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Mistryl Loronar
The United Federation
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Kane Smart
Cai D'ulin
Cabal Loronar
Kat'ra Smart, Ko'tir Smart
Aleister Gray


Sara Wise
""We do what's necessary to keep our people alive.""
―Karol D'ulin

Personality -Edit

Mistryl is dedicated and light hearted. She has a tendency to smile where others might frown or hold a steady gaze.

She listens and hears the words and actions of those around her, too often taking their words to heart making them her own. She loves a fight, yes a good fight. She loves to learn and willingly submits to those who are willing to teach her.

Even though she comes from a long line of warriors and family she feels something is missing, and does not know what it is.

Early years -Edit

Mistryl born on the planet Emberlene chosen among the young women of her world to become one of the Mistryl Shadow Warriors

Mistryl 1

Training -Edit

Martial Arts


Hand to Hand

Vibro Blade

Shock Whip

Zenji Needles

Family -Edit

Father - Cabal Loronar

Mother - Cai D'ulin - sits upon the Eleven Elders a strong willed woman who demands the complete dedication of her children and companion. A move against Cai was a move against the Clan, and against the very soul of Emberlene.

Siblings - There are three girls, and two sons all of whom whose names remain sealed for their own safety.

History -Edit

As tradition would dictate Mistryl was given over for training to the Shadow Warriors at the young age of 5. From the beginning she learned languages, and weapons, the skills of observation. When she turned 14 she was deemed ready to join the Guards for missions.

First mission out, they were to go to the home of a wealthy landowner on Corellia. Mistryl having never seen a tusk cat before faltered giving away her position as she stopped to investigate and see if she could pet tusk cat. One moment on her feet the next on her back and the cat ready to make her catnip. The team came in and pulled her out, though they had been successful in obtaining the goals. Her Team Prime took no pity on her and had her punished for endangering them all. To remind her of her fault they nick named her Kit.

Mistryl soon learned that she would rather work alone, less risk to others and all the responsibility was hers, and hers alone. Except for those missions where it was required she be apart of a team.

Her mother an Elder on the council of Eleven holds her daughter to the highest standard dictating what her life should be as it was for the good of the clan. Everything is for the clan.

Not until the night she left Emberlene did she know how far her mothers dedication went......within days she would be on Mandalore.

Mistryl Shadow Guard -Edit

The Mistryl Shadow Guards were an elite group of all female human mercenaries, sent from their home planet of Emberlene to earn money in support of the devastated communities of their world. The Shadow Guards history was a long and tragic one, full of deception, greed, anger, and destruction, beginning long ago, with the loss of Emberlene.

The Shadow Guard typically operated in small teams led by a commander known as the Team Prime.

While the Guard were deadly at any time, the Shadow Guard were especially adept at close-quarters combat. They were well trained in martial arts, and also had a large amount of weapons training as well.

The Mistryl were legendary for their stealth and ability to remain unnoticed at all times. They had access to a huge database of profiles of galactic citizens. When needed, a guard could quickly use one of these and assume that person's identity in order to either get close to a target or get away from an area.

Roleplays -Edit

[Tranquility] - Mistryl joins UT and begins training with Commodiorus

The Resol'nare - Mistryl begins her duties as bodyguard and aide to Commodiorus and Kane.

House of Cards - The Hapan civil war begins, Mistryl is assigned to protect the Pal'da.

Warriors Dreams Mistryl explains why she left Emberlene.

Party on Csilla Mistryl becomes companion to Kane.

Csilla to Chandrilla - Kane and Mistryl go on vacation getting to know one another better.

Bodacious Babes of UT - Mistryl tries to befriend the women of the Federation.

We do what we must to survive -  a story from Mistryl's past, reliving one of the missions with Mya where the Emberlene failed leading up to the circumstances of why Mistryl is exiled.

Royal Wedding to Remember - Kane and Mistryl attend the wedding of Maximus Meridus and Isis Laro.

Royal Wedding to Remember Dane Arceneau and Minerva Decuir - Kane and Mistryl attend the wedding.

What is Family for if not to kill you - TGU comes to Mandalore to rescue Bane, while Mya uses a connection to them to attempt to kill Mistryl.

Hide and Seek A story from Mistryl's past. In an attempt to win favor with the Eleven Elders and her mother Cai, Mistryl sneaks onto Dathomir going after Christian Draclau. While there she observes his interactions, and listens to how calculating he is as he battles Disciple. She tells him about what a blood oath, he tells her he must have the permission of the Coven Leader to make such an oath. Without Christian's definite answer Mistryl returns to Emberlene, coupled with the failure of two missions, and Cai's underhanded dealings with the Empire of which Mistryl is the only one aware of her plans, Mistryl is exiled from Emberlene, and now a target for any Shadow Guard.

The Garden of Angels, Takeover of Iego - The federation travels to Iego to help Maximus gain his throne. Mistryl and Kane strengthen their bond in the cargo hold.

Carida - YLRP - The Federation goes to Carida to fight back the Sith and Empire. Mistryl discovers she is pregnant.

House of Cards - Hapan Civil War - The Federation goes to the aide of the Hapans.

Blood is thicker than Water Cai sends a message to Mistryl asking her to come to Emberlene, that it is time to mend fences between them. Mistryl, Kane, Brock, Cuy'an, and Kat'ra travel to Emberlene. Mistryl receives her inheritance from her father something she never expected. Mistryl is also a child of a blood oath, as first born to Cai and to her father, Mistryl becomes the heir to Loronar Corporation.

Accident Investigation - Kane seems to have lost his memory and no one knows where he is, again. Mistryl worries as only this can lead to no good. As the plot unfolds Kane reveals he was capturing Sansa Vale for her crimes against the Smart Family.

Any Given Doomsday - Takeover of Concordia - The Witches of Dathomir move against Concordia to secure resources for their recovering world of Dathomir.

Justice is on the end of a nightstick - Takeover of Sullust - Mistryl assumes the role of an engineer on Sullust, investigating weaknesses until the takeover begins, and the Federation makes its move.

Wedding of Kane and Mistryl Mistryl and Kane are married.

Everybody Talks - Mistryl meets with Invidia Decuir.

Kat'ra Day Out - Mistryl takes Kat shopping only to have maurauders and enemies of Kane show up trying to kidnap the Manda'lor's only child.

Off into Darkness - Mistryl is traveling to Nar Shadaa to make a connection on needed resources for Manda'alor, Kane in his infinite wisdome assigns Strider Garon to guard her. Mistryl comes to understand the hound a bit better.

The Senate Meets - Mistryl and Kane attend an open meeting of the Federation Senate, representatives from around the galaxy meet. The meeting soon turns adversarial, and soon the best made plans lay in ruin.

Paint it Black - The Royal Family of Hapes is missing, the Federation bands together to find them, if they can.

December 2012 - Mistryl gives birth to a son Ko'tir Kane Smart.  The mandalorian meaning of Ko'tir is overthrow.

Takeover of Hapes - The Sith has made a move against Hapes. The Federation goes to aid, Mistryl pregnant watches and monitors from the bridge of the Shassa. While Kane and Anija are nearly killed in battle.


Its a Two Way Street - (2013) Mistryl enters Loronar Corporation into a deal with Eva Crowley.

Playtime on Corellia - Kane and Mistryl's son, disappears on the beaches of Corellia to play with Julianna Nero, Kassey's daughter.

We've got to stop meeting like this - Kane has been missing, Mistryl goes to Zeltros to look for him and finds Christian Draclau. This is not the first time she has meet the Nightbrother Master. Their paths keep crossing, what does this mean.

Sometime Family comes First - Kane and Mistryl are reunited, but where has he been, and why hasn't he told her what he is up to. Will she forgive him ?

The Shell Game Mistryl is kidnapped by Koga to lure Kane to Loronar. Once Kane arrives having brought Kotir with him, the odds change when Kotir, and Mya are kidnapped. What ensures are countless battles to save the Smart family. Kotir is poisoned by Muad Dib and placed in stasis till a cure can be found. Kat'ra was infected by a fourth assailant, and cured by Minerva Decuir. Mya was kidnapped by Dresdin Astil, the circumstances are quite sketchy on this as no harm came to her, and then she was seen with him on Emberlene, and again during a bar fight with Cuy'an.

The Leopard's Spots - Kotir is missing again, only this time he has snuck on board Kane's ship as he has arranged a plan to capture Kassey and turn her over to the Empire. All this to avenge his first family, and the loss of their child. All while Mistryl panics to find Kotir on Mandalore.

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