Name: Naan Chudo

Species: Human

Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Family: Father: Trig; Mercenary

Mother: Unknown

Age: 33

Height: Just under 2m

Rank: Jedi Knight

Affiliation: Jedi Temple

Appearance: Naan was graced with a very ordinary appearance. Standing just under 2 meters tall, his striking blue eyes and straight, shoulder-length brown hair are the only attributes that are above average. His moderately muscular frame is covered by traditional Jedi robes, colored in browns or forest greens.

Weapons: Aside from the Force, Naan carries a tri-phase lightsaber that he crafted with his master, Kyle Fayar, while on his final mission as a padawan.

Personality: Exceptionally gentle, Naan does not like violence. The one time he was forced to kill was before he became a Jedi during a traumatic encounter with wild beasts on the surface of Kashyyyk during the brief battle that resulted in the death of his father.

Background: He was born standard years ago in a dark and dirty corner of Nar Shaddaa to a loving single mercenary father. He was spared a nomadic life only because his father signed a 20 year contract working for Ithorians who were doing bio surveys on the deadly but beautiful forest surface of Kashyyyk. After his father's death, and at the insistence of the Ithorians, Naan reported to the Jedi Temple on Theed. Under the tutelage of Kyle Fayar, he was quickly promoted to Knight. Following the mission upon which Naan earned his promotion, he and Kyle rushed to Coruscant to provide support to the embattled civilian population, and the Jedi who were fighting to hold on to the ever important core world. During the fighting, he and Kyle were separated; after months of leading civilians from one supposed safe zone to another, the battle drew to a close and Naan was able to leave his charges in relative safety. Afterwards, he wandered the galaxy trying to find some trace of his former master. Unsure if the man is alive or dead, holding on only to hope that Kyle's still alive, Naan reported to the Jedi Temple Theed, before discovering he needed to report in on Caamas instead.

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