Kane Elderberry Smart
Mand'alor the Liberator
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Light Brown
Home Planet



Kane was born on Mandalore and shortly after travelled from planet to planet as his fathers bounty hunting career progressed. Kanes father Brock Smart was also an avid weapons technologist often building or modifying weapons to suit his hunt.

Kane grew up learning a lot from Brock but nearing Kanes 18th birthday his father never returned from a hunt. Kane immediately donned his fathers spare armour and went searching for him. Weeks later Kane found his fathers ship FIRESTORM abandoned and no trace of Brock. Recovering the ship and reprogramming Nell to react to Kanes commands he began searching for his father. Soon the Smart families bank account began to run dry.

Bounty HuntingEdit

Kane decided to use the skills his father taught him to track down petty criminals. Kane eventually came across rumours that the Republic had his father put in carbonite fearing him a danger. Finally Kane turned to the Band of Outlaws on Tatooine to aid in his search. More of the well-connected outlaws found that the rumour was an Imperial one used to disguise the fact that Brock was in Imperial custody.

Brock had come close to capturing an Imperial officer wanted for crimes against the Republic. Knowing how dangerous Brock was, the Empire set up a trap which while successful resulted in the loss of many Imperial lives. Kane knew finding and freeing his father would be a mammoth task given the Empires vast size but still kept on with his life mission.

Kane began to build a reputation for himself, far from that of his fathers but still notable. Continuing to hunt and use the outlaws as a base Kanes attention was snagged by a beautiful redhead from the seperatist movement. Shortly after Kane joined the separatist movement and was given the post of director of security. Knowing most ways to bypass security put the mandalorian in a good position to run the department successfully.

Kane now found that his directorship earned him far more than the petty hunts of the past and his wealth began to grow. It wasn't until he and the then Mandalore Argoth Droom devised a plan that would see a near dying Argoth handed over to the Republic for a 10 million cred reward. Argoth Died and shortly after his clone reappeared having pulled of an elaborate sting.


The two Mandalorians were now wealthy and Kane upgrade his ship from an IG2000 to a replica of the Empires very own VT-49 Decimator. Kanes loyalty to Mandalore Argoth was rewarded with the gift of a Vanguard Class Cruiser which Kane uses when he doesn't wish to be bothered or found.

Kanes fortune would soon grow when multi billionaire Fritz Thiessen offered Kane 10 Million to snatch the darktrooper plans from Arc Hammer. Kane and a team of mercenaries and pirates assaulted the Arc Hammer and were greeted by a fully functional phase three darktrooper called Falcon Ghent. A huge battle ensued with massive damage on both sides, Nell managed to hack the Arc Hammers system and retreive the plans before having to destroying the flying factory.

The Dark Trooper survived and has vowed to hunt Kane down and destroy him, much to the Mando's amusement. With the proceeds of the mission Kane set up his own weapons company, using the money to repair his ship, buy equipment and hire some of the weapons industires best technicians. Kane though his life was complete when he and Mayda Ferium fell in love.


Kane was rich, successful and lover to the soon to be queen of the seperatists. Bad fortune was to strike though when on the eve of her coronation a plot to assassinate her was uncovered and they had to flee Geonosis. Mayda became lost and Kane fought side by side with Farce Ayden to track down some of the ringleaders and kill them.

The plot proved so extensive that both had to flee or die. Prior to Kanes exit from the planet he accessed secret bank accounts of the seperatists and banking clans syphoning off Millions of Credits for his own benefit. Now a Rogue entity, Kane began adding to his business empire before accepting a miltiary post with the Republic as Second in command of Special Operations.

Military life at the Republic was different to that of the Seperatist movement and soon Kane found the leadership more Imperial like than anything Republican. The Mandalorian decided to return to the fold and rejoined with the now Galactic Underground. Kane has now found he can make even more money from arms dealing within the black market, life has come full circle and he wa back where he belonged.

A successful Bounty Hunter, spec ops soldier, business man and arms dealer, Kane sought more people like him to fight the tyrannical governments of the galaxy in whatever way he saw fit. Kane continued doing arms deals and hunting those bounties that proved most challenging. His most challenging involved Malice Draclau; this particular bounty brought Kane riches beyond belief and has made him a Billionaire. Kane went on to collect other notable Bounties, assisting in the capture of Bethany Kismet, the sole capture of the elusive Jace Kanos and the rebel Tegaea Alcori, these hunts alone put Kane at the pinnacle of his career, becoming the most feared hunter in the galaxy Kane continued life with the Underworld, growing his wealth and helping his people as best he could.


Two failed marriages, one to Kelly Garnier and the second to Callista Thanewulf saw Kane choose single life over marriage, this has allowed Kane more time on Mandalore and more time with his people. He is the current Mand'alor and with the assistance of former Mand'alor and commander of the armed forces, Commodiorus, he is unifying his people and sealed an alliance with the Hapans and Chiss to form the very powerful United Triumvirate.

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