The Mandalorian Culture is a long-term collection of individuals of Mandalorian heritage that form a group of people that transcend faction boundaries on TGC. In their history, they have existed as formal factions and subfactions as well as unofficial groups within one faction or various cross-faction groups.

The Language Edit

Mando'a is the official language of much of the Mandalorian world, though Concordian is the official language of Concordia and Concord Dawn. Apostrophes are prevalent in use to help constrict word length but otherwise shares a similar pronunciation to basic. The letter "e" can be added to the end of most Mandalorian words to make them plural such as "Alor" and "Alore".

The Culture Edit

The Mandalorians are officially a specific culture of people, independent of race, that are held by Six Actions, or "Resol'Nare", that consist of tenets to live by. A key aspect of this is, irrespective of faction or political background, trusting and following the Mand'alor, who is seen as the formal head of the informal group.

The Resol'Nare states:

Ba'jur, beskar'gam, Ara'nov, aliit, Mando'a bal Mand'alor.

Or, in rough basic:

  1. Raising your children to be part of the Mandalorian culture,
  2. Wearing Mandalorian Iron (beskar) armour,
  3. Defending yourself and your family,
  4. Contributing to the clan financially and in welfare,
  5. Speaking the Mando'a language and
  6. Trusting, respecting and following the Mand'alor, when called upon.

Or, in literal basic:

Education and armour, Self-defence, our tribe, Our language, our leader.

Fleets Edit

First Assault Fleet Edit

Command Task Force Edit

  • Liberator-class Cruiser
  1. Liberator (flagship)
  2. Tracinya
  3. Gayiyli
  • Aggressor-class Destroyer
  1. Hukaatir
  2. A'denla Kad
  • Kyramud-class Battleship
  1. Beroya
  2. Beviin
  3. Haran
  4. Prudii II
  • 24 Shaadlar-class troop ships
  • 24 Jehavey'ir-class assault ships
  • 12 Kiltirin-class dungeon ships

Assault Task Force Edit

  • Keldabe-class Battleship
  1. Aaray
  2. Kandosii Kote
  3. Atin
  • Kandosii-class Dreadnought
  1. Hettir
  2. Duraanir
  3. Shukur
  4. Dralshya
  • Lictor-class Dungeon Ship
  1. Adenn
  2. A'den
  3. Darasuum
  4. Parjai
  5. Kom'rk
  • 24 Crusader-class Corvettes
  • 24 Meteor-class Q-Carriers
  • 60 Pursuer-class Enforcement Ships

Starfighters Edit

  • 6 Squadrons of Tra'kad assault vessels
  • 1 Squadron of Stathas-class Freighters
  • 12 Squadrons of Dunelizard-class Fighters
  • 12 Squadrons of Gladiator Assault Fighters
  • 6 Squadrons of Kimogila-class Heavy Fighters
  • 4 Squadrons of Krayt-class Gunships
  • 6 Squadrons of StarViper-class Assault Fighters
  • 6 Squadrons Bes'uliik Class Assault Fighters
  • 12 Squadrons Vyyrhawk Fighter/Bombers
  • 50 Basilisk War Droids

Description of Vessels Edit

  • Liberator: 398-meter cruiser with 24 heavy turbolasers and 20 ion cannons, able to store 6 starfighter squadrons (72 starfighters or Basilisks). The ships are fast and maneuverable, able to cover more sluggish ships, and are particularly effective at dropping starfighters or ground troops into battle.
  • Aggressor: 1.5km Star Destroyer with an ion-plasma cannon and two heavy turbolasers, able to store 0 starfighter squadrons.
  • Kyramud: 750-meter battleship with 25 double turbolasers, 12 ion cannons, 10 heavy concussion missile launchers, 6 tractor beam projectors, able to store 36 starfighters. The ships are particularly fast in atmosphere and can contain 2000 troops, making them great for transporting ground attack teams.
  • Keldabe: Approximately 1.2km long, this battleship is armed with 5 turbolaser batteries, 3 heavy ion cannon batteries, a mass driver missile launcher, a shield leecher and a single tractor beam generator. Also able to store 36 starfighters, this is the naval equivalent of the Kyramud - fewer troops are exchanged for more weapons. The ability to 'steal' energy from nearby ships and fire a mass driver through enemy shields makes the Keldabe virtually unique in capability.
  • Kandosii: 1.4km long, this dreadnought is armed with 30 double turbolasers, 12 point-defence triple laser cannons, 12 super-heavy concussion grenade launchers and 6 tractor beam generators. The capital ships can also store 128 starfighters and 8 dropships, making them extremely versatile. Their shields were lacking, however.
  • Lictor
  • Shaadlar
  • Jehavey'ir
  • Kiltirin
  • Crusader
  • Meteor
  • Pursuer
  • Tra'kad
  • Stathas
  • Dunelizard
  • Gladiator
  • Kimogila
  • Krayt
  • StarViper
  • Bes'uliik
  • Vyyrhawk
  • Basilisk

Official Leadership Structure Edit

Despite transcending political boundaries, there are a core group of dedicated Mandalorians, including the Mand'alor himself, who fight for the people and the world of Mandalore, and who have a formal Mandalorian military. With representation from all tribes and clans, this group is the "formal" Mandalorian group. The formal structure remains similar to that first initiated by the Taung, the first species to be labelled as Mandalorian.

Non-Military Edit

The non-military leadership is formed by a Council made up of all clans' representatives (called Alore) and is led by Mand'alor, who is unofficially granted the right to veto and overrule, though tends to support any majority decision. Mand'alor is the de jure and de facto leader of Mandalore and its Empire.

Alore Edit

Each Alor represents a major section of Mandalorian society or a Mandalorian Clan. The non-Clan Alore represent the Resol'Nare: Mand'alor, of leadership; Commod'alor, of defence; Baj'alor, of education; Besk'alor, of trade; Do'alor, of culture; Aliit'alor, of unity.

An incomplete list of Alore follows:

  1. Kane E Smart, Mand'alor
  2. Commodiorus, Commod'alor
  3. Anija Ordo, Clan Ordo
  4. Mac O'Shenanigans, Clan Gaecel'ic
  5. Arumizy, Clan Bralor
  6. Viktor Mereel, Clan Mereel
  7. Draven Fett, Clan Fett
  8. Unknown

Military Edit

Though they answer to, and report to, the Mand'alor, the Commod'alor is the official leader of the military. As Mand'alor was once named Mandalore, so Commod'alor was once named Commodiorus. The Commod'alor also serves as one of the council's Alors.

All other ranks work in a rigid top-bottom structure, listed below with approximate basic equivalent translations.

  1. Commod'alor - Commodore, or Commander-in-chief
  2. Tra'vod - Admiral
  3. Cabur - General
  4. Al'verde - Commander
  5. Alor'ad - Colonel
  6. Alor'uus - Major
  7. Ver'alor - Lieutenant
  8. Verd'ika - Private

The rank of "Captain" is an unofficial but formal rank given to anyone in command of a capital ship, whether Lieutenant or General. It is considered rude to refer to call the Mand'alor "Captain" but it is not considered impolite to call an Admiral or the Commod'alor "Captain".

There are unofficial middle ranks, used in special circumstances, which can be created by using the suffix ika or the prefix Ver'alor to produce ranks such as "Ver'alor Cabur" (Lieutenant General), "Al'verd'ika" (Lieutenant Commander) or "Tra'vod'ika" (Vice Admiral).

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