Navara's Profile
Navara Jayce
Rogue Sith
Naiah Jayce
Eye Colour
Light Blue
Hair Color
Home Planet
Helena Jayce
Arkazo Jalka
Oren Onasi, Malachi (Jaysen), Amilie (Asheli), and Navara

Physical Description: Navara is a tall young woman, skinny but not underfed. She keeps her black hair long, and brushes it every morning to ensure it stays healthy. Her eyes are a lightish blue color, but the Dark Side has darkened them, and small yellow streaks can be seen if one looks closely. Rather pretty, to be honest, but she wears her bangs long, and they're usually in the way of seeing them.

Unlike most Sith, she does not dress mostly in black, prefering dark red robes that mostly hide the pronounced womanly curves of her body. She keeps her lightsaber on a wide black belt, intricately wrought in the curious Mandalorian style; it once belonged to her father, the Mandalorian warrior Arkazo Jalka.

Psychological Description: Navara isn't quite sane, being prone to outbursts of anger and rage. When not in a fury, she is cold and polite, respectful to her elders but somewhat haughty around everyone else. She has a wild side, though, which comes out at parties or when she goes drinking, which happens rather a lot. Otherwise, she is introverted and silent most of the time.

Affiliation: The Sith

Side of the Force: Dark Side

Occupation: Apprentice

Favored Force Uses: Shock, Force Scream, Rage

Weapons: A single-bladed lightsaber with a deep blue blade, that matches her eyes. She also carries a small hold-out blaster.

Force Sensitivity: 4

Weaknesses: Navara doesn't really talk too much, and tends to drink a lot. And as mentioned above, she sometimes breaks out into violence.

Hobbies: Dancing, reading, studying, casual sex.

Personal History: Navara's mother, Helena Jayce, was a nurse in the Republic navy who fell in love with a Mandalorian. They spent a few months together, but he had to leave, and less then a year later Helena gave birth to a baby girl. The two had a quiet life on Telos, until the Jedi came for Navara; the girl was sensitive to the Force, and they wanted her for training. Helena was reluctant, but she knew her duty, and at the age of three Navara was on her way to Coruscant.

Her training went well enough. She neither excelled or fell behind in any of her classes, and indeed would have ended up an average Jedi of little fame or repute. She studied what the Temple knew of the Sith, and became fascinated by them. The Masters thought this was unhealthy, and forbade her to study such material again. She didn't like that, and the incident was the beginning of her dissatisfaction with the Jedi.

Then Telos was bombed, and Helena's name showed up on the list of casualties. Navara was furious at what she saw as the Council's inaction, and that day she rashly decided to leave the Temple. She packed her few belongings and stowed away on a tramp frieghter bound for Taris, where for a few weeks she scratched a meager living among the other beggars and outcasts of the Lower City. She liked it, though, for down there she was free from the restraints of Jedi life, and could do what she pleased.

One day, then, an agent of the Sith found her. It took little persuasion for him to talk Navara around to joining the Sith, and he took her to Korriban, where she recieved basic training. She cast aside her old robes and took up new ones, and despite her quiet nature got along well with the other students. She is now ready for a Master, someone to teach her the further mysteries of the Sith, and of the Dark Side of the Force.