"If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my children may have peace." - Unorthodox Sith Master

Maize Wayne
Maize Wayne
Sith Master
The Sith Council
Darth Thanatos
190 lbs
Eye Colour
Dark Blue
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Home Planet
Kassandra Distorith-Wayne
Aurelia Wayne [deceased]
Keir Wayne [deceased]
Aurelia Wayne
Keir Wayne
Ethan Wayne
Kassidy Wayne

The CharacterEdit

Very early in life, one would have thought Maize Wayne would lead a charmed, perfect life. Born to a well-to-do Corellian physician and his wife, Maize was an only child with a life of priviledge. He had the best education, the best everything that credits could buy. However, credits could not buy indefinite security, which he realized at the age of nine standard years.

One night in Maize's ninth year, an intruder broke into the Wayne's residence. As young Maize looked on, his parents were brutally murdered in their library. Maize himself may have been next if not for the klaxons sounding that CorSec was on imminent approach. The killer fled, leaving the boy alone in his parents' gore. The good boy who'd had the misfortune of witnessing such a violent end for his parents was gone forever.

Maize decided he would "make something of himself" and applied his inheritance toward the creation of a research and production facility he called WayneTech. He started the business at age 21 while enrolled in a Corellian university. There, he met Spark Vallen with whom he shared general courses. Maize became obsessed with the fellow Corellian and though they'd managed a friendship of sorts, Spark did not sure the same passion for Maize as he had for her. They parted ways upon graduation, failing to keep in touch.

After succeeding with WayneTech, Maize became restless with life as he knew it. He'd heard of the Sith and was aware of Force-sensitives, though he did not know - at the outset - if he was one. On a whim, he traveled to Onderon to learn from Darth Corrigno in the arts of the Darkside.

After achieving a very quick Sith Knighthood, Maize traveled to Korriban to begin his dark "career." While on a mission to Cerea to hunt for lightsaber crystals, he first encountered Kassandra Wayne whom he turned to the Darkside. She became his first apprentice, later his lover and then his wife and bearer of his children. They raised twins together - Keir and Aurelia Wayne - named for Maize's slain parents. Five years later, a second set of twins - Kassidy and Ethan - were born.


A bit quirky and unorthodox for a Sith, Maize can be a ferocious, sociopathic killer as well as a tender, loving father. It all depends on one's relationship to him.

Fighting StyleEdit

Maize's fighting style is that of Juyo, Form VII. A dangerous, crazed foe in battle, he draws on the Darkside as well as prodigious fighting abilities.

Ship and EquipmentEdit

The Blood SabreEdit

Originally traveling the galaxy in a single-seat A-Wing with Kass in her own X-Wing, the couple realized it would be beneficial to purchase a larger vessel. Maize bought The Blood Sabre, a Corellian YT-1300 light freighter for them. Many times, the modified freighter was home to the Wayne's as they explored the galaxy as Sith and as a family.


On Onderon, Maize had been given a single-blade red lightsaber from Darth Corrigno. Later, Kass gifted him her dual-blade violet-red lightsaber which he has used ever since. It has detachable blades should he wish to fight in a Jar'Kai style.

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