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Lady Razielle
Razielle Van-Derveld
Also known as
Darth Adrasteia
Prophet of Doom
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About Edit

"You are the night, and the night alone understands you."

Appearance Edit

Razielle's gentile upbringing shows in her stature and the way she carries herself. She moves with grace and calculated elegance, particularly when using her hands which are small and pale. Her long dark hair is usually unbound and flowing in sensual disarray down her back.

Known Relations Edit

History Edit

Born to a noblewoman of the Hapan Consortium, Razielle was gently reared among other children of nobility. To her mother's chagrin and embarrassment, the other children often refused to be in the same room as Razielle, let alone play with her. It seemed that she scared them, through no fault of her own. She often spoke to what her mother deemed "imaginary friends". Her nights were constantly disrupted by nightmares and screaming fits of terror. The constant disruption and medical assurance from physicians that there was nothing physically wrong with her began to wear on her mother, Ilona Shadana. The fickle noblewoman of the courts was at her wits end and considering smothering her daughter with a pillow in her sleep when fate intervened.

A visiting member of the Court spoke privately with Razielle's mother, assuring her that he had seen such cases before and that Razielle would never recover from it, but that he might be able to help her, providing the girls care would be compensated. As Razielle's father had never taken and interest in her, and her mother was eager to return to her life of leisure, Razielle left the planet with Lord Acheron and never returned.

He explained to her that she was not crazy, as her mother believed. Her "playmates" and the things that woke her into fits at night were spirits that only she was seeing. He began to train her then, teaching her things that she would never have learned had she stayed with her mother. In time, she was enlightened as to Acheron's true nature, as a rogue Sith. He began her own training as a Sith in earnest, moving constantly from planet to planet, honing her skills with combat and survival. They arrived on the moon of Pydyr. They lived there for years as her training became less physical and more mental. It grew more and more aggressive, she suffered greatly at his hands as his demands for her knowledge became more insistent. He often forced her into sensory deprivation, to "enhance her sight' as he said.. It was as she was being released from one of the torturous sessions that she spoke the fatal words to him..

"Acheron's time has come.. dead by the setting of the third sun.. and who shall remember? Only one.."

The old man tore her weak and starved body from the deprivation chamber, beating her senseless. He screamed at her that she was his property and his apprentice and that she would not be the death of him, as she had seen the death of countless others across the galaxy. She was abandoned on nearby planet of Almania. Left with nothing except the clothing on her back and her lightsaber.

She was cast from village to village, chased out when she was seeking only food and shelter to revive her battered body. Her hatred of the local peasantry grew and she opted to fend for herself, in the Wild. On the third day, she felt the passing of the only person she had known since she had been a small child. Acheron had not been able to flee his fate, none were. Knowing that if she were ever to continue her training she would require the guidance of another Master.

In time, the very people who had left her for dead came to seek out her counsel as a seer, but blinded by her hatred she could only offer to them visions of death and sorrow earning her the title, Vates Et Fatum, The Prophet of Doom. She made them pay for their treatment of her. Granting them her knowledge, mournful as it was for their favors. She had been built a small, crude but efficient hut. She had been given stores of food and water and clothing in exchange for her dire predictions regarding the fates of their lost loves, which she delivered with perverse pleasure.

There she remained, for ten long years, until the day that she had the vision, foretelling the invasion of the Killik swarm.

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