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"Motir ca'tra nau tracinya" - "Those who stand before us light the night sky in flame" Kir-al Mavin


Childhood and Early LifeEdit

Kir-al was born on the planet of Nar Shaddaa. Born into poverty he became a thief and urchin, running around the cities stealing what he wanted. When he reached his teen years he was put in Juvenile detention facilities, although these places could not hold him for he quickly prove to be proficient at escape and evade tactics, even without training. On one such occasion he had ran into a Jedi Master and was almost sent back to the detention, but the Master saw something in him and took him as his apprentice. They traveled the galaxy for many years, until they ran into a mandalorian bounty hunter who killed his master. Even though Kir-al put up a good fight against the hunter he was defeated and had a blaster again his forehead. Again the person saw something in him they liked and Kir-al was adopted by the mandalorian.

His adventures with the Bounty Hunter were much the same as with his old master, but more hazardous and infinitely more exciting. He had taken his first bounty with the hunter a year down the road and had successfully completed it. The hunter taught him the use of ruthlessness, the meaning of courage and loyalty, and the caring of family. Family was all you had in a Mandalorian society, some even going so far as making clans. He had grown to love the hunter as his own father until one day their ship was shot down. The hunter shoved him into and escape pod, but was unable to get into one himself. He had died with the ship.

After his last loss, Kir-al traveled the galaxy for about 5 more years, amassing a wealth of credits and loyal friends. Until eventually he joined the Rebellion.


Kir-al entered training in the Rebellion. Training under RC212 he entered the Airborne Corp rather than the Special forces. Kir-al passed his qualification exam with ease. Shortly thereafter RC212 left the Rebellion and gave the mantle of Airborne Commander to Kir-al. Kir-al was sad to see RC212 go, but he took the Airborne corp and made the second attachment of the Air Assault Corp, incorporating many of the Airborne factors into the Air Assault training. Kir-al has continued to fight the Empire and Sith for many years, doing his best to keep his men alive during the war.



Kir-al has become a kind man after all the years spent wandering the universe, but does not hesitate to kill anyone who hurts anyone within his clan or himself. He is largely known for helping any he so happens to come up who needs assistance. He demonstrated this once by helping evacuate a planet under invasion of as many people as he could, using his own frigate as an evac point. Anyone who happens to gain the trust of Kir-al has the steadfast loyalty of a true friend who would take a blaster bolt for them. It takes awhile for Kir-al to adopt anyone into his family, but he readily invites anyone whom helps him into his clan. After Kir-al witnessed the death of his son's he became more hardened to the outside world, dealing with most problem's violently and with remorse, until he managed to pull himself back together.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Kir-al can speak Huttese, Mandalorian, Basic, And Bothan.

Military Job Specialty/ Skills Edit

Kir-al is an Expert marksman and Guerilla warfare fighter. Proficient in most hand to hand combat style's he is a deadly force when encountered both face to face and miles away.


Kir-al has knowledge on most of the Jedi lightsaber fighting styles, and uses them frequently. Anyone trained with such weapons can tell the Kir-al was similarly trained.

Martial ArtistEdit

Kir-al is mainly a Ju-jitsu fighter, preferring to take people to the ground and break bone's, but Kir-al is also trained in boxing should he be unable to do so.


Kir-al fears harm to his family and clan most of all. If any harm his family, harm and vengeance are soon to be inflicted upon the perpetrator.

Assets and PossessionsEdit


Gauntlets with ejectable vibrodaggers, Two blaster pistols and a Heavy blaster rifle, a pack full of assorted grenades and explosives, Full Baskar'gam mando armor.

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