Name: Mas'nn Ar'aya (pronounced mass-in) Species: Bothan Homeworld: Bothawui Family: Krendt Ar'aya - FatherYueve Ar'aya - MotherRaya Clan Age: 27 Height: 5"4 Rank: Trainee Spy

Appearance: Mas'nn's body is covered in short tan fur, similar to any other Bothan. He has a small mane of longer flowing hair around his skull, along with a small beard which curves naturally with the shape of his long snout. His eyes are a light shade of red. Mas'nn's large white teeth stand out as one of his more prominent features, especially his incisors, and when bared he takes on more of an animal-like appearance. Mas'nn's small figure has allows for him to be very quick, and he makes up for his lack of brute force with strong cardiovascular fitness and physical strengthening.

Attire: Pacnorval Sonic Dampening Helmet - a lightweight helmet which protects against Sonic weaponry, but dampens the user's hearing Karflo Thinsuit - A skin tight light armor thin enough to wear another set of armor over it. The Thinsuit protects against environmental hazards, namely; radiation, temperature, vacuum, chemicals, and pressure. It does not protect against direct attacks from blasters. It is used as an emergency suit for sudden exposure to the vacuum of space, or extreme environments. It can provide limited oxygen in space with its attachable breath mask. It provides protection to hostile environments for up to eighteen hours, and has five extendable filters to purify oxygen in harmful atmospheres.*Mas'nn wears the suit as his first layer, beneath all other attire, and equips/removes the breathing mask when necessary. Ayelix/Krongbing Textiles Shadowsuit - a lightweight, but durable black bodysuit made of shadowsilk, which acts as a light deterrent, sound repressor, and basic protection. the Shadowsuit covers the user's entire body save for the eyes, which also may be covered by the suit's Vidgraph "Snooper" goggles. The Suit lacks any energy signature, or electronic devices, rendering its wearer impregnable to detection by scanners.*Mas'nn wears the Shadowsuit as his outermost layer, and only removes it for missions if necessary. Ayelix/Krongbing Textiles Tracker Utility Vest - A standard utility vest designed for carrying various weapons, equipment, etc. Equipment: MicroData Forearm-mounted "Pocket Secretary" Datapad -*equipped with Audio Performance Inc No-Show - Electromagnetic field projector, made it incredibly difficult to detect the user's presence, but scrambles the user's scanners and sensors too.*Equipped with Portable scanner* Sensor transmitter *Telesonic AudioRecorder*Neuro-Saav ChemDetect*Holorecorder*VoxBox - Translator*VargeCorp PS-xqt9s Pocket Scrambler - Encodes any messages sent out, and transmits clearly to comlinks with the same attachment. Neuro-Saav HoloMacrobinoculars *Kept in Utility vest Locris Syndicated MLC-50 Magnolock - Magnetically seals doors Blastech CSPL-12 Projectile Launcher - Capable of firing cannisters, or chemical loadout grenades. It can be upgraded to launch grenades. It is capable of launching Cryobans, Dampener Aerosol, Plank Gas, T-23B, Spore/B, or Fex M3.*due to its size, Mas'nn often does not have room for this weapon, and often keeps it in his quarters. When carrying it, Mas'nn keeps it strapped to his back. Czerka Chemical Load Grenades Plank Gas - A gas capable of corroding and breaking down mechanical and industrial objects. Spore/B - Release microscopic Bothan Stun Spores which knock out a target Merr-Sonn WW-41 CryoBan Grenades *Grenades are clipped in along Mas'nn's belt Raflkind Industrials Dampener Aerosol - Cannisters which emit a blue, blaster dampening gas to greatly reduce the power of blasters and provide concealment. Blasts are reduced to a "painful slap."*Held in backpack Degan Explorations Syntherope*Mas'nn keeps the rope slung and wrapped diagonally across his chest, over his vest. At-cyb Husher commlink(implant) - This comlink is implanted near the user's larynx, and translates vocal movements into messages, allowing the user to silently mouth out messages. Weapons: Ranged:Merr-Sonn IR-5 "Intimidator" Blaster Pistol - Slightly weaker than a standard Blaster Pistol, but compensates with a rapid-fire rate and built-in targeting computer.*Kept on right leg in holster Pacnorval Sil-50 Sonic Blaster - Emits a powerful ultra-low frequency wave that mimics the nervous system; it is effective at mid to short range. Upon contact the target experiences intense dizziness, nausea, total disorientation, memory loss, and possibly vomiting before falling into unconsciousness. Shots are especially lethal underwater, and being a sonic weapon the blasts can bend around an active lightsaber blade.* Kept on belt clip on left hip Verpine Shatter Gun(Long Ranged, equipped with scope) - A noiseless, railgun-like weapon that fires metal alloy projectiles at very high speeds. Shots are nearly impossible to block with a lightsaber due to their size and launch speed. Projectiles are very deadly.*Strapped vertically to back Homemade Ion Pistol - used for disabling droids*Clipped on belt next to Sonic Blaster Melee Cortosis Vibroblade*Held in holster on right shin Czerka Vibroknuckler *strapped to left hand Personality: Outside of his line of work, Mas'nn is very social and fun-loving. He feels at a distance from the generally advantage-taking nature of Bothan culture, but often finds himself falling back to his Bothan roots, which he considers "the two-faced Bothan way" Due to this wavering pattern of thought, his actions often contradict one another. He is a natural introvert, but has developed his extroverted side, along with the ability to maintain outward appearances. As a spy he prefers to work alone, but has never found it impossible to work with others on a mission.

Background: Mas'nn grew up on Bothawui amongst dozens of his fellow clan members. As he grew up, Mas'nn naturally picked up on the aspects of Bothan society as did the young new generation of Bothans around him. However still at an early age, Mas'nn showed particularly reclusive tendencies, especially for the busy Bothan atmosphere. However as he progressed into adulthood and began to understand culture and the Bothan way more, these characteristics seemed to fade as a part of his character. Mas'nn was still disillusioned with the expectations placed upon him by society and his fellow clan, which was composed primarily of politicians, or business owners. He began to question the principals of his family, and questioned even further their dependence on deception, and half-truths. In pursuit of something different, Mas'nn left his clan upon adulthood. Naturally, Mas'nn became a part of the Bothan Spynet, serving initially as a coordinator, handing out mission briefs or documenting new information, and eventually becoming a spy himself, enlisting his abilities anywhere he could.

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