Marck Vallen
Marck Vallen

Marck Vallen
Jedi Master
The Jedi Council
Niko Brix
Eye Colour
Ocean Blue
Hair Color
Home Planet
Lukas Dantes
Annalia Vallen
Rondo Vallen


"Life never follows our plan."

Marck Vallen born on the planet Corellia, to proud parents Rondo and Annalia Vallen and older sister Spark Vallen. They were a poor family making their living as farmers. Marck from an early age showed himself to be a remarkable young man, with skills, intelligence, and understanding far beyond his years. His parents suspected that like his sister he was born with the natural ability to use the Force. Even as a toddler barly able to walk he seemed to know when others were in pain, emotionally or physically. He had a generous spirit that he proved everyday with not only his hard work around the house, but also in the little things he did for his family.

At the age of 10 things began to change. Not long after his small tenth birthday celebration Marck began to slow down. Eventually a fever over took him and he was bed ridden for many days. Despite the families already strained financial situation his parents did manage to pay for Marck to see a local physician. After being examined they were relieved to learn his life could be saved, a simple drug could cure him however it was far outside the families ability to pay, even if they sold all their possessions it wouldn't even come close. With little hope they could keep there son they made a hard decision. A local slave trader offered to pay for the medications Marck would need, but only if they turned Marck over to him. With no other options they agreed to the bargain.

Fearing the loss of their daughter if she ever found out about what they had done they sent Marck away lte into the night after Spark had fallen asleep. When she woke up they told her he had passed away from a rare genetic disease that only targeted the male member of the family.


"Life puts us where we need to be."
After being sold into slavery Marck found true hardship. Gone were the days of hard work out of love and replaced with relentless labor. Forced to work in the dark dirty mines owned by a Hutt clan Marck thought he would never see the light of day again. He longed for his family, and worked himself harder than the others with the guards promising his return if he worked hard enough.

One day as a Huttese princess was touring the mine, protecting her investments, she happened to see Marck. Despite the hardship of the mine and his labors she could still see his beauty and desired him to act as her personal slave. Attending to her every whim. Even after his transfer he did not find life to be easier.

Early Life as NikoEdit

"Life prepares us for what we need to become."

Niko PadawanEdit

"We learn from the people we need to learn from."

Niko Jedi KnightEdit

"The choices we make follow us no matter where we go."

Reclaiming his IdentityEdit

"Our eyes are opened, light pours in, and we see what we need to see."

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