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Naminda Blackheart (Deceased)
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Angel Blackheart
John Blackheart

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Nee is just a bit taller than the average person, but not so much that it would be noticed as out of the ordinary. His charms are somewhat distant from him in almost every aspect but his appearance. He has deep brown eyes that can either be considered daunting or handsome and he keeps himself in good shape, training every morning as he wakes and then again at least once more during the day.



Nee is usually seen wearing a grey, black, or white vest top and brown trousers along the same lines of simplicity as the vest. This is accompanied by a belt which is capable of hold two blasters and two lightsabers. Furthermore strapped to the lower part of both his legs is another lightsaber holder. Since he has subjected himself to self-training, during his months of hiding on the Abiga Caedes II, Nee now believes that it is of a tactical advantage to be dressed so lightly during battle. This allows for more agility and more reliance on the force.

As Captain of the Abiga Caedes IIEdit

When he is performing his duties as Captain of the Abiga Caedes II Nee wears a white commanding officers uniform. This entails a long sleeve skin tight plain white top, a white jacket with neat gold rims and gold buttons, a pair of smart white trousers, and white boots. The jacket also has two neatly applied badges...

  • One that says Captain Blackheart in large bold writing with smaller writing underneath stating that he is part of shift Alpha.
  • One showing three blood red letters (T.H.A) representing his old bounty hunting and military organisation The Hunter's Alliance.

Jedi RobesEdit

Ben Hawkmoon, known to many as Tigernmas or Plogvieze, gave Nee a full set of Jedi Robes upon completion of his training towards Knighthood when he was 28. During his frequent visits to Jedi Temples across the galaxy Nee has sported these robes with pride and honor. He has also been known to wear them to battle with the Jedi aswel, however, they currently reside within a wardrobe on the Abiga Caedes II and this is where they will most likely stay until Nee next joins the Jedi.

Mark IX/s ‘Atrox-Abas’ ArmourEdit

This is Nee's second armoured suit, the other having been destroyed in the long remembered epic battle between Nee and his now most trusted friend Meliadus on the rooftops of Coruscant. The Mark IX/s armour was developed by Nasdra Magrody who is Meliadus' weapons developer. The suit features...

  • Main Equipment
    • Heavy shielding
    • Jet pack
    • Visual imagifiers
    • Servomotors
    • Comm antennae
    • Nighthawk cloaking system
  • Built-In Weapons
    • Two double-barreled heavy arm blasters
  • Additional Weapons
    • Four standard lightsabers
    • Two double lightsabers
    • Two double-barreled heavy blasters
    • Two knifes
    • Two swords with the engraved blackheart family crest and jewels imbedded into the hilt
    • Thermal Detonators

The suit hasn't been destroyed but Nee has found little use for it since the end of The Hunter's Alliance because of its bulky and heavy nature that often made his agile and speedy battle skills near enough impossible. It is currently stored on the Abiga Caedes II and with Nee having no intention of moving it, that's where it will stay.



Nee Blackheart gives complete loyalty to those which he believes deserve it. His loyalty to his close family unit for instance is never faulting. His sister and daughter mean the world to him and without fail he will do anything to protect them. He is even noted for visiting his fathers grave on Tatooine from time to time, having forgiven his father for the horrors that were laid upon him in earlier life and even the attempt upon his life. For this in fact he thanks his father because it is how he eventually got to know his close and equally loyal friend Meliadus. The basics of it are, you do right by Nee and he'll do right by you.


If there was one thing that finally settled Nee to staying with the Jedi long-term it was his battle against greed. When he was faced with being in command of The Hunter's Alliance he became entangled in dreams of grandeur and power. This is quite possibly what led to the eventual downfall of THA as he was to busy expanding to notice the weaknesses within his defense. Still after THA's fall Nee fought long and hard with his inner-self to defeat this greed and has succeeded in making it for the most part a thing of the past. Still though, it gives Nee something to reflect on when looking at others and he often even judges people by there ability to cope with greed.

The Dark Side of the ForceEdit

Nee has fallen to the lure of the Dark Side more than once, but he has come to a stage in life where he is beginning to understand the faults that made him weak enough to let it take hold in the past. This has helped him make these occasions a memory that can be recalled upon to study his enemies on the battlefield.


The Coruscant YearsEdit

Born in the upper levels of Coruscant to a rich family that supported the Emperor under the name Nexus, Nee was a twin. His twin brother John Blackheart was kept a secret and used for his fathers evil experiments. Nexus (Nee) was treated like a prince for the first two months of his life, until the Emperor took and interest in the fact he had his fathers name. The name his father had been banished from using due to him being part of the Separatist movement during the clone wars. When the Emperor discovered this, much to his mother’s disgust, Lord Blackheart was ordered to send Nexus (Nee) to the lower levels of Coruscant, never to return. So in the dead of night Lord Blackheart travelled to the lower levels and sold his son to a slave driver. However he did leave his son two family owned swords, so that he would know he was loved.

By the time he was in his early teens Nee had grown accustom to the lower levels and their dangers. He had grown up alone working in horrid disgusting slave house making weaponry illegally for an underworld gang. There was no pay, just food scraps to keep the workers with enough energy for the next day. This had led to somewhat of a hierarchy when it came the social aspect of living. Some of the children were older and stronger and so they attacked the youngest of the group to take their share of the food. Nee grew up with this, and it gave him the chance to fight on an almost daily basis and eventually as he grew older he was accepted in the 'older crew' and became one of there strongest fighters, showing no remorse for anyone hurt in the process of getting more food for him and his mates, after all he'd been beaten so why shouldn't they. This in turn though meant that eventually Nee was just as strong as the guards that held him at his hell hole of a home. Once he had figured this, he snuck up on one of the guards during night patrol and beat him to the floor, taking his gun and murdering him in cold blood. Nee killed every guard in the building before he left so he could satisfy the ever growing hatred inside of him.

It wasn't long after he left the workhouse that Nee came across two teenagers following him. He made that he didn't notice them. They had seemed to be taking notes. When he finally confronted them it turned out they were spying on him to give information back to the gang that had run the hell hole he had just escaped. There names were James Church and Andkat Jensad. James was a tall muscle built lad with a similar build to Nee and Andkat the opposite, shorter than both Nee and James with a skinny build. Finding their idea of gathering information amusing Nee offered them a trade of their silence for his training weapons wise. This was a start of a glorious friendship. They even found out his name for him, which he changed to Nee to avoid being found. Soon the three were in successful business, they knew most of what was going on their side of the city planet and they could easily find out anything they didn't know.

After a very successful two years Nee was looking into the case of a young girl called Naminda Clanthead who was wanted by Lord Xizor, head of the Black Sun. Nee had never felt a feeling towards anyone as he did this girl before then. He eventually fell for her. Not that James or Andkat were happy with this, but they did accept it. They set up a brilliant web of deception to make Xizor believe Naminda was dead and they succeeded. Naminda was free from her running and four became three. This worked well for the six months before some news hit the group in a way none of them had expected, Naminda was pregnant with Nee's child. This meant that for the nine months that followed she stayed behind at there home with Andkat while James and Nee brought in the money to keep them going. The day his child was born was and still remains to be one of the happiest days in his life, he had a family, and he had his friends who were now loyal to him. Everything was perfect. He named his new born daughter Sky Blackheart after the beautiful landscape of the upper levels, thousands of meters above her birth place.

When Sky Blackheart reached the age of two a tragedy struck this small family. A tragedy called Xizor in a bad mood. On learning that Naminda was still alive, Xizor ordered the deaths of Nee, Naminda, Sky and Andkat. The small shack that they lived in was bombed causing the deaths of Sky and Naminda. Andkat escaped and fled the area, Nee was captured and forced to work for Xizor in his new Bounty Hunter league. When he started work at the Bounty Hunter League, nee discovered he had a connection to the force.

The Bounty Hunter YearsEdit

During his time at the Bounty Hunter League, Nee underwent training under the then rogue Jedi Knight Kyp Zeth Durron. This didn't last long as Kyp and Nee soon developed a hatred towards each other. By the time his training abruptly stopped unfinished they were enemies for life.

This wasn't the only problem that interrupted Nee's life at the Bounty Hunter League. His family past joined the equation quite early on when his father came back into his life with a few surprises. One of which was his younger sister Angel, sent into the League as a Spy for the ruthless and evil Sith Lord Blackheart. Once Angel had embedded herself into the ways of the bounty hunters she reviled her true identity and tried to convince Nee to join her and their father, and take the Galaxy in a storm of evil.

The Bounty Hunter LeagueEdit

The Hunter's AllianceEdit

Search for PeaceEdit

Tournament of the SaberEdit

After he had regained his strength from the downfall of The Hunter's Alliance Nee needed something to get himself back on the ball. He knew he needed a new challenge and upon seeing an advertisement he entered the first Tournament of the Saber. Where he would face fellow Jedi and Sith in a battle of lightsaber skills. He had after all always been great at swordsmanship...

Tantor Aden Peiori Caligga Hawk Hinata

The Jedi BrotherhoodEdit

Ships and StarfightersEdit

Capital ShipsEdit

The Abiga Caedes (Destroyed)Edit


The Abiga Caedes

The Abiga Caedes was the first ever ship constructed by The Hunter's Alliance and it stayed in service as Nee's personal vessel all the way through till the Alliance's demise in the battle above Tatooine. The Abiga Caedes saw many a battle including the takeover of Geonosis. It was present when the Alliance visited Ryloth in their failed attempts to get the planet to peacefully join the alliance. It ferried Nee between Tatooine and his Jedi training on Naboo and even took the odd trip to the city planet of coruscant. When the Alliance meet its demise above Tatooine, however, the Abiga Caedes was destroyed in a battle with an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. The connection between the bridge section and the rear section was severed causing the rear to collide with the Star Destroyer, causing enough damage to bring down most of the giant's systems to a shutdown and making it easy pickings for the passing Clanthead. The head of the Abiga Caedes floated off into deep space taking most of the crew with it, which included Angel and Sky Blackheart. They were found months later floating the abyss of space, with little food or water left, by Andkat Jensad who took them away from the derelict wreckage to Geonosis where the far larger The Abiga Caedes II was being constructed.

  • Name/Model: Nova-class Battle Cruiser
  • Designer/Manufacturer: Hapes Consortium/Hunter's Alliance Construction Yards
  • Length: 400 meters
  • Hyper drive class: 1.5
  • Sublight Speed: - MGLT
  • Atmospheric Speed: -
  • Hull Strength: -
  • Shield strength: - SBD
  • Shield type: Particle and ray
  • Crew: 1700
  • Troops:
    • 224 Battle Droids
    • 68 Destroyer Droids
    • 68 Super Battle Droids
    • 56 IG-100 Magna Guards
  • Ground Vehicles:
    • 2 PAC
    • 8 Dwarf Spiders
    • 2 Spiders
    • 2 AAT
    • 2 Hailfires
  • Starfighter capacity:
    • 30 Reaper-class TIE fighters
  • Support craft:
    • 3 Lambda-class Shuttles
    • 1 Rho-class Shuttle
  • Weapons:
    • 25 Turbolaser Batteries
    • 10 Ion Cannons
    • 10 Laser Cannons

The Clanthead, The Iron Hand, and The OverlordEdit


The Clanthead

The Lucifer (Destroyed)Edit


The Lucifer

The Lucifer had a short lived life as The Hunter's Alliance biggest capital ship, the pride of the fleet. It started service in the midst of an attack on the Alliance. This was to one of the two out three battles it survived. Meliadus commanded the super star destroyer which by its self turned the tide of the battle and forced the enemy to escape. For its second mission The Lucifer was sent to force the planet Geonosis to join the alliance. It was a long and tiresome battle where the huge capital ship saw little action in space and was more used for the transport of troops to fight the surface battle below. Its service ended during its third and final battle where an unknown fleet (probably Imperial) attacked The Hunter's Alliance main planet of Tatooine. The fleet was much larger than that of the Alliance's and just having The Lucifer wasn't enough to save them this time and the super star destroyer was destroyed half way through the battle.

  • Name/Model: Executor-class Super Star Destroyer
  • Designer/Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
  • Combat Designation: Flagship Cruiser
  • Length: 12800m
  • Hyperdrive: 1
  • Sublight speed: 10 MGLT
  • Atmospheric speed: None Atmospheric
  • Hull strength: 45712 RU
  • Shield strength: 96000 SBD
  • Shield type: Particle and ray
  • Crew: 280,734
  • Troops:
    • 32000 Battle Droids
    • 16000 Super Battle Droids
    • 16000 Destroyer Droids
    • 1600 IG100 Magna Guard
  • Ground Vehicles:
    • 240 PACs
    • 960 Dwarf Spiders
    • 240 Spiders
    • 240 AAT
    • 240 Hailfires
  • Starfighter Capacity:
    • 2880 Vulture Droids
    • 1728 TIE Reapers
  • Support Craft:
    • 106 Rho-class Shuttles
    • 72 Hammer-class Bombers
    • 45 Lambda-class Shuttles
  • Weapons:
    • 60 tractor beam projectors
    • 375 turbolaser batteries
    • 375 heavy turbolaser batteries
    • 375 concussion missile launchers
    • 375 Ion cannons
    • 3000 dual laser cannons
    • 1200 dual light laser cannons
    • 6000 point-defence laser cannons
  • Specialities:
    • Outer Cityscape
    • Gothic Architecture

The Abiga Caedes IIEdit


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