Kurayami Kitaeru
Jedi Master
Kith Verloren, Darth Molior, The Falcon
Human (Deceased)
127 lbs
Eye Colour
Hair Color
White Blonde
Home Planet
None (Divorced from Tantor Aden)
Jalina Trasus, deceased
Kurayami Taka, deceased

In Days Gone ByEdit

"The past is a ghost that haunts you from the moment it exists until the moment you do not."

Raised by her father, the Grand Maester of an assassin's guild, The Dark Hand, Kith's childhood was anything but ordinary. While she didn't know of the secret life her father led until the age of thirteen, she was taught very early how to handle a blaster, and as she got older, more interesting and exotic weapons. She discovered his dual persona accidentally, overhearing a conversation between her father and an employer. While she discovered later, at the time she didn't realize that it was carefully orchestrated, her father ready to induct her into his order, as befit a daughter of their Grand Maester.

Given the choice, the serious minded child agreed, gaining entrance to the first levels of the guild, as well as a teacher beside her father, Opethian, her father's protege. She spent nearly three years under him before gaining the rank of Adept and full inclusion in the order.

When she was twenty, her father died, choosing poison rather than capture on a mission went awry. Opethian stepped up into her father's position as Grand Maester, and somehow, Kith found herself the right hand of her former teacher. Though nearly ten years her senior, they became lovers, working in a strange synchronisity not only on their own missions, but in organizing the guild to new heights.

Kith had no inkling that she was Force Sensitive. Yes, she had an uncanny ability to sense danger, knowing when an ambush had been laid, a plan had been compromised. She could almost tell when a blow would fall before her opponent had given any sign of his next movement. It was enough to give her that edge, but there was no thought in her mind that it was anything more than skill and dedication to her path.

But someone else had noticed.

Six month ago, she was approached by a stranger, calling himself Darth Kamasu (Moodfonam). They met several times before he finally broached the subject that he had truly sought her out for... the Sith. Force Users with power, not only over themselves, but over the world around them. Loyalty to her guild, to Opethian, was difficult to overcome, but eventually, even that was no match for the Sith called Kamasu.

She planned to sneak away under a cover of darkness. But after living with, and loving, to whatever extent it was possible for him to love her, Opethian knew that something was wrong.... He confronted her before she could make good on her escape. There was little left to do but to tell the truth to her lover and teacher. It did not go well, however, and the two came to blows, indeed, Opethian deciding that rather than allow her to leave, if the Order would be without her, then so would her new "employers." They were evenly matched, but the slight edge Kith had with the Force was enough to ultimately push the fight in her favor, allowing her the final, killing blow.

Now she fled, not only to her new life, but away from the rest of the Order who would hound her until she was no more, both for her betrayal of the Guild, and her betrayal of Opethian. Eventually, they caught up with her on Corellia. Out numbered and out gunned, Kith fought, but not well enough. She was left for dead in the Agrilat Crystal swamp, unconscious, barely breathing....


"He was part of my dream, of course - but then I was part of his dream too.”

The two men trudged along the edges of the Agrilat Crystal swamp on Corellia, speaking in hushed tones. Grey fingers of mist snaked out around their feet. The deep fog and quiet unnerved them, urging them to hurry away from this place as quickly as possible. A gentle wind kicked up, blowing towards them from within the depths of the swamp. The older man shivered slightly, increasing his pace a notch. The younger of the two however, paused, cocking his head to the side ever so slightly.

"Did you hear that Keren?"

The first shook his head, looking out nervously into the swamp. "I heard nothing, and it would be better if you hear nothing as well. Not in this cursed place. Come on..."

The younger man shook his head, still rooted in the spot. "It sounded like someone crying out in pain.... a girl."

Keren turned to look at his friend, eyes widening slightly. "This place is haunted Jareth. You may very well have heard something, but this is not the time to wander off into...." He trailed off as Jareth disappeared into the mists of the swamp.

Jareth paused a few steps in and turned, though he had already lost sight of Keren in the swirling fog. He shrugged, trying to shake off his own fear at entering this place. Continuing on, he watched his step carefully, not knowing where the ground was solid and where deception ruled.

A quarter of an hour passed in near silence, nothing breaking the quiet except for an occasional strange slurping noise, and once, the rustling of an animal somewhere off to his right. Ready to turn back, he shook his head. He was a fool. Pivoting his foot to retrace his steps, he froze. The fog swirled, parting for a moment. Someone lay curled in a slight hollow in the ground not three feet from him. Jareth knelt next to the body, rolling it over gently. He gasped softly when he saw the gash across her forehead, dried blood caking around the wound, drying around the corners of her eyes and on her lips. Deep bruises were forming all over her face and around her neck, as though someone had tried to choke her. A round scorch mark stood out on her shoulder where it looked like she had taken a blaster shot. He took just enough time to check for a pulse before scooping her up in his arms and heading back towards the edge of the swamp.

Disembodied voices floated over her head. She wasn’t sure if she was dreaming. Eyes closed, she listened to the hushed voices speaking over her. Something scratchy but warm was wrapped around her, and she knew that she was naked beneath the blanket. Her head throbbed, even worse when she opened her eyes slowly. It took a moment, but everything came into focus, and the two voices stopped. Someone was smiling down at her, the other, obviously a doctor, started to pack up his bag.

“She’ll be alright Jareth, just keep an eye on her for a few days, wake her up every couple hours or so. Change the dressing on the wounds twice a day. Call me if anything comes up.” He smiled slightly down at her, dipping his head quickly and then headed out the door.

Jareth pulled up a chair next to the bed, head tilted slightly to look at her forehead. His gaze traveled over her face, as though taking it all in. Her blue grey eyes gazed back up at him, a confused expression flitting over her features. He reached out, brushing a lock of honey blonde hair out of her face before she speaks.

“Where am I? What…. What happened?”

Her voice was soft, almost child-like in the uncertainty of the moment. Jareth’s smile faded slightly around the edges, a look of concern furrowing the space between his eyebrows.

“You’re in Kor Vella. My name’s Jareth Verloren, and this is my home.” Glancing about, he smiled ruefully. “Not much really…. But what are yah going to do, right? And, as to the second part, I don’t know what happened. I was kind of hoping you could tell me. You see, I found you in the Agrilat swamp yesterday evening. You were unconscious, so I brought you back here.” She took this all in silently, just looking up at him, not willing, or as yet unable, to pick her head up from the pillow.

Studying her for a moment quietly, Jareth asked, “What’s your name?”

A pained look crossed her face as she thought for a moment. Shaking her head very slowly, she clutched the blanket tighter around herself. “I… I don’t remember.”

A knock sounded on the door just as she pulled the dress over her head.

“Just a minute! I’ll be right out!”

She smoothed the dress nervously over her hips, hurriedly brushed out her hair, glancing at herself in the mirror. Two weeks had passed, and the gash on her forehead was an angry red, still only half healed. The bruises were completely gone, and the wound on her shoulder was covered by the blue dress she wore. It fit snuggly over her upper body, as though fitted specifically for her. Flaring out just past her hips, it pooled in a floating gauze around her calves. The blue matched her eyes almost perfectly, a deep azure with grey undertones. Before walking to the door of the bedroom, she slipped a small silver bracelet over her right hand, letting it settle comfortably on her wrist. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door, staying just in the doorway rather than going fully into the common room.

Jareth turned when he heard the door opening and let out a small sigh of longing. She smiled shyly at him, then turned slowly, letting him see the whole dress. Her voice came out soft and a little uncertain.

“I love it Jareth… you… you didn’t need to do this… you know….” She trailed of uncertainly as he stepped closer, reaching out one hand to brush her hair behind one ear.

“I know, I just wanted to. You’ve had such a hard time lately, I just wanted to do something to see you smile Kith.” She felt a flush creep up her face and she ducked her head slightly. For some reason, just the sound of him saying her name, the only thing she had so far been able to remember, made her blush and stammer even more than she usually did.

His fingers brushed her face, lingering softly on her chin. Kith looked up at him, her eyes widening slightly in surprise as he lowered his mouth towards hers.

A sudden knock at the front door caused both of them to jump, Jareth grinning sheepishly and Kith blushing furiously. As he headed over to the door to open it, an overwhelming feeling of dread washed over her. Kith’s eyes widened in fear. She reached out with one hand, as though to stop him from opening the door, but before she could speak his hand was on the control pad and the door slid across the aperture.

The portal was barely half way open when a booted foot appeared, knocking Jareth half way across the room with a loud gasp. Kith’s hands flew up to her mouth, stifling a cry as an armored man stepped into the room. Battered, mismatched armour, ranging in colours and varying levels of repair covered him from head to foot. His face was obscured deep within the mask of a piece of tantel armor, the bone pieces covering his face lending an even more frightening visage. Without a word, the man leveled a blaster pistol at her face, already squeezing the trigger as the gun swooped upward.

The shot went wild and Kith screamed, dropping to the floor instinctively. Looking up, she saw Jareth and the masked man grabbling for the blaster. Jareth’s hands clutched desperately at the other’s gun hand. The armoured man swung heavily at Jareth’s face, the impact glancing his cheek as her friend twisted and turned, not letting him land a solid blow.

“Kith! Get h-”

His words were cut off by a solid punch to the mouth and he involuntarily let go of the blaster, hands flying up to his face.

Kith watched this all in a stunned silence. She watched as Jareth’s blood flew, droplets landing on the table next to a boning knife, falling on the fruit and cheese that should have been their lunch. She watched as the other man pulled back his arm, aiming the gun at Jareth’s face. She watched at he pulled the trigger.

The next seconds passed in a blur of emotion and movement. A half dozen steps brought her across the room, passing the table and right next to the amroured man. One movement of her arm had grabbed up the knife sitting so innocently on the table. A second movement brought the knife up under one of the plates of his armour just as he began to turn. This close, she saw his eyes fly wide with shock within the bone visage of the helmet. A simple twist, done instinctively, shoved the knife home under his ribcage. The man’s eyes rolled up and he fell bonelessly to the floor, the knife still embedded underneath the armour plating.

The sudden stillness and quiet of the moment slammed into Kith like a rancor. She fell to her knees, blood covering her hands, tears running down her face, thankfully obscuring the view of Jareth, lying far too still on the floor in a small pool of blood and sunlight.

Steps Into DarknessEdit

"I don't know your name, but I've seen your face in a million eyes."

When Kith did not meet him at the intended location, it took several planet hops for Darth Kamasu to finally catch up to his intended apprentice. Pursued by Bounty Hunters, Kith had fled from planet to planet, using the last name of Verloren in her travels. He realized quickly that though all of her past with him was gone, it left her as the perfect sith student. The raw talent was there, all of her assassin training waiting as muscle memory for the right moment to be tapped. An utterly blank slate for the ways of the darkside. He inducted her into the Brotherhood of the Sith and began her training immediately.

Though her apprenticeship was difficult, Kith never once complained. She knew that her Master knew who she was, and perhaps with hard enough work, he would tell her those secrets of her past. Kamasu taught her the basics of the Sith and the Force, delving deeper into the arts of Obfuscation than any other. Her previous training as an assassin aided her well, though she could never know it. During this time he also went through all paths to isolate her from her fellow students, spreading rumors about the young woman at the same time telling her lies about to many of her fellow Sith. He was the only one she could trust, and she became in so many ways, his personal weapon.

Thoughts of Jareth faded slowly over this time. Each day she thought of him less. But he was never completely gone. The woman who had started to love him however disappeared slowly over the next weeks and months. The only memory of her was left on the windowsill of the small room she slept in. The silver bracelet collected dust, but was never completely forgotten.

At the cusp of the merging of the Brotherhood of the Sith and the Dark Sith Order, her knighting came as a bit of a shock. One of the shortest apprenticeships in the history of the Dark Sith Order, Kamasu's request to the Council for her knighthood was almost denied. It was only when her actions were put to the test by her Master that brought her the rank of Knight, almost killing her in the process. The first hint of pride came from Darth Kamasu then....

His disappearance days later came as a surprise to all.

The Lone Knight Edit

"I have no memory of my earlier life... so I don't know what kind of person I was really like. Life itself remains undefined to me... whether it is ugly or beautiful... a sin or a great gift to cherish- I don't know. But I'll find out! I need a sense of purpose- being a hunter lets me search for myself through battle! The power you speak of is meaningless to me! I walk in faith!The faith that we chose who we want to be... and grow into that identiry, ugly or beautiful."

The disappearance of her Master so shortly after her knighthood, was a heavy blow.

Given the Sith name, Darth Molior, Kith now had no reason to focus on the woman she once had been. With Kamasu gone, none knew the woman's real name any longer, and she sunk into the persona of The Falcon, all too readily. Like the hunting creature she was nicknamed for, she existed solely for the whims of the Masters of the Order. Her life hardly seemed her own, and the woman cared little about that fact. She lived for the Order, and would, she knew, die for the order. Never had the Sith Masters had so perfect a tool for their plots. Far from evil, Kith focused on a job that must be done, making no hesitation in any action needed to fulfill that goal. She did not take joy in destruction, but rather a grim satisfaction in a job well done. She sought no power within the order, which led to two, radically differnt opinion by others of the order. Either they trusted her explicitly, or sought her demise.Kept so isolated during her apprenticeship, she finally began to meet other members of the order, eventually overcoming with three in particular, the aversion instilled in her by her Master.

Maize Wayne, known as Darth Thanatos was the first to come and congratulate her on the rise to knighthood. Though the initial meeting was rocky at best, with Kith assuming he wished to use her for his own purposes (as Kamasu had told her Thanatos was increasingly likely to do with his fellow sith), eventually a rocky friendship began to form... up until the point where Maize abbandoned the Order. Kith was never clear on the reasons, not understanding the depth and warmth the man had for his family. It would take many, many years before that particular understanding would sink through the cold shell.

Korran Halycon, also known then at Darth Automus, slowly evolved into a mentor of sorts. Kith approved of his methods, his manners, and the fact that he followed through on his promises.... and his threats. Viscious but practical, Kith eventually became his right hand, a shadow to his plots and plans.

Aslyn Denethorn, known only by his name of Darth Tirdarius to the majority of the order, gradually took Kamasu's place as Kith teacher. He helped to guide her, though he never realized how many of his actions affected the young woman. There was something about him so very different than the other Sith Masters at the time, and Kith appreciated his calm actions. She herself seldom let her own emotions rule her as was so common with the Sith, and Tirdarius also shared that specific peculiarity. A particular affection started to grow there, though it was wholly one sided... even if Kith would never have admitted it. Perhaps in some ways Tirdarius filled in a role lost to her when she lost her memory. More a father figure than a lover in the depths of her subconscious, there were none she held in such high regard as he.

The attack on Korriban by the Jedi took the Sith by surprise. A retaliation by the Jedi for the attack on Naboo and the sacking and theft of many items from their archives had brought about the unexpected action. Led by the former Sith (and traitors) DarkSky Kerberos and Darth Shule, they swept down upon Korriban in a huge fleet and strike force, the likes of which would never be seen again in human memory. With orders to protect the Academy, Molior along with a number of other Sith prepared to defend. It was here that Kith would first come into contact with the Jedi Master Bethany Kismet, and first have her trust and loyalty to Darth Tirdarius shaken. Watching as the two conversed, as pretty as you please... a cease fire in the direction of the Jedi Master, Kith felt anger welling up inside of her. The first hints of that emotion that she could remember. Anger and hatred, both for the Jedi, and for the man she thought she had known. He would have allowed her to go free, if the Jedi had accepted it, and it was only the interference Darron Wraith, fellow Jedi Master and friend of Bethany's, had disrupted the stale mate. Molior moved immediately to finish the Jedi Master, but in the chaos of battle, the Sith Knight lost the woman. Lost the Jedi, and the faith that had shone so strongly in Tirdarius. Darth Tirdarius would soon fall back to the light through the machinations of Bethany Kismet, a series of actions that Kith would never forgive either of them for, though the Jedi Master was completely oblivious to the hatred that burned for her in a sith she had never met.

It was in this time of alternating distrust and faith that Kith took her first students. Of them, only three from these days remain. Darth Maleficus, Darth Cazador, and Darth Monnik, all Masters of the Sith in their own right now. There were many others, but not all even made it through the rigorous, and often deadly, training she would subject them too. Of them all, only these three survived the training and the knighthood ceremony.

Maleficus became one whom she still considers her prize pupil, the most ruthless of the lot, and the most willing to sacrifice to see the job through. Cazador she knew for his cunning and subtly.... and Monnik she eventually reviled as she hates no other. His theft of an artifact belonging to the order and subsequent flight to the Regnum after his final test due to the theft left her knowing that one day they would meet again... and on that day one would have to die. Molior did not tolerate traitors or thieves.

The Council kept her focused however on other things. Multiple run-ins with the Jedi, the Sith Assassin put her skills to good use. Murder on Hoth brought she and Darth Maleficus (still her apprentice then)) into contact with Hawk Hinata for the first time. The Sith assault on Yavin brought her greater fame as Korran Halycon brought the mere knight into place as his second-in-command. Rescuing Siris Nido from the Jedi Prison with the help of Darth Cazador during his apprenticeship also brought her name onto Sith lips again. It seemed as though everything she started, everything she touched, turned to gold for the Sith.

Mastering Herself and the ForceEdit

"...but that doesn't give them the right to decide the meaning of my life as if I were some dream. I decide the meaning. If my life is a dream then it's my dream, I'm the dreamer."

It was through the machinations of Korran Halycon that Kith gained her Masterhood. Numerous times the rank was offered to her... and declined. Time and time again the Council attempted to offer it, demand it, even order it, and still, Molior would not comply. She had no interest in the title, perfering to focus on continuing her training, now alone that Tirdarius had fallen. She was sent on missions, utilized in plots within plots, always fulfilling her duty and her goal... but never accepting her place as a Master of the Order. Three years passed from the first offer until she finally accepted what she perceived as the burden of Masterhood.

During one of Korran's Legion of Darkness movements, he directly ordered her to accept the charge of Masterhood. He claimed that just as he had need of her saber and her talents, so to did he have need of the freedom she would gain through being Mastered. If she were truly loyal to the order, she would accept this just as she had accepted every other commision.

Steps into LoveEdit

"You live and you breath and then you die. In between, if your lucky, you fall in love. Some loves stay forever, others are lost in only a day. But its still there, underneath all the hurt and pride and years. If its true love, its never forgotten. So when someone says their in love, don't tell them they can't be. Don't say their too young, or its too soon. Love knows no age or length of time. Love is a feeling, deep in your heart, that squeezes you tight and you never want to let it go."

A series of unlikely events, unlikely meetings and of an even unliklier man changed everything for the Sith Master. Coming face to face with the enemy during a skirmish on Hoth, Kith met the Jedi Master Tantor Aden. After a fierce battle, she left him for dead, encased in the ice. Though she took one of his lightsabers, she didn't think of him again.

Not until the two met again on Tatooine. Again they battled, though as much between their minds as between their sabers. She had gained a certain respect for him, for his state of mind and willingness to sacrifice all for his purpose- a trait she felt they shared, regardless of dogma. This view was only reinforced here, and though again she left him in the desert to die if that was his fate, this time she brought the memory of that Jedi Master with her.

In truth, it wasn't until she almost killed them both that his view of her started to matter. During the War on Coruscant, on a mission with Korran Halycon to the central processing computer for the Jedi Base where things went horribly wrong. Battling three Jedi, Brayden Xykarn, Corringath Ventrass, and Tantor Aden in an attempt to buy Korran the time he needed, she made a desperate gambit. Knowing that the mission was far more important than her own life, after the Jedi Knight Corringath plunged his saber through her ribs, she set of a detonation, collapsing the building around them all. Shockingly, all survived. Kith was captured, unconscious when dragged out of the wreckage by Tantor, her left arm horribly mangled and burned, along with her left leg below the knee. Though put on trial by the Jedi for her crimes (overseen by Bethany Kismet, with such Jedi as Vohn Exel and Vince Kieff on the jury. Corringath Ventrass, Hawk Hinata and Tantor Aden all testifying over the course of the trial), Kith escaped just before sentencing, fleeing to Corellia and to the Wayne estate. Though it took much to rebuild her battered body, she eventually left again, staunchly loyal to Maize Wayne and his family from that point onward.

Over the next months she and Tantor would meet again and again, each time Kith finding it harder and harder to hurt him, to truly attempt to hurt him though she knew he was the enemy. That respect for a fellow warrior, for a retainer of a different clan in many ways, was slowly changing. After they were both trapped in a cave in on Mygetto, and had to rely on eachother to survive, she finally agreed to something he had been asking of her for months. A date. A simple date. To that years Masquerade Ball. They would both be safe there, no one to know who they were or the nature of their meeting. She agreed, and that was the last time she could hide from herself how her heart had started to melt from it's cold depths toward this man.

"There's a Voice I'm Hearing"Edit

"The whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth."

Events on Coruscant left Kith a changed woman, far more than either she or Tantor could have imagined at the time. Physically, the loss of her arm or leg would seem to be the bulk of it... the small scar added to the old one on her forehead, now marking an "X" on her skin seemed negligible. Hardly noticable.... but it was the injury that caused it that would cause so much more trouble in the times to come.

At first, the voice spoke quietly. Barely distinguishable from her own inner musings. But slowly, it evolved beyond that. During the Trial was the first time it spoke to her with clear words, clear intentions. Mocking her, he named himself Opethian, a startling foil to her own thoughts. The voice gelled, gaining clear direction and interaction with the woman on Corellia under the Wayne's care. The line between figment of her imagination, or a mental haunting just so delayed according to the voice itself, blurred, and Kith could never tell how much he was her, and how much a truly *other* presense.

For the first time in four years, Kith wondered. Urged on by this voice, she wondered not only who he was, but who she had been. Always her time with the Sith, the Order, had been enough. Between the percieved abandonment by her Order after the trial, the flight to Corellia where she found shelter with those who were considered "traitors" by them, and the urgings of the voice, Kith cut with the Dark Sith Order. An unthinkable action by the undyingly loyal Darth Molior, the Hunting Falcon of the order, she knew that it would only be a matter of time before they were hunting her.

Hunted from world to world by both Jedi and Sith, Kith moved, taking clues as she went, following the barest skeleton of hints given to her by this Opethian speaking in her mind. She left a clear trail for the hunters to follow... a trail of bodies, of murders and assassinations, each marked with a burned palm print in their chests- the mark of the Dark Hand, though there was no conscious memory of it. Led to Mustafar, she fought and killed the Jedi Knight Grifcel, but there was no truth to be found there, and she moved on. Thwarted on Mygetto by Bethany Kismet and her padawan Antares Marclonus when her killing spree almost brought her to the high chancellor of the Republic Chancellor Antonius, the hunt for the Sith Master grew more frenzied. She only barely escaped, but finally with the location she needed. Belgaroth.

Though almost stopped on Coruscant by two of her hunters... Tantor Aden, her love but loyal to the Jedi, and Darth Maleficus, former student, now a Master in his own right, and hell bent on bringing his former teacher back for her own crimes against the Order. Helped by Maize Wayne again, and his wife Kassandra Distorith, they made their way to Belgaroth.

Into the Depths of Madness Edit

“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat. "We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad." "How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice. "You must be,” said the Cat. "or you wouldn’t have come here.”

Others Opinions of KithEdit

-just putting this up, she'll kill me if I put bad things like..... she's old and smells of rotten cheese-

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