The Device

The Device

"The Device" is a golden cylindrical object, belonging to Mikhael Bakunin of unknown origin with unknown capabilities.

Description Edit

"Golden object", "a cylindrical object, golden and similar in length to a banana"[1], "a golden cylindrical object a few inches long" [2]

Abilities Edit

A small hatch could open on the device, revealing a touchscreen display that could active a screeching sound over various frequencies[3], was protected and encased in Mandalorian beskar[4], could close electronic doors on Kamino [5], could call his ship to him and control its cloaking device[6] and much more.

Hypothesised Abilities Edit

" The Force didn't seem to affect him which may or may not have to do with the secret device he has ... Why weren't any of the force techniques working with him? Was it the device...was he some sort of Vong hybrid? "
― Tahira Solo[7]

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