History Edit

Kashi was a  planet in the Kashi system inhabited by being of the same name, rimward of Corva sector, and apparently near Belderone sector. The Kashi Mer Dynasty, an isolationist Human civilization located in the Phelleem sector, reached its height as the culture discovered ways in which to control and manipulate "the Breath," also known as the Force.  The monarchy was guarded by the Royale Machetero from who's ranks. A few gifted ones were chosen and of them formed. A mystic Force organization that manipulated the 'Breath' or Force was known as the Guardians of the Breath.   

The culture was believed to been all but wiped out when the primary star supporting the planet Kashi went supernova in 25,000 BBY and the entire system was destroyed. And the few that were believed have escaped or flee prior. Scattered and were lost......a broken and an all but forgotten race.That slowly all but slipped thru the cracks of time and space. Slowly lending itself to be nothing more than a myth.....a legend.....footnote in history. 

Prior to this, the Hound of Kashi Mer talisman was stolen from the planet by a lone Guardian of Cerberus , under the orders of Xendor. Which in turn caused a cataclysmic shift within the 'Breath' resulted in a supernova occurred shortly after the thief. But from what few oral records that was retrieved thus far was said that. The same Guardian who stole the talisman returned it soon after to the planet seeking forgiveness. But by then it was too late and the planet was destroyed. The Orixon Nebula's black halo is what was left of the remnant of the planet. 

Mythos of the "Sacred Prophecy of Twin Son of the Father" Edit

It was then during the time of the trail of great sorrow, after the destruction of their home world. That among the remaining elder that survived it is said. A new legend....Myth emerged where in from the ashes of their dying world. That despite their indiscretion against the sacred balance of the breath.....there shall be born. The son's of the father for whom would come to gather its people.And once again bring balance to the sacred born of light,champion of the follower Breath the other of darkness,champion of the followers of chaos. Intertwined they shall battle wage for the fate of all ruin or redemption?

to be continued......

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