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Korran Halcyon was a Sith Master of the Sith Council.

The Life of Korran HalcyonEdit

The BeginningsEdit

Korran was born of Corellia to a Jedi family. He lived there for his first three years, and somewhere between his third and fourth his families little apartment was attacked. A Sith came in a slaughtered both parents, leaving Korran alive only because he did not notice the presence of the child. The next day when the authorities arrived they found Korran and handed him over to a friend of his parents, a Chiss named Fereth'ind'sper. That was when he began his travels to Csilla.

There he was taken by the Chiss to the planet that he would call home for his childhood. It turned out that both of his new parents were infertile and took him as their only son. The father was a leading official in the military and so Korran was exposed to tactics early on in his lifetime. He even was discovered to be an exceptional pilot when his adopted father took him to the simulators as a gift and ended up beating several rookiees in dogfights. It was at the young age of 13 that he became a pilot for the Chiss Defense Fleet. It was when he was 15 that he took over his first squadron.

During and for a short time after this he served in the boarder conflict between the Chiss and the Ssi-Ruuk. His squadron grew a reputation as being one of the elite squadrons in the region. In one of the key battles against the Ssi-Ruuk that his adopted father perished leading the fleets command ship into a suicide run that took out several Ssi-Ruuvi capital ships. This loss of such a close family member is what drove him to take his squadron into a suicide mission straight into Leywiik.

The mission went wrong from the start, never in the history of the galaxy had such a large fleet of ships had been seen and a single squadron of twelve fighters found themselves in it. They fought for what seemed like hours but in reality was just a span of fifteen minutes. It was only after all but three fighters remained that Korran commanded them to leave. The third pilot died in an attempt to get into hyperspace leaving only two of the once great squadron alive. Upon arriving back in Chiss space both he and dear friend Tsiz'eir'mindeth, Zeirm, were treated as heros.

The guilt beat at Korran until he knew that he could not take it anymore. The reigns of leadership were handed over to Zeirm and he went into a deep depression. It was then that his adopted mother became ill, as she was dieing she told Korran of his parantage which he had never really asked about. With the information him being Force sensitive she gave him his parents holocron, a family heirloom, and the crystal that activated it which was fashioned into a necklace.

It was only after she had died that he left Csilla and the unknown regions. He left Dantooine, a nearest planet that was a home to a Jedi Academy.

Trials of a JediEdit

His early trials on Dantooine were rough. Throughout his time there he could not manage to find any Jedi to teach him. He spend a great many days drifting around, trying to learn things in an enviroment that would not help him in any way. His time there did allow him to meet a few other new Jedi but for the most part he gained little.

The Order there eventualy grew tired of him. They found his attitude to be too reckless. His will was too strong and he was too quick to anger. With these things in mind they chose to banish him from their ranks. When the order of banishment came to him, Korran became quite angered and left in a storm.

From there he went on to a rogue order of Jedi on the planet of Abajji. This place was lead by a Jedi Master known as Jameris Malak. It was here that Korran was tought by a man known as Joni'Wan Techu. The two worked well but Korran found himself always at ends with another padawan named Darron Wraith. The two held a bitter rivalry which came to a crashing end with Darron was promoted to knighthood. Korran had expected them both to reach it at the same time but this had not happened. Upon questioning Joni, he was told that he was not worthy of being a Jedi. It was then that Korran was banished again.

A Sith RisesEdit

It was then that Korran began to realize that he just could not be a Jedi. Emotions were too strong in him still, and anger was now beginning to fill him. This was when he set off in travels that brought him around the galaxy finding sith. It was on this journey that he was tought by Darth Cunruth, Malice Draclau, Jaden Lee, and a variety of others.

After gaining knowledge of the Sith ways and how to tap into the darkside he finally found himself taking residence on Korriban with the Brotherhood of the Sith.

It was not long after he attained knighthood that he began to realize the deteriation of the Brotherhood. Masters were dying left and right, Knights were being killed as well. Nothing was truly clear as to why or how this happening but it was. The faction then found itself without a leader with the death of Jaden Lee. The faction was in ruin.

The temple on Korriban went frantic, a brief and small war occured there in a matter of hours. At the end of it all Korran stood above all and declared himself the leader. It was odd for someone so fresh into Knighthood to take command of whole Order, but this one was broken as it was. It was up to him to bring it back into greatness.

Darkest of KnightsEdit

After seizing control over the Brotherhood he began to be known as the Darkest of Knights. It was a selfmade title but it was a necessity. It gave him authority, something to put himself above the rest in an Order lead by a council of Knights. Masters joined the Order every so often but Korran always made sure to make it known that it was he who was in charge. That was the beginning of a conflict the Sith Master Anubis Starkiller that would later become a greater one.

There came a day when for some reason he entered a bar on Corellia in a foul mood. He was not pleased with his life and leading the Brotherhood was a nasty business, but this was when his greatest stroke of luck would come. Also in the bar was Bane Nathos, a traitor to the Sith as a whole that was marked for death. He knew that he could not take on this man, not yet but he engaged in a conversation with him. He played the man and it was then that he began a new life as Korran, a life that was a lie and one that was undercover.

It was now that he began his first trials by living two lives. One was his life as the Darkest of Knights where he was called Darth Automos, and the other was one as Korran Halcyon friend of Bane and a Jedi Knight. It was difficult to be both at the same time and not become known to the Jedi that he was in fact a Sith and not just any Sith but the leader of the Brotherhood. Many times he found himself fighting Jedi like Bethany Kismet, or hid old rival Darron Wraith, after having spent the previous month fighting beside them on other planets. It was amazing how flawlessly his deception was able to pulled off.

It was during these years the the Brotherhood became its strongest, becoming filled with a great many Sith from across the galaxy. Still Korran was just a Knight but he ran the Order like no other.

Internal treatury began to become an issue now. Other Knights began to see Korran, or Darth Automos as they knew him, as a great threat to their futures. Hades Marzullo and a Sith Master named Gavin teamed up in an operation to try and defeat Korran. They failed miserably and were destroyed by Korran and his fellow leader Lady Silencia, the wife of Anubis Starkiller.

Not long after this Korran began to notice weakness within two other Sith factions, the ancient Dark Sith Order and the new Cathedral of the Sanctimun. The oppuritunities here were just too rich and it was then that he struck a deal with Max Chaos of the Dark Sith Order and Siris Nido of the Cathedral. They merged their factions into one grand new faction, though it carried the name of the ancient Dark Sith Order.

Time went on and Korran yet again had to prove that he was infact the leader of the Order and no one, Knight or Master, could defy him. Key in this was Lady Silencia, a newly promoted master now, who aided him greatly by granting him cheif control over both the Navy and the Armies of the Order. Another important component was Kith Verloren, a Sith Knight whose loyalty to him was unrivaled for years and an assassin like no other. Others came in the form of a new generation of Sith such as Darth Maleficus and Darth Cazador.

Master of DarknessEdit

After much time of being in command of the Dark Sith Order he finally was granted the rank that had been long awaited, Master. In a large ceremony he was handed over this status by his long time ally, Lady Silencia. With this new title gained he became even more undeniably the leader of the Dark Sith Order.

From here he led compaign after campaign against the Jedi and their allies. But all the while he still kept slipping into the Jedi Order through his friendship with Bane who still thought him a Jedi. This was things began to go bad on Zhar. A lost people, who claimed to be the ancient inhabitants of Zhar, came and swept over the Sanctuary as if it was nothing. Korran fought long and hard to keep his tied to the Jedi secured but the battle went downhill. Bane's people were crushed and with it Bane's will to continue on as a Jedi. Bane went to the darkside once again to destroy the ancient Zharians.

By this time Korran knew that no longer could he trust on Bane's small group of Jedi to get him access to the greater Order. No, he knew that his time was limited now. His friendships with Bethany Kismet and Rolf Sergeo would not be enough to get him through the lines. It was then that he knew he had to finally work his way out of the Order in the best way to disgrace the Jedi as a whole.

The opporitunity came when an ex-disciple of the Dark Sith Order, a Darth Octavian, captured Bethany Kismet on Onderon. Using his sway over the ex-disciple he got into the same room with the captive. Here he revealed himself to be Darth Automos to her. To his dismay he could not get her to become angry over it, and he left her there and went on his way. From here on out he shed the mask of Automos and became known across the galaxy for his actions.

Battles burned on across the galaxy because of him as he was now able to devote all of his time to the Dark Sith Order again. Rivalry now brewed between it and a new Order of Sith headed up by his old enemy Anubis Starkiller. This Order was known as the Regnum In Potestas and it was lead by the Four Horsemen of Chaos.

From here a brutal battle went on between the two factions in which Automos stood back for the most part and commanded his side. During these times he spent little time actualy in the field, prefering to spend his days in his tower and tinkering with the Force. It was during this period that he was able to gain a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the Darkside.

There were times when both would ally themselves in an effort destroy their opponents, such as the Knightfall Alliance which attacked Theed and later on the Siege of Coruscant. Coruscant... the battle that changed Korran forever.

The Siege of CoruscantEdit

At the Siege of Coruscant, Korran Haclyon saw himself in a long drawn out battle. The forces of light and dark were in a constant battle over the many levels and districts of Coruscant. With fleets virtually blockading all of the area above their respective opponent's territory, it was hard to come by resources. Desperation could paint the picture of the entire battle. The two sides faught and clawed at one another, grasping for any region that looked like it could fall to either side.

Due to the nature of the conflict, Korran and Kith Verloren ventured deep into rival territory. Their goal was to attack and destroy the newly discovered enemy comm relay through which all information in that sector traveled through. Little did they know that the mission was a trap. They ran into three Jedi (Tantor Aden, Brayden Xykarn, and C'orringath Ven'Traas) during the attack, all formidable opponents. The battle rapidly went south and the two were split up. In the insanity of the fight, the mainframe was caused to explode and the mission from that perspective was successful. Both Korran and Kith barely survived the attack, but they were still split up.

Kith vanished and was taken in by the Jedi. Due to how the events went down her opinion of Korran and the Dark Sith Order was tainted forever. Her once stalwart loyalty to him in and the Order was gone and it began her shift of allegiance to the Regnum. When Korran found out about this he was deeply saddened but that is only because of what he did following the explosion. Korran had been injured in the attack and he had made it his mission to find Kith, because she was a dear ally of his. The problem was that he was stranded behind enemy lines and unfit to deal with the hunt that followed him. For the most part he evaded capture, but the many days he spent in the underbelly of Coruscant under attack wore on him. Food was scarce and water was even rarer. Injuries sustained from the explosion and his pursuers began to fester and grow infected.

Interestingly enough, in a daze he drifted into a Jedi medical camp. He was taken in and healed and if it had not been for the presance of Bethany Kismet he likely would have gotten out unnoticed after recieving the aid of his enemy. He could not escape that though, she reported him to the Jedi and while he was still injured he was taken away by Wickim Totem, an ewok Jedi that he had encountered once before in a battle at Onderon. At this point he was taken deeper into Jedi territory and put under arrest.

The two of them debated philosophies, and while they could not battle physically their mental battles were just as vicious as those that they had engaged in on Onderon. Korran healed slowly, the lack of treatment for so long had caused some serious damage. Even with his own knowledge of healing techniques, it took a long time to heal. The damage was more than physical though, and that came to a head when Wickim was called away from one of their debates because of a Sith assault on a medical camp. The Sith over heard the message and knew that it was a mission that he had ordered before he had left. It would have been of little consequence to him if not for the fact that the name Keira Nathos had come up.

After some pleading, Wickim agreed to take the injured Korran to the sight of the attack. There he found his former wife charred and dying. She whispered to him the location of their child, a son. It was strange moment for Korran. He had married her out of his desire to infiltrate the Jedi and cement his place next to Bane, but the purely strategic move had turned into something close to love. To have her death on his hands was a strange thing, and it was in that moment that he broke. The split lives that he had lived and the injuries he had gained created a break in his mind. It was at this moment, that Daritha was born. Korran Halcyon began to repent of his ways and became a Jedi again, but the Sith in him would not concede this. The darkside could not allow this to happen and that was how Daritha came to be. The darkness, the anger, the hatred and all the Sith in him could not just go away, so it became its own identity. It lurked in the background of Korran's mind and was truly the owner of his body even though Korran truly believed himself a Jedi.

The Dual ExistanceEdit

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