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Character BreakdownEdit

Acts of Interest :
- Death Maze

- Fear Trials

- Jar'Kai Training

- Training In All Sith Pillars [1, 2, 3]
- Specializes in :
Exotic Weapons | Sith Alchemy | Genetic Splicing

Personality :
* Extremely Emotional
* Sadistic
* Schizophrenic Tendencies

Timeline [Not yet complete]Edit

3,900 BBY | Birth of Koga [Naos III].Edit
3,909 BBY | Kills her father by choking him with the Force.Edit
3,910 BBY | Forced into slavery after searching for her culture on Ryloth.Edit
3,912 BBY | Joins Jedi Council after escaping from slavery.Edit
3,918 BBY | Knighted as a Jedi by Grandmaster Katerine Ryiah.Edit
3,921 BBY | Knights First Padawan [Emmika]Edit
3,922 BBY | Falls to the DarksideEdit
3,924 BBY | Creates The Chosen; Elected Govenor of Ossus.Edit
3,925 BBY | Weds Maddock NadunEdit
3,926 BBY | Has her first child [Kyrah Nadun]Edit
3,928 BBY | Begins Pillar Training to discover the true meaning of being a Sith.Edit
3,930 BBY | Becomes a Dread Lord Twi'Lek and a Member of the Dark Council.
3,931 BBY | Seeks out Kashi Master Ronin Wendigo for Jar'Kai training. 
3,933 BBY | Stumbles upon a Vong Amphistaff
3,934 BBY | Reads about the Vong culture
3,935 BBY | Attempts to capture and study a VongEdit
3,936 BBY | Begins trying to adopt the Vong Culture as her own.Edit
3,937 BBY | Begins her first organic implant to increase her strengthEdit
3,938 BBY | Begins using the Amphistaff as her primary weaponEdit
3,940 BBY | Successfully completes a tongue implant
3,942 BBY | Completes Jar'Kai Training
3,945 BBY | Successfully implants skin grafts on liver and lungs.
3,950 BBY | Completes Pillar Training and ascends to Masterhood
3,951 BBY | Given a seat upon the Dark Lords of the CouncilEdit

''Biography     Edit


Koga’s family migrated to Naos III from Ryloth just before the Force Wars. Finding more Lethan Twi’leks, her family settled in a small village excluding themselves from all other contact to preserve their rare skin pigmentation.

When she was born, Koga displayed a power that her community couldn’t understand. The Force hadn’t hit the Twi’lek nations before the Force War and her family’s migration, so they took it as the sign of evil. From a young age, Koga was forced to undergo a remedy of ‘cleansing’ treatments at the hand of the high priest (her father). Submerging her in water, hitting her on the head with blunt objects, and zapping her with mild currents of electricity were his way of trying to purify her soul. The treatments lasted until she was about fourteen years old; it was about this time that her father increased his efforts to save her from the demon he claimed possessed her. The submerging turned into water boarding, the hitting turned into beating, and the mild zaps turned into electro-shock therapy.

Late one night, when she was around the age of sixteen, her father attempted to suffocate her to death. When she woke up to fight him off, he told her it was the only way he knew to save his daughter from the evil that stood before him. Emotions high and passion boiling, Koga allowed her anger to course through her veins. Reaching out to grab her father, she used her power to choke him for his misdeeds. By the sounds of bones cracking and him choking on his own blood, Koga knew she had killed him that night.

Fleeing her community, Koga traveled back to Ryloth in search of answers. Finding herself alone and homeless, she struggled to survive. A stranger agreed to take her in an employ her for the return of shelter and food; not knowing of her races unfortunate stigma, she agreed and followed him to the dark side of the planet. She was forced into slavery, as many of her kind were, and told to dance at local cantinas for the man. She was awakened one knight, blindfolded, and chained. Left in a dark room with windows surrounding her, a spotlight shined over her and a pole. She was told to dance or she would die; fearing death, Koga followed the man’s instructions.

She was sold as a sex slave and was boarded on a ship to be flown across the galaxy. The ship made a pit stop on Naboo for fuel and refreshments, and it was at this time that Koga saw her opportunity to escape. She managed to exit the ship and get away from the men who bought her. Days later, she found herself in front of the Jedi Temple.


The Path of a Jedi

Jedi Symbol


Koga was put through Jedi Knight training upon her arrival at the Temple. Starting with Master Kaen Thoon, Koga advanced through Knighthood by the Trial of Courage at the hands of Grandmaster Katarine Ryiah, becoming specialized as an Exotic Weapons Specialist. Her Knighthood came at a cost, however; in the cave on Degobah, Koga faced her worst fear. The Jedi had hoped that she would face the murderous acts of her past, but instead she faced herself at a Sith Master.

Koga spent much time seeking training for the Force. She sought guidance for her ongoing struggle with her emotions and viewing the Force as a weapon. Understanding that the Force was in everything and after death everything in turn became the Force, Koga could not shake the feeling that this power was more of a weapon to be utilized than guidance tool. Even the Jedi honed the ability and used it during battle; Koga could not seem to grasp the difference. She began reading about the Jedi, Sith, and Witches in the Temple library where she learned about their use of the Force and interpretation of it's ability.

Taking her questions to the Jedi Council, she was met with no answers but instead with directions to ignore her questions and embrace the path of light before her. Needless to say, she continued to struggle with emotional control and began her long journey of introspection and what the Jedi stood for.

Her first Padawan''' Edit

Koga’s first padawan was a young Frozian by the name of Emmika. Emmika being one of the last of her kind, Koga spent many years instructing and perfecting her padawan’s view of the Force and skills. By taking her on mission to moons around Endor, Emmika was able to see her master’s experience at battling the Sith Knight known as Hawk Milan Hawk . Advancing her padawan through all of the Trials of Knighthood, Koga knighted Emmika before taking on later padawans, Talia Kyras and Darius Meracio.


Descent to Darkness        

Helping a friend build new huts on Endor, Koga sought out help of her padawans, Emmika and Talia Kyras. It was here that Milan Hawk attacked,, burning the village and it's inhabitants to the ground. Attempting to help aid her friends, Koga watched as a pack of Korrina killed her dear friend Muushi. Flaring with hatred and detest for what the Sith had done, Koga was finally pulled into the darkness by the actions of Lord Master Judas Xavior Escariot. Choosing to save her friends lives, Koga agreed to swear legions to the Sith Master to protect all of their lives.

Feeling alone and misguided, Koga decided to spend her time finding and hunting down the Master that caused her to fall from her path of light. Along the way she heard of a man named Kaz Valnor who could alter beasts through the Force. Interested in obtaining that power, she set off on a side quest to find this Knight and discover his secrets. But once she found him, she was unable to harm him. Something inside of her mind switched on and for the first time in her life, she decided to give the darkness a try. Agreeing to join Kaz's worthy cause, Koga because the first High Priestess to the Chosen (a Sith religion dedicated in finding worthy followers and converting them to the dark religion to fight for the church's army).

'A Chance at Love'     Edit

Attempting to make sense of her knew found path, Koga went to the Sith Temple library for information on Sith Mantra. A young man who was sitting at the table beside the bookshelves caught her attention. Koga learned that he was one of the three Nadun triplets from the infamous Nadun clan. From formal greetings to dinner, Maddock Nadun and Koga immediately fell for each other. After hours of endless conversation, and quite a few bottles of wine, Koga decided that she would put her guard down and give love a chance.

After only a few days of knowing each other, Koga and Maddock decided to take the final step in fulfilling their destinies. They had a beautiful wedding on Ruusan with all of their family and friends present, and for once in her life Koga felt like things were finally looking up for her. She finally had a family to call her own.

The honeymoon brought about not only a sense of peace and comfort about her life with Maddock, but also a new perspective on life. She officially gave in to her inner darkness and allowed the final transitions to take place. But that wasn't the only thing fate had in store for this young Twi'Lek; after taking over Ossus from the Jedi, she gave birth to her first child. Kyrah Nadun would be her new legacy and be the final thing to throw her into emotions to help her fully give in to the dark side.

Revenge by tansy9

The War that Changed Her World Edit

Soon after her life took a blissful toll, war struck out among the Sith. Maddock left with his family in search of their path within the Force, leaving Koga alone to take care of Kyrah. It wasn't too long before she went on a quest to find her husband. She started her quest by looking on known planets close to the Sith Temple. Meeting with pirates, smugglers, and bounty hunters, she couldn't find anyone willing to talk about her family’s whereabouts.

Grief stricken, she returned to the Sith Temple where she began isolate herself from the rest of the world. She could not bare the thought of never seeing her husband again. One night, unable to sleep, she made her way to the library and stumbled upon some very interesting books. They were the ancient works of Psychology. Fascinated by what she found, Koga spent several days finding and reading everything she could about the ancient ways of understanding human behavior. It wasn't until later that she was finally able to understand her mission in life; she had been given the right to choose who was worthy of life and death by Kaz not so long ago. The books she found gave her an idea of how to discriminate who was worthy and who was not. She'd have to test them.

Drugging various beings in the night, Koga began to create Death Mazes and fear trials to test the worthiness of the competitors involved. She even managed to make a Sith Master pull two teeth from his wife only to cut her up and find the key to their freedom hidden deep inside of her. But her experiment took a wrong turn when Lord Ashmedai, leader of the Pillar of Strength, channeled all of his dark energy to bring the building down in a furry. She barely escaped with her life. But the encounter left her curious, so she sought out guidance from the Sith Lord.

Extra TrainingEdit

Pillar of StrengthEdit

It was in Cameron Centurion's company that she learned the true meaning of the Jedi and the Sith. He challenged her beliefs of both the Force and of her love for Maddock, helping her to understand that emotions were only useful when they were under her own control. She also began to fully understand the difference between the Sith and the Jedi; it wasn’t about wanting to kill each other or exert control, it was the way they went about what they felt was best for the galaxy. She learned that the Jedi wanted structure through organized government because it would bring about peace, but the Sith wanted freedom to expand themselves and harness their true potential power. It was this realization that made her question her own potential in the galaxy.

Pillar of Truth Edit

Stumbling upon the ancient Dread Lords in one of her books, Koga combined the aspects of darkness, her religion, and psychology to decide she wanted to learn the art of fear. From there, she went on a mission to find the Sith Lord Darth Astus and request his help in teaching her this ancient art. He graciously accepted, and soon they were on their way to Dromund Kaas. And thus began her true path and the rise of Darth Incendia           


Pillar of KnowledgeEdit

After learning the art of fear, she spent a great deal of time trying to figure out exactly what she wanted to do with her new found abilities and knowledge. Deciding that it was time to start taking more of an active role as a leader, her journey led her to Onderon where she sought out guidance from Master Quietus, leader of the Pillar of Knowledge. Here, she requested the Sith Master's help in teaching her the politics behind the Sith Order as well as how to be a more effective leader.

But Koga felt certain that he knowledge quest wasn't over. For months Koga had been learning various arts from different Master's of the Sith Order. She had always been one for knowledge, but these last few months had pushed her to a far extreme she couldn't have possibly imagined. Not only had she learned the theories in play behind being an effective Sith, but her mind and body had been tested to their limits. She'd learned to challenge her Jedi mindset and finally understand the Force for what it was; power.

Because of her knew understanding of life and the Force, Koga began to branch out further. She wanted to test herself more; to grow more. As Master Reyven had said, the only time one ever stopped growing and learning was when they were dead. Growing was a sign of potential, something Koga had been told she had a lot of. She was determined to continue her growth at any cost, even if it meant death. After all, anyone who reached their full potential deserved death. The slow and painful defeat of a Sith Master was just one of the galaxy's ways of pushing the exceptionally great through and weeding out the weak. It was survival of the fittest.


The Art of Jar'Kai Edit

It was on an unknown planet that she stumbled across the last Kashi Warrior Ronin Wedigo. Through their encounter, she learned of not only the ways of the Kashi but also the art of the Jar'Kai as well. This knowledge changed her use of combat skills, making her a more efficient and lethal fighter. She aimed to use this knowledge to protect her new found respect for the Sith, as well as the Order itself, at whatever cost. 


Making her way to Dathomir, Koga set our in search of the Witch Master Santeria Decuir. She wanted to learn the art of dark alchemy and how to bring a zombie to life.



The ChosenEdit

 Description : A group of Sith dedicated to the purification of the Sith culture.; those who have been purified through dark alchemy. This group is dedicated to the religious cult who's goal is to turn everything in the galaxy into Sith Spawn. They spend their time protecting the religious wishes as well as physicality of the cult.

Base of Operations : Ossus

Divisions :

High Priest | High 'Priestess :      

The leaders of the Chosen faith. The High Priestess is appointed the task of converting Chosen members to purify as well as determining who is worthy of purifying. The High Priest is in charge of converting the Heard into the Chosen Sithspawn as well as leading the group in their religious conquests. 

Priests '| Priestess' of Faith :

A group dedicated to the study and practice of the religious aspect of the cult. This includes specializing in Force Alchemy as well as belonging to the Pillar of Truth.

Speakers of Faith :

A group dedicated to the physical, physiological, and technological advancement of the group. This includes belonging to the Pillar of Knowledge.

Warriors' | Assassins of Faith :

The group dedicated to protecting the faith and ideals behind it by means of blunt force. This group is the first on to the battle field and the ones with the greatest potential for physical combat. This includes specializing in weaponry [exotic weapons] and war tactics. This also includes belonging to the Pillar of Strength.

Members :

  • Koga | High Priestess

    Current Roleplays : </li>

    • - None

    Previous Roleplays :

  • - The Chosen : Beginings</li>
  • - The Chosen

    </li> </li>


    'Items CatalogEdit



    ~ Artifacts ~

    Force Disperser :

        A Force Disperser was an advanced Sith device that helped conceal a Sith's presence in The Force.

    Obelisk :

        Obelisk were ancient Sith artifacts, dating back to c. 14,000 BBY used as the gateway for accessing a Sith library-temple.

    Sith Fear Amulet Necklace

        A Sith amulet, sometimes known as a Sith talisman, was a powerful Sith artifact used to amplify the effects of Sith magic. These "baubles" were used by Sith Lords to channel immense dark side power.

    ~ Self Holocrons ~ Edit

    1) Dark Holocron

    ~ Holocrons of Knowledge ~Edit

    Book I : Sith Philosophy
    Book II : Prophesy of the Darkside
    Book III : Thanatology

    ~ Religious Documents ~ Edit

    Sithspawn Scroll :

    The ancient Sith writings of Sith Spawn, scribed by the very hand of a Dark Lord of the Sith.

    Sith Spellbook :

        A Transcript that contains spells, rituals, and incantations necessary for conjuring Sith magic.

    ~ Weapons ~Edit


        Type : Double Bladed  

        Color : Black   

        Specs : Can detach to create two single bladed black sabers.


        Light Whip

        Color : Yellow
        Unique Features :

    Training Breakdown Edit

    Masters Edit

    Cameron Centurion (Sith Master | Pillar of Strength)

    Training in: Combat | Sith Philosophy

    Darth Cazador (Sith Master)

    Trained in: Sith Alchemy

    Garith Darkhold SR. (Sith Master)

    Trained in: Combat

    Katarine Ryiah (Jedi Grand Master)

    Trained in: Knighted as a Jedi

    Kaen (Jedi Master)

    Trained in: Jedi Combat | Jedi Philosophy

    Reyven Samoth (Sith Master | Pillar of Truth)

    Trained in: Sith Religion | Force Fear

    Ronin Wendigo (Sith Master)

    Trained in: Combat | Jar'Kai Form

    Santeria Decuir (Witch Master)

    Trained in: Alchemy | Zombie Creation

    Quietus (Sith Master | Pillar of Knowledge

    Trained in: Sith Politics

    Apprentices Edit

    Current Apprentices : | Alaric Haidar (Knight) || Aredhel Thanwulf (Knight) || Darth Yamato (Knight) || Dresdin Astil (Knight) || Kelsey Shadow (Knight) || Luto |
    Knighted : | Atin Kandossii || Daro Blaize || Emmika || Maddock Nadun || Sirada || Talia Krass |
    Inactive : | Akio Kahoshi || Darth Cicatrix || Darth Geist || Darius Meracio || Daxium Ryiah || Drake Zy | | Helmut Todstern || Lenne Fayth || Matrim Al Tair || Raydek Falsuun || Sirak Pyne || Spartacus || Srika Kiren || Tabitha Zy || Talon White |

    Locating Koga: Edit

    Faction Roleplays: Edit

    | - Takeover of Thyferra | - War on Tinchoor (TSC vs TJB) |

    Completed | Inactive: Edit

    | - Alchemy [8/13/13-8/20/13] | - Awaken Nexus of the Force  | - Council Thread  | - Death Maze  | - Fear RP  | - Freedom Rising  | - Gathering Storm  | - Karaoke Night | - Takeover of Naboo | - Takeover of Ossus | - The Dreadlord of Byss [1]| - The Sith Meet | - The Chosen  | - TSC's HitList |

    Character Development:Edit

    - None

    Completed | Inactive: Edit

    | - Alchemy Training 1 | - AlchemyTraining 2 | - A Spy...Sith?- Back to the Basics | - Combat Training 1 | - Jar'Kai Training | - Knowledge Pillar Training | - Koga's Arrival | - Koga's Mastering | - Nemesis Thread | - Strength Pillar Training | - Strength Pillar Meeting | - True Beginnings [2]| - Truth Pillar Training | - The Chosen | - Combat Training 2 | - Family Thread 1 | - Go to the Principal's Office| - Speed Knighting | - The Chosen: Meeting | - The Fall to Darkness | - Meeting Maddock Nadun | - They Grow Up So Fast |

    Just For Fun: Edit

    | - Alchemy Training 101 (Alaric) | - I'm a Black Sheep (Aredhel) | - No Pain, No Gain (Dresdin) | - Teach Me Alchemy (Yamato) | - The Devil's Disease |

    Completed | Inactive: Edit

    | - A Slave to my Disease | - Bill Nye The Science Guy | - Coruscant Live | - Date Night | - I Set Fire to the Rain | - It's time for us to talk... | - Jedi Task Force (Open) | - Let's Play A Game | - Never Underestimate A Sith | - Some Secrets Are Better Left | - The Shell Game   |

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