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"After twenty years of life, all that people do can be safely predicted from how they have behaved before; whether good or evil. What path I tread is not for me to know, unless I approach it with determination and certainty. Neither good nor evil, but morally neutral, utilitarian in totality..."
―Mikhael, aged 13

Mikhael Bakunin (born Mikhael Haj'ane), Chancellor of the University of Ryloth, is a Hapan anarchist, former Pal'da of Hapes, political science professor and large-scale terrorist.


Appearance Edit

Mikhael Bakunin stands at a relatively tall height, with a moderately thin build. He is usually unnoticeable and blends in with the background, wearing a jacket of sorts and having a fairly neutral short haircut.

Equipment Edit

Mikhael tends to wear unremarkable clothing, and similarly keeps unremarkable technology. His ship, a modified YT-4200, tends to blend in across the galaxy, and he has a remote beacon for the ship that, when activated, enables autopilot to track him and allow him to get on board.

As well as this, he has The Device, a golden cylindrical object of unknown manufacture, with unknown capabilities[1].

Personality Edit

Mikhael's personality is generally cool and collected, though the actions that he produces are less so. He tends to prefer chaos to order, but it is unknown why.

According to himself[2] he never sleeps.

History Edit

Mikhael Bakunin was born as the second son of the Queen Mother on Hapes and named Mikhael Haj'ane. He studied on Sith worlds, under the name Mikhael Bakunin, as a child and graduated at the age of 17, becoming a professor before his 20s. He became the head of political science at the University of Coruscant in his 30s and Vice Chancellor of the University of Ryloth at age 41. He trained as a Sith for most of his 30s and continued that path beyond his 40s. He is primarily known for being a revolutionary anarchist, a political scientist and an eccentric terrorist, though each of these is debatable.

Childhood Edit

Hapan Childhood, 0-10 Edit

He lived on Hapes, but nothing more is known about this period. At age ten he, extremely reluctantly, left to attend a boarding school on Roon to avoid political troubles on Hapan. Though born with the name Mikhael Haj'ane, he was given the name Mikhael Bakunin to avoid detection; a name which he kept for life.

Roon Childhood, 10-15 Edit

He was at a boarding school on Roon, occupied by the Sith as a high-security school, but little is known about this period. He found a roonstone[3] which he used in the device as a focusing crystal.

Nal Hutta Childhood: University, 15-18 Edit

He started university at Nal Hutta at age 15, and graduated early at age 17. He led a research project for the following year into modern political science - and specifically the difference between tyrannies and democracies[4] - and was made a Doctor shortly before his eighteenth birthday. He received a message on his birthday informing him that he was still unwelcome on Hapes, and he started work at the University of Sanbra immediately afterwards.

Adult Life: The Missing Years Edit

First Professorship, 18-21 Edit

He received his first Professorship at age 21 from the University of Sanbra, after reforming the university's structure and making great leaps in the understanding of historic political science. He received a holocomm message shortly afterwards from his mother, asking him to return home, which he ignored[5].

Second Professorship, 21-25 Edit

He received his second Professorship shortly afterwards for 'completely revolutionizing the understanding of historic political science' and for leading their political history unit. He was given a message after receiving his award, that he was no longer welcome in the royal family as he was too Academic[6].

Unknown Twenties, 25-27 Edit

He worked with Rynalla[7] to expand the area of pre-historic political science, searching through and for many ancient Sith and Jedi artefacts and looking for any sign of Rakata or Celestial politics, but found little.

The Jenisis Years, 27-29 Edit

" In a volatile galaxy, one educated man could be the difference between peace and all-out galactic war."
―Mikhael, aged 27

Mikhael was on Khar Delba with Rynalla, a Sith archaeologist who was helping him uncover Sith political science, when he met Jenisis in a tavern[8]. They became a couple almost instantly. He was also working for Djinn Altis on the Chu'unthor, and it had been ten years since he was previously in love. He had a vision that he would see Jenisis slam the door behind him, and that he would shout that she had lied to him, causing her to cry. Their relationship would last 25 months.

The Missing Years, 29-38 Edit

" Just as the future of this world is uncertain, and for all I know a great empire will rise up to enslave it once again, my own future is uncertain. I will seek the Jedi, the Sith and the other groups, and I will find out who I am. And, whatever that result, I will embrace it...I will always strive, whatever my situation, to protect and serve the galaxy as much as I can - without want for reward - and I hope to see others do the same."
―Mikhael, aged 29

Mikhael spent a year as ambassador to Mon Calamari, on behalf of Hapes, and during that time looked after Tahira Solo for a day, during which time they were attacked by a skra'akan[9] that tried to kill them. Both displayed surprising capabilities, and Mikhael eventually killed the creature with lightning. Tahira healed him, and both discovered that they may have the potential for Jedi or Sith training.

Mikhael headed to the Chu'unthor to be tested by Master Djinn Altis, before seeking out his old associates among the Sith. When he was 31, his mother died.

University of Coruscant, 38-41 Edit

Mikhael became a senior lecturer for Coruscant's criminal psychology, political science and social psychiatry departments, specialising in humanity. He developed a reputation as being the leading Academic for Anarchist Psychology and was regularly paid to appear on panel discussions to talk about the mental aspects of major galactic crimes. Alongside this, he was a leading member of the Galactic Underworld.

He became head of the Political Science department[10] and joined the University's leading body only a couple of months before the Death Star entered and exploded in Coruscant's upper atmosphere, the remnants helping to annihilate the University (though conspiracy theories suggest that the University was demolished from the inside). The Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor were not found, and the Pro-Deputy Vice Chancellor died a few days later under unusual circumstances[11].

The Galactic Underworld, 38-41 Edit

Little is known about his time at The Galactic Underworld, but stories were told by his associates. According to them, he:

Was part of a team of criminals who destroyed an Imperial spacestation at Kuat [12]

Failed in an attempt to claim the bounty on the head of Bethany Kismet[13]

Was part of a covert group that attacked an Imperial base on Alderaan[14]

Attended the Yule Ball with Lilith Matrionac[15]

Destroyed a major power supply to Naboo's Palace during the Siege Under Theed attack[16]

Was part of the Sullust takeover[17]

Dropped a thermal detonator on Alderaan during a TGU infiltration [18]

Participated in the Bounty Hunter Wars [19]

Hunted Katarine Ryiah's bounty[20]

Sided with the Rebels against the Sith at the Battle of Dathomir [21]

Participated in the invasion of Utapau[22]

Was part of the team that helped to destroy the Death Star [23]

Helped TGU invade Csilla[24]

Set off a large detonation on Muunlinst that separated the floating city from its docking[25]

Destroyed a market square on Bothawui [26]

Participated in the Tatooine election of Utkon Mai[27]

Was partly responsible for the destruction of Cloud City[28].

University of Ryloth, 41 Edit

"I have faced greater threats than you, Jedi. I have taken on Sith Masters from the distant past, battled with world leaders across the stars and faced darker nightmares than you have, despite your experiences. I have shaped the galaxy and brought souls to the mouths of gorogs; I have torn down civilisations and erected titanic structures, labyrinthine networks and colossal hives. On this day, I wish to turn an old man into profit, and fail to exert any of my raw power, and I suggest that you let me."
―Mikhael, aged 42

Mikhael was therefore the most important individual at the destroyed University of Coruscant. With the insurance money, and many private donations, however, he was able to procure enough money to build the same structure once more - but instead opted to build the two-campus University of Ryloth at five times the size; one campus permanently in daylight and the other permanently in darkness[29]. He was elected Vice Chancellor[30], the previous Chancellor remaining in his post, and ran the daily operations from his office on the Brightlands Campus.

Halfway between his office and the Nightlands Campus was a large and spectacular building called the Ryloth Retreat[31] that sat in the planet's twilight zone, in which Mikhael hosted University Court meetings. It later emerged, however, that the meetings were a facade designed to cover a galaxy-sized conspiracy. Mikhael survived the ordeal with his credibility surprisingly intact.

Mikhael hunted Vohn Exel, a lost Jedi Master, on Kamino[32], and used his device to lock doors off the landing pad. He followed this act by hunting Vohn once more, helping to rescue him from Korriban by killing several Sith Knights[33] with a detonator, broken glass and fire. He received a cloaking device for taking Vohn to the Sith and two hundred thousand credits for returning him to the Jedi.

The Galactic Crusades, 41-43 Edit

The first Galactic Crusade was allegedly created by the University Court[34] as a cover for larger operations, but Mikhael's involvement was minimal. During the Galactic Crusade, he was noticed on Hapes by Tahira Solo, where he kissed her after having killed the Hapan heir, his niece,[35] and later the Queen Mother, his sister[36].

The second Galactic Crusade started when Mikhael deliberately led Tahira to expose the University Court, creating a rift within factions as well as between them[37]. During this Crusade, Mikhael adopted the names "Chaos" and "Control", refining both to show his dual personality aspects as someone who supported anarchism but ensured all aspects of every part of his life were moderated.

Beyond The Crusades Edit

The Spiral,43-45 Edit

"No man can control the galaxy. Men can only seek to control themselves. And few men do."
―Mikhael Bakunin, aged 43

Mikhael tracked down Mikel Shanshu and persuaded him to join him on a quest to locate and resurrect an ancient Sith sect known as the Krath[38].

"You know, nothing that I have ever done has been for your harm. You have profited from each moment, from birth through to present day."
―Mikhael Bakunin to Tahira Solo, aged 44

He later tracked down Tahira at a Carnival, where he killed several members of the event and attacked her personally[39]. Immediately afterwards he headed to Hapes to try and kill the Queen Mother, his niece[40].


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