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Kyp Zeth Durron
Also known as
Kyp, General/Master Durron
Anoat, Deyer colony
Naboo, Corellia, others
Kassandra Distorith, now Sith Master,
A'homi Darkfly - now Sith Knight,
Kenth Hamner - now Jedi Knight,
Plogvieze - now Jedi Knight,
Jacen Lightspark - now Jedi Knight,
Lucy Durron - now "Yuuzhan Vong" Sith Knight,
Sophia Antoinette - now Jedi Knight,
Chase Tanelorn - now Jedi Knight
Twin amethyst blades; see below
Body type
Eye color
Dark Green
Hair color
Skin color
Family members
Significant other
William Durron (deceased)
Kate Durron (deceased)
Lucy Durron (deceased)
Zeth Durron (deceased)
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family

Jedi Master Kyp Zeth Durron is a Rebel pilot and former Jedi Investigator, General, Bounty Hunter, Mandalore and racer. Before his death, at the hands of his former Jedi Masters, he was known as a hot-headed and immature Jedi Master but since his return (in a clone body, courtesy of the Shadow Academy), he has been known as a relatively wise, patient, peace-seeking and old-school Jedi Master.


Today His body is youthful and his face relatively handsome, brown short hairline not receding. Despite a history of violence, his body seems intact - and indeed this body is. His dark green eyes show a depth to them that confirms a wisdom beyond his years.

Before DeathEdit

His face was very handsome, aided by both the Force and his years of owning the largest bacta company in the galaxy, and his hair hung below his shoulders. In sunlight, his hair appeared to be almost blond, though it usually appeared to be a shade of brown. His face and body seemed to be scarred more than it should for a 24 year old, caused by many fights against Sith Lords and Bounty Hunters. His green dark eyes showed a greater knowledge of evil than most, haunted by the sights of a lifetime yet brimming with eagerness to confront the horrors of the galaxy.

His right hand was severed in a Tournament of the Saber fight with Hawk Hinata and his left hand had been severed in a fight with Nom Anor, more recently scorched in an all-to-close incident with Chaplain Meliadus flamethrower. His left leg from the knee down was sliced off byBrayden Xykarn’s lightsaber, as he was controlled by a Sith Lord, and the rest of his body was covered in light scarring and scorch marks, though Kyp had healed to as great an extent as possible. The small section of his skull that was damaged had been replaced by memory-microprocessors and Mandalorian Iron. The injuries didn't affect him too much, though it did affect his capability within battle.


Once famed for wearing a fully-leather military outfit (similarly to Episode III Anakin), he switched to wearing full Jedi Robes before his death and continues to wear the standard outfit.


Since his death, his personality has changed greatly. Before he was cocky, lively and passionate - often beneficial in his daily life but usually problematic - and is now much more wise, serene, calm and knowledgeable. Certain that maintaining a thread to humanity is essential to being a good Jedi Master, Kyp's droid Threedee has been tasked with ensuring he maintains his ability to laugh and feel emotion.


Raised on an unnoticed world, Kyp was forced to mature quickly to survive after the loss of his parents and the attack of the Empire. Taught the basics of how to use the Force by a dying Jedi Master, he turned to crime to get by on the moon of Nar Shaddaa, eventually becoming a Bounty Hunter. As his abilities progressed and he found his wealthy lifestyle still lacking in purpose, he enrolled in the Jedi Academy and was trained to be a Jedi Knight, taking on responsibilities within the Rebel Alliance at the same time. Becoming an important member of the Jedi Council, and a Jedi Master, he became a key target for enemies of the Jedi and after witnessing the death of his brother at the hands of the Empire and being cloned as a weapon for the Shadow Academy, was killed on Dathomir by former Jedi Masters Bane Nathos and Retsam Adoy.

His spirit entered the lifeless shell of a clone body, and he returned to the galaxy with a new perspective - a much greater understanding of both death and the Force. Appalled by the Jedi Council's seemingly warmongering ways, he quickly turned his back on the Council and sought isolation and a new way of acting out the will of the Force. A rogue Jedi Master, he rejoined the Rebellion to try and push for a form of galactic peace.

See History of Kypzethdurron for more information.



Kyp has two lightsabers; a magenta lightsaber and an amethyst lightsaber. Both shades of pseudo-purple have special significance to him. The original entries for the pair are stricken-through below, for interest only.

Kyp's magenta lightsaberEdit

Kyp’s traditional lightsaber is similar to the other lightsabers in the galaxy. No longer does he attempt for the most powerful and unorthodox weaponry – instead, he models his using traditional methods, reliability and safety. Over the years, he has noticed that a powerful lightsaber rarely wins a battle, even if it gives the advantage. As a result, he has based different aspects on other past lightsabers as a mark of respect – but also taken aspects from other people, non-Jedi, who have been good friends throughout his life. Even his enemies have places, to show that he has forgiven their past history.

Within his lightsaber, as with others, there are main components. Some of these are modelled on other lightsabers; ranging from the superconductor that he stole from the Shadow Academy (remembering Xizor and Commodiorus) to the deuterium batteries that Kalmirr Knightshield once used in his body-armour.

The entire lightsaber is coated in Mandalorian Iron, but outside of this there is a white gold blade-shroud, remembering Zoë Marzullo and Master Bane Nathos respectively; chromium coating, remembering Nee’s lightsabers and solar platings, representing the fiery powers of Kassandra Distorith and A’homi Darkfly. The style of grips is a representation of Master Arcane’s lightsabers; the belt-clip now a magnet to remember Meliadus’ mango-boots; the dual grip remembering Master Retsam Adoy and the (key-shaped) adjustment-dials a reminder of Jacen Lightspark.

Within the lightsaber, as within the lightsabers of many Jedi Masters, there are three Adegan crystals. Whilst these crystals are not phenomenally powerful, they are representative. Keeping the exceptionally powerful magenta crystal from his previous lightsaber (which was the only crystal not to shatter from an overload), he added a yellow crystal to remind him of Lucy Durron, his fiancé, and a green crystal as a reminder of Master Rogue Steiner from the Rebel Alliance.

Kyp's amethyst lightsaberEdit

Reconstructed using the crystal he found as a Padawan on Ilum, Kyp's new amethyst saber is more comfortable in the hand of the slightly less aggressive Jedi Knight. The combination colours of these three crystals are as follows: yellow, magenta, green, red, lime green, turquoise, orange/gold. Gold was the strongest colour as it was the colour resulting from all three crystals, but Kyp still usually chose the plain magenta blade as it reminded him of the past and was constructed in the traditional way.


SD-3D, "Threedee", was Kyp's loyal companion from his days as a Bounty Hunter until his death. Though Threedee was aboard the ship that Bethany and Lucy escaped from Dathomir in, he hasn't been seen since Kyp's return was publicised. Whatever has happened to him remains a mystery.


A YT-1138 vessel Lightspark, named after his former apprentice, and his personal X-Wing.

Other PossessionsEdit

Spare lightsabers, spare lightsaber parts, spare weapons, 22 apartments (galaxy-wide), 20 billion credits. How much of this Lucy Durron spent in his absence and how much of it has been given away since his return is unclear, though his assets were further reduced by charitable donations and/or spent on recovering lost artwork. He still has items of special significance and approximately 2 billion credits of assets, however.

Jedi MastersEdit

Jedi PadawansEdit



  1. Awards and Medals: Red Cross for Skill and Finesse - for destroying a Super Star Destroyer with an X-wing.
  2. Blue Cross for Bravery and Honour - for turning back into battle to save a troubled comrade.
  3. Green Cross for Exceptional Simulated Battling - for setting record-breaking simulation scores.
  4. White Cross for Exceptional Training Ability - for defeating his comrades in training sessions.
  5. Bronze Cross for Allegiance - for fighting in First Flight of Rogue Squadron.

Adumari AllianceEdit

Crimson Medal of Naval Ability - for winning the Battle of Kuat.

The Mandalorian BrotherhoodEdit

  1. Steiner Award for Service to the System - for risking his life to save Mandalore from the Sun Crusher.
  2. Retsam Award for Dedication Beyond Necessity - for risking his life to save Mandalore from the Sun Crusher.

Behind the ScenesEdit

His death was never intended to be ambiguous or permanent; those RPing knew that he was going to return - in one of the hundred (or so) clone bodies that were already well known around the board - after only a short break.

Kyp, though never straying from being a Jedi and Rebel aside from the brief and early Bounty Hunter phase, has still managed to be a member of over twenty factions, including (but probably not limited to), The Dantooine Lance, The Jedi Academy, The Rebel Alliance, ShieldMark Alliance, Bounty Hunter League, Adumari Alliance, Knightshield Alliance, New Galactic Republic, Sanctuary of Zhar, The Jedi Council, Second New Galactic Republic, The Rebel Alliance (new one), The Jedi Brotherhood, The Rebellion, Third New Galactic Republic, The Jedi Council (again but on TGC now), New Jedi Brotherhood, Rogue Jedi Order, New Jedi Council, New Jedi Order, The Jedi Council (separate faction again) and [[The Rebellion]|The (newest) Rebellion]... or TDL, TJA, TRA, SMA, BHL, AA, KA, NGR, SoZ, TJC, NGR, TRA, TJB, TR, NGR, TJC, NJB, RJO, NJC, NJO, TJC, TR (etc)...

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