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Lilith Decuir
Avatar: Mila Kunis
Lilith Larue Lilium Decuir
Also known as
Nightsister Knight
Coven Scribe
Witches of Dathomir
Alexia Preston
Minerva Decuir
Ryn Bacquin
Soul Saber
Five foot and Four inches
110 lbs.
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
Skin color
Family members
Decuir Family
Significant other
Cosmo Delacroix
Trivia Decuir
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family
Damara Decuir
Deimos Decuir
Jericho Decuir

Lilith DecuirEdit

"i'm not your knight in shining armor, so, i just leave you with this kiss

Basic Character InformationEdit

  • Nicknames: Lil, Lily, Lith
  • Affiliation: Witches of Dathomir
  • Disorder: Nymphomania
  • Species : Dathomirian*Celestial*Morganian
  • Birthplace / Current Location: Dathomir/Necropolis/Parada
  • Abilities: ability that is able to tame others in a sense, calm and charm those in her presence; ability to see, feel, and experience things in reverse; empathy; multilingual; vast knowledge in literature and the arts
  • Occupation/Position: Nightsister Knight
  • Connections: Julien Reinhardt;; Dauphin of Parada

Physical AppearanceEdit

Description: She is average height standing just around five foot and four inches. Lilith's weight as regular as most ladies' though it fluctuates up and down by five pounds. Lilith is a dainty woman with a willowy frame though her curves are not as voluptuous as many other females of her family and thus her body shape is rather a subtle hourglass form. She values the beauty in everything, mostly in physical forms. Eyes of deepest spun gold provide a more sinister gaze with long sweeping onyx lashes accompanied by sweeping arched brows; the eyes are prominent, noticeable, against her olive-toned skin which gives her more an exotic look. Peach lips accentuate the other finer features of Lilith's face, coming to a full pout with decorated perfect straight and white teeth. Thick chestnut hair crowns over her head, often falling to the ends in large curls. Considered by some as a fashonista, Lilith keeps to the trends of the Core Worlds and displays the appearance of some posh society figure rather than a member of The Coven.


  • Quirks: When Lilith goes on a tirade, she tends to continue on and on
  • Hobbies:
  • Likes: Candies; Chocolate Covered Strawberries; Money; Poetry; Puzzles; Sexual Encounters; Funnel Cake
  • Dislikes: Being given pet names unless by a significant other; Dust; Ugliness; Citrus Fruits
  • Strengths: Intelligent; Inquisitive; Intuitive; Sense of Humor; Charismatic; Extrovert; Perspicacious; Rebellious; Socialite; Loyal; Charming
  • Weaknesses: Ryn Bacquin; Own explosive emotions; Brutally Honest; Prideful; Hedonistic; Sexual Narcissism
  • Fears: Losing her sense of humor; Being stripped of power

Relational Empathy - allows the user to sense the relationships, or connections, between people.

Seduction - Manipulator uses charm, praise, flattery or overtly supporting others in order to get them to lower their defenses and give their trust and loyalty to him or her.

Personal ConnectionsEdit

Ryn Bacquin

heartache temporary, bullets only stop your blood acquaintance

Ryn Bacquin

pain will live on and on, in everyone, in everyone know you by name

and we could change, we could change it down know you by face

we could change the world, we could strike a chord friend of a friend

we are the lost ones, we are the lost ones friend of the family

come break me down, bury me, bury me i am finished tolerable

don't let nobody put you down who you're with shameless flirting

take the pain of protecting you name innocent flirting

from the crutch to the cane to the high wire chemistry

i'm in love with a woman who knows me better lust

fell for the woman just when i met her crush on me

took my sweet time when i was bitter crush on you

someone understands, and she knows how to treat mutual attraction

a fella right, gives me that feeling every night physical attraction

is a hole that is cut to the soles, falling down possible future love

be something to do with you, i really don't mind what mutual protection

happens now and then, as long as you'll be my friend at the end i protect you

i picked you up and put you back on solid ground secret

you by my side with all my superhuman might, kyrptonite emotional support

Character HistoryEdit

The Force & MagicEdit


  • Alexia Preston
  • Minerva Decuir

Force AbilitiesEdit




Petranaki was a form of martial arts developed by the Geonosians for arena combat.

Teras KasiEdit

Teräs Käsi, or "steel hand" in Basic, was an unarmed combat discipline.


Lightsabers: Edit



A lightwhip, also known as an energy whip or a laser whip, was a rare variation of the lightsaber.

Confessor's Whip

The confessor's whip was a Geonosian melee weapon that was a part of the martial arts form known as Petranaki. The weapon was often coated in poison.


Soul Saber

More of a manifestation of the dark side of the Force itself than simply a weapon of the dark side, the Soulsaber was an abomination to the light side and all life. It was a nexus of dark side energy and its presence could be felt by anyone standing within ten meters of it. Non-Force-sensitive beings felt very uneasy in its presence, while Force-sensitive beings experienced great discomfort in the form of headaches or nausea, finding it difficult to concentrate on a particular task, and were aware that they were near a major source of dark side energy. Any being untainted by the dark side who touched the Soulsaber was immediately hit with a backlash of dark side energy.

The Soulsaber was created not only to destroy life, but to corrupt Force-sensitive beings to the dark side. Simply igniting the weapon filled the wielder with negative emotions, such as anger, aggression, and fear, and the wielder heard a dark whisper of great power inside their head. This alone could turn some beings to the dark side and had the potential to create infighting among a group of darksiders who each wished to possess the weapon. While the Soulsaber's energy blade acted much like a lightsaber's, any being struck by it felt a stab of unbelievable and agonizing cold, and were flooded with emotions intended to push them over the brink to the dark side. The wielder, too, was pushed further to the dark side each time they struck an opponent.

In combat, the Soulsaber provided its wielder with the Force ability Battlemind, allowing them greater prowess in battle through enhanced concentration and commitment. The wielder's stamina was augmented so that they could continue fighting even at the brink of death, but at the price of never knowing how close they were to dying at any point. The Soulsaber could also siphon Force energy from any being it struck and temporarily channel it to the wielder; energy could also be drawn from the wielder's surroundings.



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