Kamon's mother's family that ended up in them being unable to die without a ritual being performed, or some such.

Despite this, Kamon officially found out that Shayla wasn't dead when he ran into her on Tatooine. She had become a smuggler after being taken prisoner by the man that had attacked their family. He found out that Corbin wasn't dead when his brother showed up at the Jedi Temple to receive training and follow in his younger brother's footsteps. They all discovered that their mother wasn't dead when they had to deal with a family issue that involved their entire family.

Not too long after finding his family was still alive, with Kamon in high spirits, he was assigned to a mission to Chandrilla with Nesrin Blaine, a fellow Jedi Knight. The two of them were attacked and taken control of by Kamon's cousin in law, Bane Nathos. They were manipulated into harming each other, but they both found an oddity from this. They were drawn closer together by being pushed farther apart.

Not long after meeting Nesrin, Kamon was promoted to Jedi Master and that's where he stands today. He is a constant fighter for all that is good and all that he loves.


It didn't take long for Kamon to once again fail to maintain his duties as a Jedi. He fell in love with Nesrin Blaine, but she was swept off to the darkside of the Force. Much like his loss of Alana Skywalker in the past, this event changed who he was and who he would become. Once again he fell into the rituals of the Rogue's, allowing himself to be more proactive against the Sith. He no longer listened to what the Jedi Council had to say on matters of galactic importance. To him, they were weak and he would find his own ways of bringing hope and peace to the galaxy.

At present, his failures have led him to Kith Verloren, whom he is working to help in her own struggles. He is also training Satara Hawk in the ways of the Force according to the Rogue Jedi.