Nightspider Cult Cave

Nightspider Palace, located deep within the Nightspider Cult Cave

The Nightspider Cult Cave is the dwelling for members of the Spider Clan, a clan of witches on the planet Dathomir. Few know of the existence of the cave, which is nestled in an ancient cavern deep in the darkest recesses of the Singing Mountains. The cave itself is much more than a simple cave; it is a network of tunnels and passageways that spill out into a large cavern beneath the Singing Mountains. Within this cavern, intricate stone structures nestle around the Nightspider Palace, home of the Clan Mother.

The cave is nearly impossible to get to with its only known entrance resting on the mountain's steepest vertical cliffsides. Because of its location, a near-constant clash between the Spider Clan and the Singing Mountain Clan occurs over territorial disputes.

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