Mazen Darksun
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Mazen Darksun
The Rebellion
200 lbs
Eye Colour
Dark Brown
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Home Planet
Airy Darksun
Jorg Darksun
Alek Darksun
Lily Darksun
Jacob Darksun
Warga Farstarr

History - Chandrila

Born to grain farming parents on Chandrila, Mazen dreamed of becoming a pilot from his earliest days. The family landspeeder was a starfighter that he was racing through trenches and hyperspace while really on rural back roads. Unlike most young would-be flyboys, Mazen's dreams were derailed early on by finances and family circumstances.

In short, the Darksun family could not afford to send Mazen to the Academy no matter how badly he wanted to go. And then, a childhood friend had seduced Mazen in her own desperation to cover up a pregnancy; he was pegged as the teenaged father. Mazen tried to do the right thing, marrying Cela Farstarr, not learning until years later that little Adum was not his son.

To make ends meet as a new father and husband, Mazen had finally found his opportunity to fly, mentored by a member of the Chandrilan Air Defense Squadron until he'd earned his pilot's credentials. Then, Mazen too became a member of CADS, flying part-time in Y-Wings and Z-95 Headhunters to gain experience.

Their son, Adum, was just turned three when an Imperial Air Strike in Hanna City cost Cela and Adum their lives. Falling permacrete from a damaged building crushed them both, leaving Mazen bereft. From the tragedy, however, his mentor decided to ensure that Mazen had the opportunity he had always dreamed of. He encouraged and helped him put in an application to fly with the Rebellion. And the rest, they say, is history...

History - Rebellion & Rogue Squadron 1

Sent to Dac for his initial assessments and training, Mazen met Alexandra Russo before he'd learned that she was soon to become Rogue Leader. The Chandrilan and Tanaabian had hit it off immediately at the Downtime Cantina, but their professional duties immediately got in the way of romance when Alex was promoted and Mazen was assigned to Rogue Squadron.

Months passed and Mazen proved himself a capable ace pilot. He was promoted to Lieutenant and Executive Officer of Rogue Squadron with his track record. By then, he and Russo were working side-by-side without any sign of tension between them... or so it would have seemed. It wasn't until a weekend pass where the duo stayed behind on base that everything changed. The pilots finally admitted their feelings for one another and took their working relationship to the next level.

As their relationship progressed, Mazen proposed at a ski resort on Telos IV. The couple made plans to marry on his homeworld, giving his family the chance to finally meet Alleycat. However, the marriage plans were foiled by Mazen's jealous brother and Cela's old friend, Ginny. Mazen was drugged and made to look as though he'd cheated on Alex just before their wedding. The couple broke up and went their separate ways...

History - Rebellion & Rogue Squadron 2

Since the couple had resigned their commissions to get married and start a new life, Mazen found himself adrift following their break up. Not knowing what had really happened, he denied any involvement with Ginny despite the set-up scenario. As time went by, he despaired, thinking he really had been unfaithful. He attempted to take his own life but had been found in time. Once recuperated, Mazen left Chandrila, wandering aimlessly from system-to-system.

Contact from Commander Braiden Sky brought a curious Farmboy back to the Rebellion where he was offered his old position as XO under Sky who had advanced to Rogue Leader. Mazen accepted and began putting his life back together. He befriended Holly Starstorm whom he almost dated until Alexandra Russo accidentally walked back into his life, on Smuggler's Moon of all places.

That reunion was full of strife so it wasn't until Braiden Sky was sidelined in an accident and Mazen was promoted to Rogue Leader that he sought Alleycat out again on Coruscant. She, it turned out, had taken on a lucrative career with Incom and Mazen sought her out for her training skills, asking Alex to return to the Rogues to help him train the next generation of stellar pilots. She agreed, on a contractual, limited time basis. It gave Mazen hope that he could find a way to get Alex to fall in love with him again, since his feelings for her had never changed.

With much patience and the truth coming out about what Alek and Ginny had done back home, the Rogues agreed to be friends... and then, their mutual attraction began to get the better of them once more.

The newest persons to Mazen life came in the guise of a pre-teen, Lily Organa, and her dog, Darley. Alexandra met them on the Rebel base first and both pilots fell in love with the girl. When it turned out she was an orphan, struggling to get by on her own, Mazen and Alex pursued guardianship of her, building their family at last...

Skills / Classifications

Mazen is classified to fly the following ships:

  • A-Wing
  • B-Wing
  • E-Wing
  • X-Wing
  • TIE Fighter
  • Bulk transport
  • Lambda-class shuttles

He's trained in hand-to-hand combat and use of a standard blaster as well.


Despite the stereotypes that go with being a flyboy, Mazen is very down to earth and reserved/laid back. He speaks in generally short sentences and gets tongue-tied easily. Mazen sketches cartoons, both serious and snarky, in his spare time. He also sees running as a hobby.

In his career, he's very much a strategist and able to look at the big picture and long term effect of his decisions which makes him a very capable leader of the elite fighter squadron.

Roleplay Threads

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