"Even in the darkest of places, one shall find the light. The question is, will you seek it out or turn your back on it?" - Kyle Solo


Kyle is about 6'4" with dark brown hair and blue eyes. His entire body is covered in scars from the many battles he had participated in. Both of his hands are cybernetic, as well as one of his eyes. He has a metal plate insert on his right left hip due to a wound that was too large to simply close.

  • Tight Black Jedi Robes
  • Unorthodox Jedi Robes
  • Black Hooded Cloak
  • Tight black workout active clothes
  • Scar through left eye
  • Red glowing mechanical left eye
  • Cybernetic hands
  • Metal plate insert on hip


Early Childhood

Tiren Solo face

Kyle's father Tiren Solo

Kyle Solo was born on Coruscant. His father was a Jedi Master of the Order while his mother was not force-sensitive. Kyle was taken with his Father and his father's Padawan to Tatooine on a mission to negotiate with the Hutts. However, his Padawan had fallen to the Dark Side and betrayed Kyle's father, killing him right before the boy's eyes. Before the fallen Jedi could kill Kyle, a Jedi Master with the Republican Escort soldiers showed up, forcing the murderer to flee. Kyle was then taken back to Coruscant by the Jedi Master. The Jedi Order refused to train the young boy because of the anger that he had in his heart. The young boy went into the Coruscant underground to try and stick it out on his own and ended up being taken as a slave by one of the Underground Gangs.

Galados Marr face

Galados Marr

He remained a slave until he was thirteen years old. During a tournament of skill, Kyle killed his owners and stole one of their ships. It wasn't able to get far before breaking down and crashing on one of Coruscant's forest moons. There he met Galados Marr, a goat-man who was the doctor on the small civilized moon. He raised Kyle and took care of him, creating the mechanical eye for him. When Kyle had his 18th birthday, he set out for Korriban to join the Sith and get revenge on his father's killer.

Training to become a Sith

Xioth and Shery

Darth Xioth and Shery deWinter

Kyle Solo arrived on Korriban and was quickly accepted into the Dark Sith Order. He had many masters during this time, all of which abandoned the young knight. Shery deWinter, his first master, taught Kyle discipline while also putting him through a mental and physical torture. However, she left for unknown reasons, leaving Kyle to be trained by Tastho Yarniph. This Sith taught Kyle the importance of the Force. However, Tashto also vanished shortly after beginning Kyle's training. He also befriended a fellow Sith, Darth Maleficus, and became rivals with another known as Malicion. Unable to figure out why he couldn't become a Knight, Kyle returned to his the forest moon to visit Marr. There he was met by Darth Xioth. Xioth took the young Apprentice to Mustafar where he joined the Sith Consortium.

The Sith Consortium

Sith Consortium entrance

The Sith Consortium

Kyle and Darth Xioth arrive on Mustafar where Kyle begins his Sith training. Xioth firsts teaches him the basics of the Force. He then introduces Kyle to Darth Zeta, the leader of the Consortium. Kyle then learns more advanced force techniques and is given his own Landspeeder. Kyle then learns Sith Lightsaber Fighting techniques and becomes an even greater swordsman than his master. Darth Xioth then tests Kyle at the Carin stones, forcing him to jump for days. Upon finishing his test, Darth Xioth tells Kyle his training is nearly complete.

The Final Test

Kyle and Darth Xioth go to Kamino where they practice Lightsaber skills in intense weather. After Kyle defeats Darth Xioth, Xioth tells him to go and assassinate a Kaminoan named Shi Loon. Kyle fights his way through the Clone security and kills the Kaminoan, discovering afterward that she was in fact a Republic Senator dedicated to a peaceful future, not one of war. Kyle begins to doubt the ways of the Sith.

Sith Mission

Kyle and Darth Xioth are sent to Kashyyyk to find the rogue Dark Sky Kerberos of the Regnum in Protestas. The Consortium could use Sky Kerberos to obtain access to the Regnum’s massive Library. Upon arrival, Darth Xioth leaves the two Apprentices, Kyle and Malicion, alone. The two begin disliking each other immediately and enter combat. Malicion gets distracted and Kyle begins his search for Sky Kerberos. However, he runs into Malice Draclau, a powerful Sith Lord. The two do battle and Kyle is easily defeated and knocked out by a tree. Darth Xioth later finds him and returns with him to Mustafar.

Sowing Darkness

Kyle Solo had arrived on the Eclipse Cannon to view its first test fire and to witness the weapons power. He was also there to meet with Aidan Crowe and was sent by the Sith Consortium. Upon arrival, Solo met with Darth Nihilus, an old ally from the Dark Sith Order. He then bowed before Darth Automos (Korran Halcyon), who attempted to frighten him. He then contacted Aidan Crow through the force. He would get his answers for the Consortium from him. Kyle Solo then engaged with Jedi trying to make sure they couldn’t get to Korran, the leader of the Sith. Kyle engaged in combat with a Sith named Alex. They successfully pushed the Jedi back, taking control of the Eclipse Cannon once more.

Knighting Ceremony

Kyle and Malicion are Knighted as Sith within the Consortium at the same time by Darth Zeta. The two must face off against each other to showcase their strength. After the two nearly kill each other in combat, Darth Xioth orders Kyle to come with him outside. There, Darth Xioth gives Kyle a brand new Delta-7 Starfighter. Darth Xioth then tells Kyle that he is leaving the galaxy to search for power.

The Siege of Coruscant

Siege of Coruscant

Seige of Coruscant

The Sith Apprentice search Coruscant for his mother, finding her in a prisoner camp. After trying to free her, Kyle is captured and taken hostage. There he is held for many days. For weeks he is held by the Empire and realizes that the other Sith care not for him at all. Afterwards, Kyle escapes the camp, finding his mother dead. He then led the survivors to safety.

Returning to the Dark Sith Order

Kyle returns to Mustafar to find the Consortium in ruins. Kyle searches the temple and relives the final battle in his mind. There was inner conflict with Sith fighting other Sith. Kyle looks down and sees Darth Zeta laying on the ground, dead. Kyle screams in rage and then leaves to Korriban to join the Dark Sith Order. Upon arriving he becomes a Sith Knight there.

Darth Malicion

Kyle Solo has been sent to Rhen Var to find the traitor Darth Malicion who had left the Dark Sith Order. Kyle finds him and the two battle. Kyle Solo defeats him, knocking him off a cliff into an icy grave. Kyle then returns to Korriban.

The Lightsaber

Kyle returns to Tatooine to track down his father’s killer. He finds him in the caverns where they duel. Kyle defeats Hagan, killing him. He then takes Hagan’s Lightsaber and his father’s Lightsaber, leaving Hagan’s body in the caverns.

Injured and Used

Zack in tube

Zack In Cloning Tube

After an accident on Kamino, Kyle was taken by the Kaminoans to start the SOLO PROJECT. They would attempt to clone the Sith Knight in hopes of creating a test for a future army of Jedi. Two clones were born from the experiment.. Zack Knight who would join the Jedi Brotherhood, and Gene Solo who would join the newly formed Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Death Star Betrayal

Kyle managed to keep his anger with the Dark Sith Order secret until he was with Darth Maleficus on the Death Star. Maleficus was about to kill a young Jedi Padawan named Cerian Sanika. She cowered at Maleficus as he prepared to strike. Kyle then made his choice to no longer let innocent people be harmed and stopped Maleficus, engaging him in Lightsaber combat and betraying the Dark Sith Order. The two battled and Kyle was stabbed through the gut, but he managed to remove Maleficus' arm. Zack Knight, fighting in the space battle outside, sensed Kyle's pain and somehow was drawn to him. Zack got Kyle out of the Death Star moments before it's destruction and took him to Naboo. There, Kyle joined the Jedi Order and was trained by Jedi Knight Delt Ero.

Around the Survivors a Parimeter Create

Kyle Solo had gone to Geonosis prior to the conflict to meditate and build his new Lightsaber. Kyle then sense Cerian Sanika and began heading towards her to help her out. Kyle slashed out towards Bane Nathos to try and help Cerian. However, Darth Terace intercepted his Lightsaber and the two began fighting. Jedi Master Sia Dallia then showed up, saving Kyle’s life. C’orringath Ventress also showed up, providing assistance. Terace then fled the battle, outnumbered. Kyle then left the two in search of Cerian. Unable to find her, Kyle assisted in the battle, eventually escaping with the rest of the Jedi from Geonosis.

Boonta Eve Classsic

During the Boonta Eve Classic, the Jedi receive word that a bomb has been hidden in the crowds. Kyle and Rach try their hardest to find the bomb and the maniac behind it. The quickly learn that Bane Nathos is the one responsible. Kyle orders the people to evacuate to the nearest space port as time nearly runs out. When the time is up there is only confetti at the Boonta Eve classic, whereas the entire space port explodes, killing everyone. Kyle feels at fault for this and tries to kill Bane Nathos, but is defeated.

I Can Find New Ways to Motivate Them

Kyle Solo hid in the mines on Mygeeto, waiting for the Sith to arrive. The Jedi had set up an ambush. However, the Sith had been prepared and caught the Jedi off guard. He eventually fought with Kyte Hinata while Kate Visjic watched. The mine shaft collapsed, seperating the two. Kyle managed to get out of the mines where he found an Imperial and called in for a medical evac. He did not know that Tekk Krio was the enemy, and saved his life.

Harvest Festival

Kyle Solo was walking the gardens during the Harvest Festival. He then returns to the Jedi Temple and begins Lightsaber training in the training room. Kyle then went to the Youngling to keep them safe as the Sith invaded and began their attack against the planet of Naboo. He met with Jedi Padawan LinWan Kune. After they got the younglings to the emergency chambers below the temple, Kyle sealed them in with LinWan and then went above ground to battle the Sith. Kyle then engaged with an attack force of Storm Troopers when he met up with Wickim Totim, a Jedi Master. They two helped push back the Sith forces, removing them from Naboo.

That Business on Cato-Nemoidia Doesn't, Doesn't Count

Kyle engaged in Imperial ships while piloting his Eta-2. After taking out Imperial Starfighters, Kyle touched down on the planet to aid in the ground attack. He began assisting the Republic’s Clones in a battle against the Sith. Solo then engaged in a battle with Sith Knight Darth Terace. The two ended in a draw with the droid facilities being destroyed by the Jedi.

Boonta Grave Yard

Upon arriving on Tatooine he ran into Bounty Hunter Jaei. He then met with an old friend, Rach Sullen. He had gone to the Boonta-Eve stands, the same place that Bane had killed thousands of innocent people. Kyle swore to Rach that he would kill Bane Nathos.

The Solo Project"

After speaking with Rach, Kyle went to Kamino to learn more about the SOLO PROJECT. Kyle learnt that a mysterious Jedi had told the Kaminoans to keep the injured Kyle and use him to create an army of Jedi that could crush the Sith forever. He also learnt of his second Clone, Gene Solo.After gaining the information about the Solo project, Kyle went to Bespin to tell his brother the news about Gene. Upon arriving at Bespin, Kyle learnt that someone had taken Zack Knight to Geonosis as a hostage. Kyle immediately went to Geonosis to find his brother. Gene Solo appeared and fought with Kyle, attempting to kill his original. Kyle felt that Gene had no connection to the force, something that both Zack and Kyle had. While dueling with Gene, Kyle cut the clone in half, defeating him. Kyle then found Zack and took Zack to Naboo to get medical treatment.

Peace Within the Mind

"Everyone in my life who has died, died because of the Dark Side that you cherish. They died because of lies and betrayal. My father was killed by his Padawan who had fallen to the dark side. My mother was killed because of the Sith raiding the food supplies for the refugee camps. Galados... died because of the dark side. I care not for destiny, nor power. The force guides me now. If it is my time to die, then it is my time. But it is time to end it. Time for me to find peace within my mind." - Kyle Solo leaving the Dark Side behind.

There Kyle met an ally, Taer-Lyn Pall. Together they went to Coruscant. Kyle gave Taer-Lyn his father’s lightsaber. After visiting his mother’s grave, Kyle and Taer-Lyn headed underground to visit an Underground Gang. He had learnt that Darrius, the gang leader who had used Kyle as a slave during his childhood, was dead, killed by a Sith. After a short meditation, Kyle learnt that the murderer was his old Sith Master, Darth Xioth.The two Jedi Padawans went to Mustafar to visit the old ruined Sith Consortium temple. They ran into a Sith Apprentice, Set Til Shiv, a man Kyle fought in the past. From the darkness, Darth Xioth arrived, forcing Set Til Shiv to leave them. Kyle learnt that Xioth had returned to the galaxy for Kyle Solo. Darth Xioth challenged Solo, and Kyle refused to join by his side once again. Then, Xioth died, his mask clattering to the ground. Xioth was simply a spirit of his former self, clinging onto his life through Kyle Solo. But now that Kyle refused Xioth’s spirit, Xioth became one with the force… yet remained inside Kyle forever. It was then that Kyle realized that he could have become the very Sith his master once was…. After Xioth’s fall, Taer returned Kyle’s Lightsaber to him. Kyle and Taer then returned to Naboo.

I Think You Overestimate Their Chances

Months later Kyle is defending the entrance of the Temple from Imperial forces. Amarant Reinold showed up with his squad of Storm Troopers to breach the Temple. Zack Knight arrived to see Kyle Solo get shot and injured by the Imperial, Amarant. Zack, feeling the dark side course through his body rushed to kill the Imperial, only to be stopped by Jedi Master C’orringath. C’orringath gave himself over to the Imperials in exchange for Kyle’s life. Amarant left with C’orringath while Zack took Kyle into the medical wing of the Temple.

A Jedi Knight

Eventually, Kyle was made a Jedi Knight. He eventually realized that Zack Knight was his brother/clone and the two became close. Kyle then began putting himself before all others, fighting great Sith such as Malice Draclau on Kashyyyk, Korran Halycon on Tatooine, and Count Malevolin on Hoth. Kyle founded Solo Industries which started the Tournament of the Saber, which was a huge hit and brought in credits. The credits were used to fund Solo Industries and the Invisible Hand, a group dedicated to the eradication of threats against the Republic. Kyle eventually fell in love with the Separatist Mayda Ferium. The two secretly saw each other until they became detached. The Jedi Knight learnt that Mayda had fallen in love with an old friend, Kane Smart. Angered, Kyle launched a one-man assault on the Separatist fortress on Geonosis. He battled all the way to Mayda and Count Malevolin. Here he learnt that the Count was in fact his old rival from DSO, Darth Malicion. The two engaged in Lightsaber combat and Solo managed to cut off the Count's arm. Malevolin entered into a coma and Kyle was put up for execution. Thanks to Kane Smart however, Kyle was shipped off of Geonosis and back to Naboo.

Midnight Rapture

Midnight Rapture

Midnight Rapture

During this time, Kyle had met and fell in love with a fellow Jedi Knight, Midnight Rapture. The two instantly hit it off after several missions together and each knew that they would be together forever. Midnight ended up participating with Kyle as a member in the Invisible Hand.

Endor's Shadow

Upon arrival, Kyle got lost in the large forest that covered Endor. After meeting up with Cooryn, he followed the fellow Knight through Endor towards the Sith. He then met with Rach Sullen, a friend of his. Kyle then engaged with Storm Troopers. He then met with the Jedi Padawan Colt Sutran. Then, Gene Solo arrived and began fighting Colt, Rach, and Kyle. Gene knocked Kyle out quickly and then began fighting Rach and Colt. Rach then engaged in combat with Maleficus while Colt continued to fight Gene. After losing his Lightsaber, Colt called on Kyle’s to fight Gene. Colt was pinned to a tree by Gene. Gene’s attention then focused on the new arrival of Cooryn. The two began fighting a deadly battle. After injuring Cooryn, Gene fled Endor. Kyle woke up and retrieved one of his Lightsabers. Kyle was then stopped by an Imperial named Sabu Vistus. After taking Sabu hostage, Lucy Durron arrived. Kyle then got Sabu to lead him to an Imperial Bunker. Sabu betrayed them, and after Lucy and Kyle fought through Storm Troopers, Kyle caught him again. Lucy then left Kyle to deal with Sabu. Kyle through Sabu into the forest and then left Endor.

Battle of the Fallen

Kyle started off by leading the Jedi Council Star Fighter Squadrons against the Knightfall Alliance. It was his job to keep the Yuuzhan Vong in the skies long enough for the Jedi Brotherhood to arrive. Tantor Aden then called Kyle Solo down to Naboo to get some rest and aid in the ground battle. However, his Eta-2 was shot down. He crash landed in the Forest just outside of Naboo. He was then contacted by Caleb Torran, a jedi padawan who gave him a lift to the Western Wall of Theed, where the battle was growing intense. Kyle and Caleb joined as a team to combat the Sith. Caleb then left Kyle to assist the outnumbered Jedi. He had to deal with the leader of the Dark Sith Order, Korran Halycon. Kyle realized he still had the mark of the Dark Sith Order on his left shoulder. Suddenly, a Victory-class I Star Destroyer fell out of the sky and crashed into Theed. The shockwave disarmed Korran who immediately used Force Lightning on Solo, knocking him to the ground. Kyle managed to raise his Lightsaber to intercept the powerful Force Lightning. The Lightning then changed to Force Fire forcing Kyle to create a Force Shield. This was draining Kyle’s energy. In order to defeat Korran, Kyle tapped into the Dark Side of the Force. Weakened, Kyle was quickly defeated by Korran and put into a terrible dream of death. Jedi Master Clegg Holdfast found Kyle. Using Clegg as a beacon of Light, Kyle pulled himself from the dream that Korran had put him in. Kyle then headed for the Southern Wall of Theed. There he met with Cerian Sanika, an old friend of his. Kyle and Cerian engaged in battle with Imperial Troops. Eventually the Knightfall Alliance pulled away from Naboo.

Then Now Is The Time Commander

Kyle participated in the defense of Kashyyyk, taking one of the machine-gun turrets at the Beachhead, firing at Imperial troops. When the gun became overheated, Kyle withdrew his Lightsaber and charged in to engage the Imperials and Sith head on. Whilst on the beach, Kyle engaged in combat with Sith Master Lady Velori. Velori ended up defeating Kyle, yet Bane failed in his attempt to destroy the Wookies.

The Moonlight Ball

Kyle Solo sends a note to his fiancé, Midnight Rapture to meet at the festivals during the Moonlight Ball. The two played a game of cat and mouse and eventually found themselves together again.

Fall of the Invisible Hand

Trying to negotiate a peace offering between themselves and the Separatists in order to take down the ever growing Empire, Kyle organiced a meeting on Dagobah with Mayda Ferium. He once loved this woman, but now all he wanted was to take the empire down once and for all. Kyle met with her under the guise of Black, the leader of the Invisible Hand. However, negotations failed when a fellow Invisible Hand member attempted to take control of the group from him. Mikel Goff had fallen to the Dark Side on their quest to destroy the darkness and then tried to kill Kyle. Kyle managed to defeat Mikel, but decided the group was on the bridge of becoming one with the darkside themselves. Thus he disbanded the group and ended his crusade. Members included himself, Mikel Goff, Midnight Rapture, Mak Manto, and several other neutral members.

You're a Jittery Little Thing Aren't You?

After partying on Endor, the Ewoks have become ferocious and attacking everything. Kyle, still drunk from the party, engages with the Ewoks. He quickly meets Nyx Arethusa. Kyle then accidentally decapitated an Ewok… and they began attacking the two. Eventually they were taken captive by the Ewoks and carried away. The Ewoks began to build a fire to cook the two. After waking up, Kyle freed himself and Nyx before fleeing.

Short Negotiations

A space battle erupted around Manaan, and Kyle’s cruiser was heavily damaged, forcing him to evacuate via escape pods. He crash landed in Ahto City. The Empire had set up a blockade around the planet to control the Kolto supply. After crash landing, the Government arrived to clean up the mess, attacking civilians and the Jedi survivor. Kyle thought he was alone, fighting a horde of enemies. Before he could fully accept his defeat, two Low Altitude Assault Transports/ infantry version dropped out of the sky and landed on either side of him. Clone Troopers began pouring out of the transports, firing into the crowd of Soldiers. He had been briefed about the Republican assault to aid the Rebellion and their leader, Commander Kallis, who seemed to go to take out that sharpshooter. Kyle then took command of the Clones when Kallis had to leave, leading them in an attack against the Government troops. He heard Spark Vallen’s voice over the comm. link, but was unable to answer her at that time. After dispatching the troops, Kallis returned and met with him. Kyle and Kallis then climbed aboard an LAAT and began heading towards the Embassy on Manaan. At the Embassy briefing room they met with Ronin Wendigo, another Jedi Knight. After discussing a course of action, Spark Vallen and Kahne Porte arrived. Kyle decided to send Spark and others to locate a craft for them to escape on. Ronin and Kahne would lead the frontal assault while Kyle and Kallis would infiltrate and take the Government Leaders captive. Upon entering the Government Building, Kyle was attacked by an old friend, Mikel Shanshu. However, they group was forced to evacuate Manaan, leaving the planet to its fate. Later the Civil War would be purged by the help of the entire Jedi Military force.

Apocalypse of Blood

Hating Bane for everything he had done to him in the past, Kyle learnt that the Sith had also killed a large group of slaves for no reason on Coruscant. Hatred and anger consumed the Jedi as he scanned transmissions for any news on Bane Nathos. He stumbled upon a transmission from Korriban that said he would be going to the mining system of Kessel. Kyle set out immediately to kill the one who had caused him so much pain. Kyle found not only Bane Nathos, but Korran Halcyon as well and engaged them both in combat. It was a three-way battle, each person attempting to kill the other two. After a deadly battle, Bane eventually brought the entire ceiling down on them… However, Kyle managed to escape the tunnels as rocks collapsed all around him until he made it to his ship and left Kessel. Bane had been killed.

The Love of his Life

Midnight and Kyle grew closer and closer until they would do almost everything together... but then he arrived. A Sith Knight known as Darth Cyrus tempted Kyle to the Dark Side, convincing the Jedi that they would destroy the Sith together. He grew further away from the love of his life.

Betrayal and Resurrection

Kyle and Cyrus' alliance ended quickly however. The Sith Knight had simply been using Solo to create a massive Droid Army. The two dueled on Mustafar, resulting in Midnight being injured. Cyrus then fled, destroying his the droid factory in the process and headed for the Unknown Regions of Space. Kyle left Midnight to pursue the Sith. The two found each other and began an intense lightsaber duel. Kyle managed to defeat Darth Cyrus, casting him down into a large crevice in the earth. He fell to is knees, convinced that his life was pointless. He couldn't bear hurt Midnight any more. Without thinking, he slammed his Lightsaber into his stomach, commiting suicide.

It was a failure. The Kaminoans had been doing planet surveying in the Unknown Regions of Space when they happened upon the body of Kyle Solo. He had gone into a comma. His mind was lost, but his body was still in tact. They immediatly took him and put Kyle into a bacta tank for healing.

Kyle found himself in a strange world between the Galaxy and the Living Force. The woman he met told him that if he returned than he would have to destroy all gates to this world, for this world held immense and unbelievable power. Kyle's mind returned to his body and he destroyed the white orb that connected the Galaxy to the White World.

With his life back, the Jedi Knight returned to Naboo to once again become a great Jedi Knight.

Solo Industries Reformation

Upon his return Kyle immediatly regained control of his company. This company was responsible for running the Tournament of the Saber and the construction of the massive floating stadium on Bespin. It also once secretly founded the Invisible Hand until the group disbanded. It was also responsible for rebuilding the factories on Mustafar to create his droid army before Darth Cyrus betrayed him. Kyle made a deal with the Kaminoan President, allowing him to use clones as staff for his company and for his military power. He then met with several starship construction companies and bought them out. However, Kyle's fleets and business deals would only be used to benefit planets that refused the help of Jedi and wished to have their own military might as a defense. The Jedi Knight's first task was the reconstruction of Taris after it had been destroyed in a takeover. He set up Solo Industries HQ there as well, using the clone soldiers to both build the city and to protect the innocents from the underground gangs. In order to keep his clones on his side without getting in trouble with politics, Kyle issued that every Clone be paid for their services. They were also built a massive home just north of the Tournament of the Saber stadium on Bespin.

Three-Strikes Manaan

While defending the planet of Manaan, Kyle Solo engages in combat with Jaska the Hutt. Kyle then threw a piece of rubble at Jaska, knocking him unconscious. After he spotted the Sith Mutant from his past and decided to take him out once and for all. The Sith Lord Malice Draclau summons a powerful Force storm that causes Ahto City to begin to sink. Kyle and Set battle as the water levels rise. After knocking Set Til Shiv into the water, Kyle got a high point to get evacuated off the sinking city. He was picked up by Godalming and Kel Rugar.

Manaan Aftermath

After Malice had sunk the city and destroyed many of their Kolto reserves, Kyle Solo arrived to offer the Selkath a deal. The Manaan didn't want to be under the control of any of the factions, refusing aid from the Sith Korran Halcyon and from the Empire. They even refused many of the Jedi's offerings, declaring that they would remain neutral. Instead Kyle convinced them that Solo Industries would rebuild their city and provide them with a fleet to defend their water planet in return for a contract that allowed Solo Industries to have some of their Kolto and for Solo Industries to have an embassy within the city. And so began the construction of New Ahto City.

Heart Broken

After setting up Solo Industries, Kyle had managed to find his love, Midnight Rapture. After a long mission together Kyle proposed to her and she had said yes. However, she had one more thing to do and told him to meet with her on Dagobah a week later. Kyle had waited several weeks on the swamp planet and she had never returned, breaking the Jedi's heart.

A Sister?

On a mission for the Jedi Council, Kyle had been tasked to work alongside a fellow Jedi Knight named Tahira Solo. She was rather new to the order and had just become a Knight. After completing the mission they realized that they were in fact related. Tahira had turned out to be Kyle's sister.

Order 161

Kyle had taken a few clones on a mission to locate a Solo Industries' negotiator on Hoth. Solo Industries had been trying to negotiate with one of the gang leaders from Taris, hoping to convince them to stop attacking their workers. The constant attacks continued to slow Taris' reconstruction. However, the negotiator had been killed and Kyle decided to investigate the caves to the west. However, his clones turned on him after the Chairman of Solo Industries issued Order 161. Kyle was badly injured and forced into hiding.

With no company or secret military force of his own, Solo returns to the Jedi Council on Naboo. It is there that he feels a connection with a young girl named Brumhilda DeWinter... the daughter of his original Sith Mistress, Lady Shery DeWinter. Kyle takes Brumhilda as his Padawan learner, unaware of the family ties to the days of the Dark Sith Order.
The two connect and become extremely close during their time together. Kyle Solo begins to see Brumhilda as a daughter he had never had, while the feelings were much stronger on her end. However, Kyle warned Brumhilda that nothing would come of such feelings but pain and betrayal, as was his destiny.
Lady DeWinter had learnt of her daughter's survival.. and the irony that she was being trained to become a Jedi. Lady DeWinter sends the Sith Knight Xander Starkiller to capture her and bring her in. This leads to Xander Starkiller going toe to toe with the Jedi Knight Kyle Solo as he defends Brumhilda. With his mind off the battle and focused on Brumhilda, Kyle makes the last mistake of his life and is crushed by one of the Senate Chairs. Dying, he watches as Xander takes Brumhilda away.

Darth Renatus
Reborn. Lady Shery DeWinter had taken Kyle's near lifeless body from Coruscant to Korriban. Using an Imperial Cybernetics Scientist and powerful Sith witch craft, Kyle's wounds are healed, however, his mind is left in only darkness. Hiding beneath a mask of hatred, he stood Kyle Solo no longer, but the Sith Knight of Lady Shery... Darth Renatus
Darth Renatus served Shery and promised to do so until the end. Death and destruction lay in his wake as he followed his orders across the stars... until a mission took him to his former Padawan and Master's daughter; Brumhilda. The rise of memories caused the Sith Lord to realize Shery had been manipulating him... but only in some capacity. While he did follow her every word and obeyed every command that she had given, Renatus' hatred, anger, and power from the Dark Side was all his own doing. Even with his resurfaced memories, Darth Renatus knew who he was. He knew that Kyle Solo died on Coruscant and that Darth Renatus was reborn in his wake.
Knowing he would not be powerful enough to defeat Master Shery DeWinter, Darth Renatus entered a Force Stasis onboard his personal flagship; The Quezacotlus. He began floating through space in a stasis sleep, waiting for the day the Force would awaken him again.

Saber StylesEdit

Kyle has had a few different forms of combat. When he first started as a Sith Apprentice, Kyle used the basic force Form I, Shii Cho. He developed it further with Djem So to fuel his rage and combat. Once Knighted, Kyle took on a Double-Bladed Lightsaber that he learnt to Master as a Sith. Upon joining the Jedi he returned to his Djem So combat style and incorporated a second Lightsaber into his technique. Since then he has mastered Djem So, Soresu, Second Niman, and Shii-Cho. He's also been exploring recently the techniques used in Makashi.

  • Red Training Saber given to him by Darth Xioth
  • Red Lightsaber that Kyle created on Mustafar with a black colored hilt.
  • Red Double-Sided Lightsaber that Kyle created on Mustafar shortly after being Knighted. He currently has this weapon on Naboo in a sealed case.
  • Blue Training Saber given to him by Delt Ero
  • Blue Lightsaber that Kyle created on Dantooine shortly after being Knighted. It was black like his original Red Lightsaber. This weapon is currently in possession of his Padawan, Brumhilda deWinter.
  • Green Lightsaber that belonged to Kyle's father. Currently sitting on his deks in his quarters on Naboo.
  • Green Lihtsaber that belonged to Kyle's brother/clone. Sealed away in a case on his secret home.
  • Red Sith Lightsword. A thin, shorter Red blade with two smaller blades acting as a hilt guard. This was the weapon of his Sith self; Darth Renatus.

Force PowersEdit

The Force comes with unique abilites, and these are the ones that Kyle uses or has used during his life.

  • Force Push
  • Force Pull
  • Force Jump
  • Force Shield
  • Jedi Mind Trick
  • Force Choke
  • Force Cloak
  • Force Energy Ball

Kyle Solo
Jedi Knight
The Jedi Council
Darth Solo, Kyle R Solo
6' 4"
193 LBS.
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Home Planet
Midnight Rapture
Alicia Solo
Tiren Solo
Zack Knight, Gene Solo, Tahira Solo
Shery deWinter, Tastho Yarniph, Darth Xioth, Delt Ero
Brumhilda deWinter

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