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Mark Kyle Stark
Jedi Master
Rebel Adept
The Jedi Order
The Rebellion
Varies; 40's
200 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Home Planet
Jax Starkiller
Sophie Halcyon
Jax Starkiller
Julus Arka
Ayin Kares
Thea Hinata
Chesire Midori
Avalore Eden
Cy Tarnarath
Enya Colton

Mark Kyle Stark born Damien Octavius Starkiller is a Force Sensitive Corellian human who serves The Jedi Order and Rebellion as a Jedi Master and Army General, respectively. He is the second son and former Sith Apprentice of Jax Starkiller by his wife, Sophie. He is the younger brother of Xander and the older brother of Savannah and Nikole Starkiller.

Trained as a Sith for the first ten years of his life by his father, Mark was believed to be the one, a being of his father's construction that would pave the way to a new golden age for the Sith. His destiny however would not be realized when on mission to assassinate the Jedi Master named Julus Arka. A head injury stripped him of his memories and it was decided he was to be taken in by the Jedi. Impressed by the boy's talent he was assigned Julus Arka to be his teacher who gave him the name Mark when the young boy could not recall his actual name.

Over his years of service to the Jedi Order, Mark began remembering the dark sections of his life and what he used to be. Meeting his brother Xander Starkiller was what brought his entire memory back and when face with the chance to go back to what he was, Mark refused claiming that living as a Sith was not a life worth living, earning the ire of his elder brother.

Through his life he proved to be a model Jedi, excelling in his lightsaber technique, his power in the Force and his ability to lead. He helped train many young Jedi and helped lead many expeditions and missions for the Order. He decided to use his talents to help the Rebellion and was commissioned as a General for the Army and soon after he was recognized for all this hard work and dedication and was made a Jedi Master by the Jedi council.



Born on Corellia to Jax Starkiller and his wife Sophie, Mark was his father's second attempt to conceive a being that would bring about the next golden age of the Sith. Experimented on and immediately thrown into training as soon as the young boy could walk and talk. He became an instrument of destruction that was instructed that nothing else mattered besides the power of the Sith. With this simple tenant, Mark was a knife used to strike at the heart of his father's enemies.

Mark's most prolific accomplishment was the assassination of several key Jedi Knights and several Alliance political figures. As cunning as he was powerful he'd use his age and young appearance to set people in a false sense of security before ending their life. Convinced his son was becoming unstoppable at the age of 10, he sent the young man to Ossus, his target being Jedi Master Julus Arka.

Memory LossEdit

Landing on Ossus and making his way towards the Jedi enclave held on the world, the young boy infiltrated the Jedi and set his sights on Arka while he masqueraded as a Padawan. A problem with his infiltration however forced his hand, and the boy ended up in combat against the Jedi Master earlier than expected. Mark fought the elder Jedi to a draw but one mistake saw the boy fall from a high rise balcony, he landed on his head and was nearly killed, his mission was a failure.

Arka moved quickly to save the boy's life and after several days of uncertain recovery, the boy woke up. The Jedi were surprised to find that his eyes were not the traditional red, orange and yellow blend but a gentle blue. When he spoke they also realized he remembered nothing of his failed mission or anything he had done over his short life span.

Deciding instead of imprisoning or executing a young boy, the Jedi decided it was best to show him a better way and impressed by the young boy's ability to duel him to a draw, Julus Arka requested to train him personally. The request was approved and Julus Arka named the young boy Mark and attempted to give him a last name, however the boy could remember his last name.. Starkiller.

Life as a JediEdit


His life as a Sith buried and forgotten, Mark began his studies as a Jedi. He learned their code as well as patience and under Master Julus Arka, the young boy showed promise as a Jedi and held his Master's hope of being a man that would one day be a champion of the people. A man that when faced with the very face of evil would stare it down and never give in, never give up.

Mark built his first lightsaber at the age of 18 and once again his instructors were amazed with the aptitude the boy seemed to have with pretty much everything he did, mechanics and engineering specifically. Facing many trials along the path to becoming a Jedi Knight, Mark Starkiller showed remarkable courage and admirable resolve to his purpose, it would not be long before he reached the next level.

The Lost BrotherEdit

At the age of 21, Mark had his very first meeting with his brother Xander Starkiller, a Sith Apprentice who came to Ossus looking for his father but instead found a brother. With the revelation of who the man before him was, everything came back to the young Jedi. The horrors of what he had done burned deeply, but when beckoned to return to the Dark Side, Mark refused.

Enraged by his brother's refusal Xander Starkiller attacked and the two brothers began a vicious duel that would see each brother strike a decisive blow to the other in the form of amputating each others right arm. The duel ground to a halt and was declared a draw, his brother withdrew and Mark was left to ponder his existence and forced to face the truth of what had happened in his past and now.

Overseeing the creation of his new cybernetic arm, Mark told his Master who the man was and what he remembered. With his teacher's guidance he was able to come to terms with his past with the promise that all he did could be atoned for with his choice to remain a Jedi. Hope was not lost.


On a fateful day on their way to their next mission together, Mark and his Master's ship suffered a catastrophic failure and ended up crashing into the surface of the planet. Mark's life was spared but his Master was not so lucky, pierced through the chest by a metal rod his last moments were assuring his young student to resist the pull of the Dark Side and one day he would be a great Jedi.

Enduring the loss of his Master and the completion of their mission together. The Jedi Council deliberated and came to the decision that at the age of 22, Mark was to be granted the rank of Jedi Knight. Dedicating the day to Julus Arka, Mark swore he would honor his memory and be every bit the man that he wanted.

True to his promise Mark continued his career as a Jedi and lived as his Master would want, taking on assignment after assignment but never feeling comfortable enough to take on an Apprentice of his own. He was still wrestling with the idea of his past and he did not wish to endanger others.

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