History of the Nero EstateEdit

Robert and Claire
The Nero Estate is a 6000 square foot mansion on the coast of Golden Beach, Coronet City, Corellia. It was built for Robert and Claire Nero. Robert was a wealthy businessman and Claire a political activist. They built the home not only for themselves, and their son Michael, but as a headquarters for Mrs. Nero's functions and political movements.
Michael and Mayli Nero
After Robert and Claire had both passed away, the home was left to Michael and his wife Mayli. Both Michael and Mayli worked for the empire under the cover of Research and Development consultants. This allowed them to stay on Coronet rather than moving with typical military deployments. Their actual assignment was a black ops, Empire driven, asset recovery team operating out of the Nero home. With their "Office" being in home, they were able to raise their only adopted son, Akoma, there in the home. Micheal and Mayli were found dead on assignment near Tatooinne. Their project was covered up, swept under the rug, and they were given a military funeral on Coronet. The house was left to Akoma who left it vacant for years after his parents death.

Eventually Akoma moved back into the home with his then fiance Kassey Daklin and lives there today.

The Nero Estate was one of five houses around the bay at the time of completion, but the area now has well over three dozen homes of equal and greater size.

Layout and Features of the Nero EstateEdit

The large estate features a brick and stone exterior and is built on the slope of the dunes. With stone masonry arched windows and split level roofing gives this house a modern look with a classical touch. It's a 6000 square foot floor plan with an almost equal splitting of 2000 per floor. The first floor is sunken into the side of the beach and has both an entrance and a tripple garage. The second floor has a single entrance on the front of the house and a set of steps off the back porch that leads down to the beach.

The Safe RoomEdit

The wine rack on the first floor of the Nero Estate disguises a hidden door, opened by twisting three of the bottles in a specific order to disengage the combo lock. Once open the rack slides behind a pocket revealing a modest weapons cache, which is also a decoy for the real treasure. Once inside the small room, one needs only twist the antique light fixture to open the final pocket door and reveal the safe room. There is a safe blast door that is typically open but can be closed and secured from the inside only.

Behind the cache, is Michael and Mayli's Safe Room. It's their base of operations for all there operations and is fully stocked for just about any mission that could come their way.

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