Miyeke Yerkel
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Miyeke Juliet Yerkel
Also known as
Firrerreo Freighter
Princess of Firrerre
The United Federation
Body type
Eye color
Golden Brown
Hair color
Blonde with brown highlights/tint
Skin color
Family members
Significant other
Eros Yerkel
Lorryn Yerkel
Noire Vayne(half-sister)Sulacki Yerkell
Atkime Yerkel
Nolana Yerkel
Achoss Yerkel
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family

"For an angel, she is a hot hot mess...."


In A Normal SettingEdit


Miyeke Yerkel

Miyeke does not have a tendency to be nice to others. She remains within her family and any friends she may have. It is in her nature to be one of two ways, really closed off, or really forward. She doesn't care what others think of her, as some think she's just a stuck up bitch, but Miyeke pays no mind to them, as it is none of their business what she is like.

Her fowardness can get her in trouble, but secretly she loves to be a little more wild than she's supposed to be as a representive of Firrerre. She feels like she live a triple life sometimes. The normal her, the family her, and the political her. But she can seem rather mean but really it's just a normal attitude for her. She likes being alluring sometims, depending on who it is.

Once cracked through her hard outter shell, she can be nice, but it is rare anyone can do that. She is a rough girl and she is hard to break when it comes to personal situations.

She tends to care little for anyone but herself and her family.

In A Political SettingEdit

When she is on her political position, she is professional and puts emotion and her typical tendencies aside when in business. She respects others as long as they respect her. She remains strict in her decisions and she rarely changes her mind once it is set.

She takes loyalty seriously and if any person were to stab her people in the back, she would have little to talk about it and all action.


Miyeke; age 9


Miyeke's childhood was a strange one. She grew up on a frieghter because the Firrerreo had to leave their planet so long ago. It was difficult being so cooped up like she was. She was a little adventurous while she was in her younger years.

Her father and mother treated her well, and bore two other siblings during her childhood, Dracha and Atkime. She loved them very much and she tended to get along with them well. She wasn't as cold as she is now while younger. Her bitterness began in her teen years.

Teenage YearsEdit


Miyeke; age 13

In her teenage years was when she really started to change. Life was changing with her and soon she had taken on a more bitter, more closed off, and far more secretive. She wasn't really a people person to begin with, but as she got older, it became more obvious that she was a loner.

Her parents were trying to break the habit enough that she'd go and meet men among the Firrerreo type, but she never showed interest in any sort of marriage. Especially when her parents tried to set her up. She willingly stood up to them and told them that she would choose her own life mate and nothing was going to change that. With that proven, she was left alone.

Miyeke ust goes along with what she thinks is right and she has no troubles doing what she wants. She won't step on her family or people close to her, but she developed the view of not caring of what others wanted unless it benefited her in some way.

Going back to FirrerreEdit

I Dreamed A DreamEdit

After much time, her father, Eros Yerkel, took it upon himself to inovate the other Firrerreo to return to their lost home planet, Firrerre. It was hard convincing them, but eventually, they figured they should try and go back some time. They were sick of being cooped up after all. To have their planet back would prosper them in many ways.

The ReturnEdit

The return was the roughest part. To see their planet almost completely destroyed still was hard. And they also knew that they would have to work hard to repair it. Build buildings again, restore homes, try to revive plant life, reorginze the clans once more, and many other things. Their main goal is to return it to the presige it once was.

Earning NobelityEdit

With the fact that her clan innitiated the want to return, came the Firrerreo putting them up as their government. They were innovators and there was a government at one point, so their prestige was put on them. Her father willingly accepted it because of the effort he had put into bringing the Firrerro back to Firrerre. It was a long and difficult journey and he was not about to let it go unrewarded.

The United Federation AllianceEdit

News spread quickly of the Firrerreo recolinizing and so with that, people showed up not only to try and help, but to also gain and ally. The United Federation had already shown they went out to help and they were a place of many combined planets together. It appealed to Miyeke.

Eventually she came to the decision that it would be smart to allign with someone, and it benefited the Firrerreo and The United Federation. Another strong appeal to her decision.

In the end, Firrerre ended up alligning with The United Federation and is using their help now to restore their planet.


Miyeke Yerkel; present; age 25

The PresentEdit

At the moment, Miyeke reigns as the Princess of Firrerre and stands for all the political decisions as Prime Minister. She works hard and is a presistant person, hence why she was chosen for such an important job. She hopes to one day prove herself a worthy heir to her father's newly acquired thrown.

She decided when the people of The United Federation came to Firrerre to let them handle the Firrerre loyalty, so far she doesn't regret her decision and has pledged the loyalty of Firrerre to The United Federation, as they have offered to help rebuild their planet with the Firrerreo people. Time is the key to such a job and she does everything in her power to help with what she can.

Miyeke is a United Federation Trainee

Her FamilyEdit

She has always been close to her family though and never disrespected them. They are the only people she loves at the moment and are the closest people she has to friends.


Eros Yerkel

Lorryn Yerkel


Noire Vayne

Atkime Yerkel

Nolana Yerkel


Sulacki Yerkel(Miyeke's twin)

Achoss Yerkel

Thread HistoryEdit

Character DevelopmentEdit

The Game Of Cat And Mouse

The United Federation(Training/Takeovers/ect)Edit

Rebuilding From The Ground Up


Going To The Chapel

Liberty Ball

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