Mariya Fleischer
G.I. Jane
5' 57 / 175 cm
139 lbs / 63 kg
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Home Planet
Nar Shaddaa
Izabella Chistyakova
Ferrero Fleischer

"A bounty hunter is an outlaw, a tracker and sometimes a killer for hire. He doesn't care who his targets are, or who they're running from, or why. He works for the highest bidder, which means the richest and the most ruthless beings in the galaxy. No question asked." - Boba Fett

Hello there, my name is Mariya Fleischer, but do call me Mariya instead of Miss Fleischer if you are one of those very polite people. It makes me feel more comfortable really, and furthermore Fleischer isn't even my real family name. I chose it randomly from a long list of names that I had found long ago. I am an orphan, if you haven't gotten that into your mind already. And no, I hate the nickname "G.I. Jane," it is given to me by the clone troopers in the Republic during their teasing sessions.

The people whom I respect most during the days of the Republic are General TK 4215 and Arin Ellis. Unfortunately General TK 4215 had been missing for a long time from the Republic before I had even left for TGU. As for Arin, who is my best friend, she is currently a bounty hunter as well. Still, I haven't seen her around for quite some time. So if you have any information about her whereabouts and are feeling kind enough, do drop by the cantina which I have opened at Velusia and look for me. If you want to know me better as a friend, do drop by TGU as well, provided that you ain't an Imperialist. Okay, I am biased against them, but obviously the Republic's training has shaped my thoughts quite a bit and their reputation certainly has never been fantastic.

Anyway, TGU is kinda fun. People drift in and out, from smugglers like Damane to new additions like Kalinai. It is an interesting place to live in, not just because we always drink. That's only applicable to a few people like Captain Marcus Gray, that drunken pirate who always comes and goes whenever he feels like it. Sometimes, I think I do pity Saede Taggart for having one hell of a tough job! So yea, I guess I do admire her. Who wouldn't when you have seen what she is capable of with those lethal punches of hers?

And one more thing. Can someone teach me how to drink?



Mariya is currently a bounty hunter in TGU. She is also the owner of a cantina called "Soul Brothers & Sisters" on a space platform above Velusia.


The actual number of weapons Mariya has are unknown, simply because the mercenary herself has never bothered to keep an actual record of her weapons. New ones are added into her collection every now and then.

The two KYD-21 blaster pistols which she hangs around her belt has probably become her standard arsenal. Others include a DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle and a KiSteer 1284 projectile rifle. The projectile rifle is capable of firing special rounds such as tracer, explosive and armour piercing. A silencer can also be fitted for silent kills.

A vibroblade army knife is hidden within her left boot if the need for close combat arises, something that Mariya usually tries to avoid. Finally to top it off, assorted explosives such as cyrobans, themos, flashbangs and fragmentation grenades which can be disguised as a pair of earrings are worn at times, a technology that was developed from the Republic's Special Operations and Secret Service.


Mariya's hobbies stem from her training habits back in the days of the Republic as well as her lifestyle as a bounty hunter. Running or swimming is done around at least a week, depending on her workload as a bounty hunter. Mariya also loves good food and enjoys a good sleep whenever possible to make up for her tiring work.

Shopping is done occasionally to maintain her weapon arsenal, though the hunter also modifies some of the weapons herself. A friendly person, Mariya enjoys a good conversation with people, especially over a cup of hot chocolate. Finally, an occasional practice at the shooting range in The Galactic Underworld is useful to refine her marksmanship.


Mariya's YouthEdit

Mariya was born an orphan, something which was considered rather common in Nar Shaddaa. It was a place where the infamous Hutt crimelords ruled and there was only one law, their law. Growing up in the streets was a tough job for Mariya, for each day was full of hostility, fights and stealing. Therefore it was not strange for the young blonde girl to act more like a tomboy instead of becoming prim and proper. Still, being street trained had taught her a few nifty tricks and skills. Credits were best to be kept separate in all kinds of places such as shoes, socks or even underwear to prevent them from being stolen. And of course, lockpicking, slicing and being able to speak some alien languages other than Basic would prove to be useful.

At the age of 16 Mariya applied to become a bounty hunter. However she always wanted to do something more righteous, something good to the society, if one were to put it in layman's terms. In the end, she decided to join the Republic as a soldier to make good use of her skills.

The RepublicEdit

During one of her first training exercises, her squad was ambushed by Imperials. This resulted in the death of two of her team members before they were rescued by then Major Kane E Smart. That was first instance that she had cried since joining the Republic, for she had always treated the clonetroopers as part of the family.

Later on, Mariya graduated from the military academy as 1st Lieutenant and officially became part of the Special Operations. When Senator Arin Ellis was elected to become the Chancellor, Mariya was eventually tasked by the new Chancellor to become the Director of Republic Security. The most significant event which called upon her assistance was an agreement that the Republic had entered with the Sith Occasu, an agreement which Mariya protested strongly but was overwhelmed by the majority of votes. The Sith Occasu took advantage of a loophole in a agreement by sending their people to mine the crystals on Ilum based on "rights of every citizen". However Mariya managed to argue her way through with the Sith on grounds of misrepresentation by virtue of that fact that the Sith were hidding their real agenda from the Republic when the agreement was made.

When the next Chancellor election came, Admiral Kallis Mertoi took over Senator Arin, who soon disappeared. That was followed by the mysterious disappearances of General Cander and Lt Colonel Kane E Smart. Due to changes in the administration and personal reasons, Mariya finally decided to give up being a Major and leave the Republic. One of her first aims after leaving the Republic was to find her good friend Arin. Mariya believed that the ex senator would be lurking around somewhere and with luck, she would be able to findsfafsd her missing friend soon.

The Galactic UnderworldEdit

After quitting the Republic, Mariya found herself going back to her old occupation as a bounty hunter. She managed to team up with Arin during one of her hunts as the two of them attempted to capture Captain Marcus Gray. During the process, Arin's speeder was wrecked due to Mariya's reckless actions.

Mariya stumbled upon an unknown datapad during a massive raid conducted by TGU on the old nest of the Separatists. It was not known what the contents were as the encryption was too strong for Mariya to crack open. However an elite slicer like Wallace would probably be able to do so.

The bounty hunter still lurked around every now and then among TGU itself. Her latest bounty was the Jedi Master, Spark Vallen and she had also recently set up a cantina in a space station. The space station would serve as a gathering place for members of TGU as well as an information center. Lukas Dantes, a adorable and wiz teenager had agreed to work together with Mariya at the cantina to provide information to those who might need them.

The Galactic Underworld had also engaged in illegal criminal activities in Sullust, much to the annoyance of the Jedi. Being part of TGU, Mariya spent much of her efforts to make sure that TGU can continue to keep its grip over Sullust, which was achieved by a combination of lying to the Jedi ambassador Nee Blackheart, confusing the Jedi and creating false trails. Ultimately, Sullust was taken over by the Underworld, much to the delight of all its members.

Mariya also discovered that there was someone within the ranks of the Galactic Empire that had an uncanny resemblance with herself. The unknown imposter had been running around wrecking havoc under the disguise of Mariya, much to the annoyance of the bounty hunter. Mariya swore to track down this mysterious imposter.

Rumours were currently afloat that Mariya might be retiring from her bounty hunting ways to concentrate on her cantina business. However, she would still offer her services to most people who require some extra firepower for the right price. She has also recently agreed to go on a date with Captain Marcus Gray for the Valentine's Day Ball, much to the surprise of everyone.

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