Mirialans were a species of near-Humans native to the planet Mirial who had greenish-yellow skin. Generally, the skin of males was darker than that of females. The Mirialan people were religious and practiced a primitive understanding of the Force. They believed each individual's actions contributed to their destiny. A Mirialan would place a unique tattoo on their face and hands to signify that they had completed a certain test or task. The number of tattoos would thus often act as a good indicator of how mature a Mirilian was.

Famous Mirialans included the Jedi Luminara Unduli and her Padawan learner Barriss Offee, who were active during the Clone Wars, as well as the notorious pirate Arwen Cohl.

Goravvus, the Senator of Taris (as of 3,964 BBY) and Jana Lorso, the representative of Czerka Corporation on Telos during 3,951 BBY, were also probably Mirialans.

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