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Leylah Draclau Avatar: Jamie Alexander

The daughter of Sith Malice Draclau and Jedi Adrianna Fiore Mavin. Malice raped Adrianna during a prison raid and she became pregnant with Leylah.

Leylah was kidnapped from the home of her mother at a young age. Malice then hid his then youngest daughter away 17 years on Lao Mon. Raised in the lap of luxury on Lao Mon Leylah is accustomed to the finest things that credits can by. She is use to getting her own way, by any means, she has no hesitation to push someone out of the way with a knife stuck in their back. She is spoiled to a fault. She tries to mold and force those around her to do her bidding as she smiles and feigns an innocence that is covered in self preservation, and self indulgence.

She knows she has brothers and sisters across the galaxy but only knows a handful.. Many stay away from her because her father chose to have her raised as a Princess of Lao Mon.

She can fight only because she has been trained to, she can take punishment. She can also give it out.

At the age of 20 she left Lao Mon and went to Dromund Kaas to become a Sith Knight and follow in her fathers footsteps.  

She has no love of her mother, as she believes that since the day her father had her kidnapped that her mother never once looked for her. Abandoning her and showing her that she was unwanted, and unloved except by her father.

Her father she worships as he has given her everything.

As she grew up on Lao Mon she had one friend, one who listened to her as she grieved, ranted and raved. One who held her when she cried, and loved her during her worst moments. He loved her, and she loved him. She wanted him to meet her father, but then he disappeared.

On leave from her studies on Dromund Kaas, she is at home for the Festival of Sh'Shuun she sees him again. Elated to see him though angry that he too had abandoned her, she hesitantly accepts him back into her life. As they spoke of the endearing times together he tells her something that will set her father and the Draclau family up in arms.

His name is Grim Draclau, and he is her half brother.


Trained by Muad Dib

Trained by Malice to do Force Barrier

  • note this character is still developing as she goes through stories this description of her will change.


Introduction to the Sith Council

Promotion to Sith Knight

The Coliseum Version 2.0 - Leylah begins her Sith Training with Sith Knight Muad Dib.

Festival of ShShuun (Draclau Family and Relatives)

Corellian Connection

Blood is thicker than Water

Defiling what was once sacred

This could be a problem

The first of many, TSC Apprentice Mission

The Broken

A lead after all this time A reunion with her mother Adrianna Fiore Mavin does not go as Adrianna expects.

We aliens need to stick together The Draclau patriarch reaches out to the Hapan royal family.

Cat Fight Arabella and Leylah fight over Muad.

Face Off Leylah changes places with Dresdin

To learn from your Elders, a priveledge some do not take

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