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Physical DescriptionEdit

Maelion Liates is, in her basic form, exactly 180cm tall. This is the standard size for all HRD units of her class, male or female. With skin, hair and other coverings she is slightly taller.

Maelion was designed to be able to fit in with humans, even at close contact for a long period of time. Therefore, her physical construction is very similar to that of a human body, but with metal and high strength plastics replacing organic components. She even has such abilities as being able to cry, eat, sweat and mimic breathing.

The original human form of Maelion was that of the former Republic Chancellor Arin Ellis. This was her appearance for the majority of her existence until the Taris incident.

In her current, latest form Maelion has blue eyes, long dark hair and slightly tanned skin.

Her capabilities when it comes to resilience and strength are quite impressive. Her strength capabilities are between five and ten times that of a fit human, and combined with her immunity to pain allows her to perform incredible feats of strength.

Similarly, she is able to endure damage that would kill any organic, but she is by no means invulnerable. Blaster fire, lightsabres and explosives are as dangerous to her as to any organic, especially since surviving the attack at the least reveals her status.

She is able to impersonate any voice she hears or has been programmed with. The same goes for language as well.

One of her greatest assets is patience. Organics cannot keep themselves ready for a long period of time, while Maelion can easily wait for even days at a time in the same position, waiting for the target to appear.

Maelion possesses extensive sensory information, able to record audio and analyse images, as well as being able to see in a variety of different ways such as infrared or magnification.

Psychological CharacteristicsEdit

Although she can imitate any type of person very accurately, Maelion very often chooses not to while on mission. The reason for this is rather interesting, and underlies the whole personality and persona of the agent.

Maelion’s primary goal has always been to infiltrate and destroy her enemies, and to do that she received some of the most extensive personality training ever given to a droid. With literally volumes of programming covering tone of voice, conversation, seduction and much more she can be at home in almost any environment. Though her replication of human traits is not perfect it is hard to detect as a fault without being mistaken for normal human eccentricities.

However, outside of missions Maelion is reserved, impassive and often deliberately obstinate. This combined with an unusually deadpan sense of humour is not normal droid behaviour. Indeed, while Maelion often acts like she does not understand the finer parts of human society she in fact does and is choosing not to show it. This is also very unusual, and shows the depth of programming necessary to make a droid lie.

There is another reason; Maelion is not entirely a machine. This was supposed by many not involved in her initial creation, but was confirmed during a raid conducted by Maelion on behalf of the Alliance on a robotics factory.

There she discovered that in order to make and maintain a believable persona some human base was needed. Thus, the real Maelion Liates, a dying human woman provided the neural base for her personality.

In many ways her personality reflects the struggle between the anchor of her programming and the desire to break free of her human personality. Though the human part is long buried in her it still influences her actions.


- Incredible strength and resilience.

- Mechanical processor allows for rapid data computation and analysis.

- Lack of, yet understanding of, emotions allows her to perform her task easily.

- Human disguise very difficult to see through.

- Broad away with skills, ranging from firearms to hacking and lockpicking.


- Organic coverings difficult to replace in field conditions, causing cover to be broken.

- Lack of full understanding about humanity causes her to be an outcast.

- Frequent changes of loyalty can be confused as treason and disloyalty.

- Vulnerable to military grade weapons, especially ion/EMP.

- Can be reprogrammed if captured intact.

- Has little knowledge/understanding of the Force as it is an unobservable phenomenon from her perspective.


To speak of Maelion Liates is in effect to speak of two people; a now dead human woman, and the machine which took her name and at least a little bit of her personality.

The original Maelion was a rather unimportant and regular young woman living on Coruscant. Her parents were heavily in debt due to bad decisions, and this led to them being near destitute. Adding to their problems, Maelion was diagnosed with a severe, wasting disease beyond their capability to repair. However, at this time the head of a local crime organisation was on the look out for rather specific and illegal things. His gaze focused in on Maelion’s family. He told them that in exchange for their dying daughter he would cancel all debts and allow them to live in peace.

With Maelion dying, and growing weaker every day the family reluctantly agreed. They never saw Maelion again.

The crime boss, a man by the name of Josiah Routhe, had expanded his empire across parts of Coruscant, working with the owners of the planet to provide useful services in exchange for having a blind eye turned. However, Josiah Routhe had many enemies, and after only luck had prevented his death by his own bodyguard he sought a replacement.

Human Replica Droids were not a new invention, and had been used several times before by all sides. Routhe was adamant he should have one built for him to act as an extremely loyal and efficient bodyguard.

Therefore, Routhe contacted various groups and contracted to make such a droid. However, there was one issue. While HRDs were reliable and efficient they suffered from an overriding issue; it was almost impossible to program a replica of a human capable of blending in.

Thus Routhe was asked to provide a human subject to act as the template. He provided Maelion who was euthanized and processed.

The construction, programming and testing of Maelion took a considerable period of time, and the company responsible used her as a testing ground so as to allow production of further units.

The appearance of her human exterior was something of an odd decision. Maelion was designed to look exactly like the then Republic Chancellor Arin Ellis. The reason for this was that Routhe had a personal grudge towards her, and it also provided an excellent disguise to prevent her being easily tracked.

The construction of Maelion Liates took over a year, but in the end resulted in her being prepared for operation. Her first controller was Josiah Routhe, and his first order was surprisingly not to massacre the designers. His first mission for her was to kill the entire board of a rival company, which Maelion did with only a little difficulty.

Over the next four years Maelion performed missions and guarded Routhe faithfully. However, on one mission where she was dispatched to assassinate a rival she learned that Routhe had been killed when she was absent. This occurred when she was actually standing over her intended victim, weapon in hand.

Here Maelion showed for the first time her inherently skewed logic about her controller; she offered her intended victim the chance to be her boss! The target, a Twi’lek Black Sun Vigo, agreed, though it is clear he only did so to survive. Fearing her he sent her into a trap, not wanting her to survive. When she did, battered and damaged he made the mistake of trying to dispatch her himself and was killed.

Over the next three years she performed a range of missions for various controllers, all of which died mostly violent deaths or made the mistake of trying to turn on her.

However, at age seven Maelion found that she quite literally had no one left to be her controller. The long series of wars had killed off so many that no one would accept Maelion, or attempted to destroy her.

A change of base was needed, and she chose the Rebellion. The reason for this was rather interesting. Since most of the Underworld was divided and she was not especially popular there it was not the preferred choice. Furthermore they did not have the facilities she needed for repair and maintenance. The two remaining choices was the Rebellion – formed from the collapsed Republic, and the Empire – their rivals.

Maelion chose the Rebellion because their looser command structure would allow for her to have a single controller, but also because a small part of her wanted to. Ideology means little to her, but there was a sense that the Rebellion was somehow a more challenging option.

Maelion served with the Rebellion for over three years, first under Aiden McGrath, then later General Nomad and Admiral Hawkmoon. She participated in many of the various struggles raging across the galaxy. Maelion proved to be a harsh yet successful trainer, providing her with important experiences.

While on one mission she encountered a Jedi named Ti’Cira Hawk who would later be most important.

However it was on her final Rebel mission that events finally caught up with Maelion. Sent to kill an Imperial Admiral, Maelion found that Delek Wrentar was something of a more difficult proposition than expected. After a lucky blow with an electric cable disabled her she was reprogrammed by the Admiral to serve the Empire.

One of her first missions was to betray and kill both Ti’Cira Hawk and Ryori Holloway. In this task she could not obey, and allowed them to escape, unwilling to hurt them. This conflict later became crucial during the destruction of Taris.

On Taris Maelion was faced yet again by Ti’Cira Hawk, who she was ordered to kill. However, the supposed death of Admiral Wrentar allowed her to transfer her controller status to Ti’Cira. Though grievously damaged during the disaster Maelion saved the Jedi and escaped from the stricken planet with her. Her guilt at the previous betrayal had made her hesitate, as she could not kill the Jedi. This was her first time where she directly disobeyed a command.

Shortly after she returned to the Rebellion where she sought the skills of Ryori to be repaired.

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