"The worst spot in hell is reserved for those who betray." - Krishna Decuir; cult leader of the Bando Gora

Nightsister. Summoner. Occultist.

Krishna Decuir has been a prominent member of Witches of Dathomir, serving as the guardian of Kohlma, clan mother of the Frenzied River Clan, and cult priestess of the Bando Gora.

Krishna Decuir
Avatar: Charisma Carpenter
Krishna Adrastea Decuir
Also known as
Miss Thrillseeker
Nightsister Master
Cult Leader of the Bando Gora
Clan Mother of Shadow Falls Clan
Witches of Dathomir
Kai Mandagoran
Vaga Obscuria
Vormulac Taintspore
170cm (5'7")
132 lbs.
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
Skin color
Family members
Significant other
Kai Mandagoran
Azerath Taikar
Santeria Decuir
Odelle Decuir
Ajax Marzullo
Sephoria Decuir
Cassiel Decuir
Dharma Decuir (twin)
Angelus Decuir
Isaac Decuir
Invidia Decuir
Nymphadora Decuir
Max Lee
Azalyn prennis
Shiva Decuir
Vishnu Merchion
Great grandparents
Amaterasu Decuir
Brahma Remis
Aunts and uncles
Abaddon Decuir
Nevaeh Decuir
Nirvana Decuir
Ba'al Decuir
Christian Decuir
Kisin Decuir
Minerva Decuir
Dante Decuir
Other family
Aria Santori
Dane Arceneau
Pet Companion

Krishna DecuirEdit

x's on the back of your hands, washed them in the bathroom

Basic Character InformationEdit

  • 'Nicknames:' Krish;; Krishy
  • Affiliation: Witches of Dathomir
  • Disorder: Electra complex
  • Species : Celestial-Dathomiri-Morganian
  • Birthplace / Current Location: Dathomir
  • Abilities: Summoner
  • Occupation/Position: Cult Leader of the Bando Gora;; Clan Mother of Frenzied River Clan
  • Connections: Santeria Decuir;; The Coven

Physical AppearanceEdit



  • Quirks: frequently bites bottom lip, playing with her hair
  • Hobbies: swoop bike racing, cliff diving,
  • Likes: raspberries and clotted cream, chocolate candy, scented candles, bubble baths, art museums, Galactic History
  • Dislikes: Lying
  • Strengths: Adventurous. Ambitious. Charismatic. Clever. Compassion. Cultured. Devoted. Extrovert. Independent. Intellectual. Inrepid. Passionate. Patient.
  • Weaknesses: Anxious. Audacious. Complex. Decadent. Fanatcisim. Impish. Impulsive. Irritable. Jealous. Lustful. Megalomaniac. Nervous. Obsessive. Overemotional. Overconfidant. Paranoid. Pedantic. Peevish. Possessive. Rake. Reckless. Remorseless. Selfish. Tempermental. Unpredictable.
  • Fears:. Atelophobia- Fear of imperfection. Enissophobia- Fear of having committed an unpardonable sin or of criticism.

Tactile Telepathy-&-Thought Projection - Ability to see the thoughts of another through physical contact as well as to project one's own visions or thoughts to another if desired.

Personal ConnectionsEdit

Kai Mandagoran

Kai Mandagoran is an elder within the echelons of the Sorcerers of Rhand, leading one of the Houses for several centuries. After two whirlwind romances, the Morganian had performed "The Claiming" upon Krishna taking her for an eternal mate. Due to their shared bloodline, they have currently kept their incestual relationship clandestine from the other Decuirs and Mandagorans.

Santeria Decuir

Santeria Decuir, High Priestess of the Coven and Clan Mother of the Nightsisters, is the mother to Krishna. Having been subjected to a cruel upbringing by the woman's hand, the daughter continues to strive to appease her maternal parent and often finds herself feeling as a failure. Currently, she struggles with finding a healthy dynamic in the relationship with her while finding independance without following in her shadow.

Dharma Decuir

Character HistoryEdit

The Dark AgeEdit

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Krishna: Age 15

Upon the eve of a blustery Dathomir, twins had been born to the High Priestess and her mate, Azerath Taikar. Krishna and Dharma had been born to a mother that detested children, but was embraced for the bloodline they shared. The children to the Tyrants of Dream and Death were often neglected or verbally and emotionally abused by their mother, having lived their toddler years not knowing who their father had been. Krishna would come to learn later in her life that Azerath wasn't known for staying around them for long periods of time as he held his own personal quest in the galaxy for domination and power despite the unyielding love he had for Santeria and their daughters.

Upon her fifth birthday, Krishna had been bestowed with a special gift- a Dathomiri horse, D'Artagnon, imbued with the Darkside. It would serve to be her pet companion, a trusted friend that would be loyal to her and come to her name.

When She Was Bad Edit

Departing from her mother, Krishna had been taken by a Sith for training; such a beast, Vaga Obscuria, had

Vaga Obscuria

been entrusted by her mother to oversee the instruction of her daughter. The man, being Santeria's own Apprentice, was trusted beyond the other Sith as he held an affinity for things not of their order.

During the course of her apprenticeship, Krishna had discovered that her 'master' held deeper feelings for her mother than what was first anticipated. Conjuring ways to exploit these feelings, Vaga had sexually imposed himself upon Krishna though he halted. Despite their roller coaster of Master-Apprentice, Krishna has a warped view on Vaga as she now views the man as an obscure type of father figure. It was through this that she discovered much of life in a darker light.

Never Kill a Boy on the First DateEdit

Upon Alderaan, a world that would become rather important to the Nightsister, Krishna had
Sans t25

Kai Mandagoran

begun her quest to lead a life of normality after being conflicted in her feelings for her mother and her 'master'. The Imperial controlled world had been a primary location to extend her life beyond the walls of the earliest formed Coven and to break away from the Sith and Imperial non-aggression years.

Procuring an identification card to mislead her age, Krishna was available to access locations and events she would not had been able to being considered quite underage. One location that was accessible to her without such documentation was the University of Alderaan which she would eventually come to be a student within before transferring at the behest of her Master to a university upon Coruscant.

Belleau-a-Lir had become the destination for the young Decuir, the artistic and cultural aspects having piqued her interest. It was upon the island city that Krishna had met a man who would become something more to her than a mere acquaintance- Kai Mandagoran.

The first encounter with Kai occurred at a nightclub, Blue Ruin. Meeting by chance at the bar of all places, there was an immediate magnetism to the man. They had spent the night in conversation, dancing and drinking. Blood that coursed within her veins sung to her of an animalistic lullaby that led her to a sexual rendezvous with him that evening. This had been the first male the Nightsister had bedded.

Never expecting to see Kai again, Krishna had left before the break of dawn.

There had been other encounters, one being an annual swoop bike race to which both had been participants and spectators. Krishna had continued to be dispatched upon Alderaan which created more opportunity for Kai to continue to pursue her. Having given in to the temptation, they started their first stint as a couple.

Some Assembly RequiredEdit

The relationship with Kai Mandagoran proved to be rocky at best as it appeared as though there had been secrets kept from her as well as an overwhelming age difference. Though Krishna had not minded the significant difference between them in that aspect despite it finding a weighing concern.

The Harsh Light of DayEdit

A Hole In The WorldEdit

The House Always WinsEdit

Acpocalypse, NowishEdit

Conversations With Dead PeopleEdit

"Exile! Exile! Exile the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers!"

Plains rolled with waving shades of veridian-- a storm was on the horizon. Murderers, the Devil's Disciples; this is what they were called. It had not been just that of the Dathomiri people, but of those who were Jedi and their diamond dogs the Rebellion that marked them these. One by one, the Nightsisters and their respective covens along with the Nightbrothers that roamed the mystical world, were captured. They were bound by stun cuffs, only the strongest ones that could hold the Force users, and some were silenced so no chants could be uttered.

The people cried, those beneath the protection of the Jedi and their Allyans, for an end to the deception... they wanted the daylight, the salvation, the freedom from the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers that caused terror on Dathomir. Like floats in a parade, the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers had been ushered to their fates upon vast ships.

"Santeria Decuir, your crimes are numerous against the members of The Alliance. Nightsisters and Nightbrothers of Dathomir you will be charged with murder and terrorism. The punishment is not imprisonment, but death by being hung."

Death was not to be for the High Priestess and her daughters, Krishna and Dharma.

"Due to an appeal by persons left to be unknown, your punishment of death is waived. The punishment to fit your crimes is excommunication from the Sith order, Santeria Decuir, and your people exiled to Necropolis. You are all banished from Dathomir and should any of you return, the punishment is death."

They were going to regret not spilling her blood across the grounds of Dathomir. A plague upon their houses would fall... they would know fear. Oh how they flattered her with tales of murder and terrorism-- that wasn't even enough of what she had done. Santeria was disappointed. She laughed, boisterous and conceited while they delivered the punishment of being sent to Necropolis. How ignorant they truly were despite their might for they would have known such a world was not unknown to her. Many times excommunication and exile had befallen the Nightsister, and more times than such she had returned to reap vengeance.

One question remained, one that annoyed her so greatly. Who had been the one to appeal their death sentence? It still remains unknown, but it had been the plea of Katarine Ryiah that had saved them all.

Unbeknown to the Coven, the Jed, and Rebellion, it had been The Galactic Empire using them all for pawns to exact justice upon the witches they feared. Eventually, The Coven had discovered the truth, but it had not been until years later.

The Great Exile from Dathomir had been been a turning point for many Nightsisters and Nightbrothers and opened an opportunity for the dark deity to introduce them to another world which offered more promise to their religion.

Santeria had not allowed for the plans of The Jedi Council and The Rebellion to take hold of their destiny. Upon the ships set for an undisclosed location, a mutiny had occurred and the Nightsister took the advantage and redirected the transports to Necropolis.

The Weight of The WorldEdit

Upon the exile of the Nightsister and Nightbrothers from Dathomir, a relentless assault had plagued the mystic planet of Dathomir. War engulfed the clans, leaving blood and despair in its wake, but it was evident that The Coven would not rest until their beloved homeworld was theirs. In a most devious plot, the High Priestess along with the

Recovery from Dathomir

High Witch Council led the Witches on an assault that none would soon forget. Enticing the Dark Veil Order by offering one of their own as a catalyst and invoking their power into another, Dathomir's Vitality was wrought upon the planet draining it of energy as the life force from every flora and fauna was evaporating only to leave the planet a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Finding the war to be futile, the Jedi and the Allyan Clan had evacuated from Dathomir as the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers continued their assault on the lightwitch clans and Jedi Temple within Aurilia; the death toll was catastrophic on both sides. The Coven had driven out their enemies, but at a grave cost to everyone even them as no one was left unscathed by the horror of that battle.

After These Messages... We'll Be Right BackEdit

Normal BTVSs2-0001

Kai and Krishna

New Moon RisingEdit

The Force & MagicEdit

Masters Edit

  • Kai Mandagoran
  • Vaga Obscuria
  • Vormulac Taintspore


  • Ajax Marzullo
  • Dhani Marzullo (Knighted)
  • Gaven Marzullo
  • Isaac Decuir (Knighted)
  • Lilith Hafon
  • Shaithis Deus (Knighted)
  • Odele Decuir
  • Sesshie Taisho
  • Srika Velos
  • Volf Von Kreig

Force AbilitiesEdit





  • Type I: Single-Bladed
  • Colour: White
  • Specs: Bondar crystal
  • Miscellaneous: Vibration lens, Bifurcating Cyclical-Ignition Pulse, thumbprint gauge

  • Type II: Double-Bladed
  • Colour: Violet
  • Specs: Left end, Nightsister crystal; right end, Life Drain crystal
  • Miscellaneous: Thumbprint gauge



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