Lo'gan Riv Shiel
Rebel Scout
Rogue Squadron 11
Fuzz Ball
Fur ball
18 Standard Human years
20 Shistavanen
Eye Colour
Grayish left and red right
Hair Color
Dark brown fur all over with a band of white running from top his head all the way down his spine.
Home Planet
Uvena III
None (Yet)
Ma'gan Shiel
Re've Lo Shiel

Personal HistoryEdit

Lo’gan Shiel was born to Ma'gan Shiel & Re've Lo Shiel ( youngest brother of Riv Shiel). Born in Uvena III he had been taught and raised by his Father soon after his mother’s death due to childbirth. He soon came to know of and learn of the Rebellion…of the Rogue Squadron. From which his Uncle was a part of and served under till his death.

But as fate would have it his life change during the first hunt he was on. Where in Empire scouts came and in one clean sweep captured. He and a few other youth that were soon later transported off world. Sent to one of their few training facility they were soon indoctrinated into service. Where in he was renamed Logan, which soon after press into service he later was task to search. Most times kill the rebel prisoner and their cohorts of which he excelled in well.

To a point that he was eventually task to more dangerous hunts. Which soon have him come into contact with Sith. Who used his skill as a scout to hunt their foes in a few occasion. Weeding out, capturing and killing Jedi potential beings or the likes.

That is until one day having come face to face with one such skilled Jedi youth. Whom having defeated Logan and in turn save him. Taking him and free him from his Imperial servitude. He soon came to know first hand the evil that the Empire changed his conviction. And after parting with the Jedi soon sought the Rebellion for whom like his Uncle Riv Shiel before him. Logan in turn join and became a rebel agent…

Additional Info:Edit

Appearance & Skill:Edit

Like most canine-based species, Shistavanen had pronounced muzzles, sharp claws, long pointed teeth, large glowing eyes and pointed ears set on top of their heads. Shistavanen could also run at high speed for long periods without getting tired, using two or four legs for the same ability. As expected of a species of hunters, they had a keen sense of smell, and excellent night vision. While not as unique as other species with a natural healing factor, the Shistavanen were possessed of a minor healing ability which allowed them to heal minor wounds quickly, and larger wounds within a matter of days.

Shistavanen History:Edit

The Shistavanen originated on the planet Uvena Prime in the Uvena system. In addition to natural evolution, the Shistavanen species was shaped by unknown genetic engineers. As a species, the Shistavanen were isolationists. This was evident by the species colonizing all the unpopulated worlds in the Uvena system to prevent them from being settled by non-Shistavanen settlers, their restrictive trade laws (which unapologetically favored their own kind over off-world traders), and from the fact that they did not mix with non-Shistavanen much. Most of their society used technology similar to the rest of the Galaxy, though some arts of Uvena Prime used slightly less sophisticated technology.

Minorities of Shistavanen were more outgoing, and traveled the galaxy's hyper lanes. Even these Shistavanen usually remained by themselves or with other Shistavanen. Due to their natural predatory instincts, keen sense of hearing, excellent eyesight and sharp sense of smell, Shistavanen found common employment as scouts, mercenaries and bounty hunters. Many non-Shistavanen's reacted badly to Shistavanen, since their isolationist culture made them an unfamiliar sight, and their predatory appearance put many other species on edge.

During Emperor Palpetine reign, despite the New Order's xenophobia towards non-Humans, Imperial agents regularly employed Shistavanen scouts to track down criminals, rebels and other persons of interest.

During know history, numerous Shistavanen have been known to have been captured and employed as scouts. Due to their natural inbreed ability and sense made them ideal candidates. This requires individuals to be more or less loyal to their Imperial or Sith Employer. So for the most part Shistavanen scout candidates were taken at a very young age. Have been relatively well-treated by the Empire ... as long as they work as efficiently and faithfully. Keeping out of sight and out of mind, and it is not brought to their attention. Though in the open the disparity between their pay and treatment from that of human scouts doing comparable work was fairly substantial. Given the xenophobia attitude and views of the Empire.

Had in some case lead a few adventurers Shistavanen in the period of the Rebellion may have quietly come to realize the less-than-benevolent intent of his employer’s .And having chosen to secretly support the Rebellion. From which their goal for a New Republic era, perhaps had earn their loyalty to the cause. Though remnants of the Empire doctrine that they have been brought up to believe clashed with that of assisting New Rebellion leadership in combating a common enemy, such as their old Imperial Employer.

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