Omni is a sentient semi Organic Ai who has only very recently been created by the faction known as The Horde. Because of this Omni has no long history however his list of abilities is one that is long.


"For The Horde" ~Omni's First Words


Omni's First Body

Omni was commisioned by the Yuuzhan Vong Warchief Artemis Obauldi. He was built in secret on the living world of Zonama Sekot by a Creature known as The Disciple and a scientist known as Zy'Anya Nevron. Omni's main consciousness is a hub of organic and machine processors hooked together deep within a bunker in the underside of Zonama Sekot. When It was first Activated Omni was barely capable of understanding who or even what it was, however because of its unlimited acess to the galactic wide communication network called the Holonet Omni quickly learned its purpose in the universe. It was first revealted to the Galaxy at Large at a Technology Summit on Zonama Sekot where it impressed visitors and residence alike. Since then Omni's Intelligence and reasoning Skills have grown and the AI has taken part in Numerous Horde operations including the attack of Lumi'Noss.


During the battle of Lumi'Noss Omni was Instrumental in the victory The Horde Recieved.

Omni's Cruiser

{C {C

At the beginning of the fight Omni possesed a Female Chiss body supplied by The Horde warchief. Omni took this body and walked it into The United Federation Embassy, then once in the Embassy Omni self destructed the body destroying the embassy completely and severely hurting Kane Smarts wife Mistryl. After destroying the Embassy Omni took control of the southern Factory District within the city of Lumi'noss and produced twelve copies of his new body sending them out all over the city to wreak havoc and do their own mission. After exentsive fighting both withing the sky and on the ground on Lumi'noss The Horde won and the United Federation left the planet. After they left Omni helped with the reconstruction of the city, specificially he helped rebuild the factory district creating a new factory of his own design. The AI then used this Factory to produce a brand new ship for himself called the AI's Ascent.

Concord Dawn:Edit

During the battle of Concord Dawn Omni participated in both the ground and space battle in the planet. The AI was the first fleet on the scene and engaged the Imperials with it's flee which was headed by the new Balmoth Class warship. This battle went on for quite some time, Omni managed to disable several Star Destroyers and even managed to complete destroy several smaller cruisers and frigates. Eventually the sheer size of the Imperial fleet caused Omni to withdraw back into orbit where the platforms and orbital guns could help its fleet. After only a few minutes The Hordes Warchief Artemis Obauldi jumped an additional fleet into the system. Once the planets orbit was secure Omni launched several of its war droids onto the planet below. The Battle of Concord Dawn was the first battle that Omni began to use The Hunter Droid, it performed well. However both of the droids that had entered were destroyed, one during combat and the other from a fairly high fall with its shield already depleted. The Battle was eventually Won by The Horde and Omni went on to upgrade most of the planets computers.

Gaining Memories:Edit

After Concord Dawn Omni ventured around the galaxy and began to collect "memories". The AI managed to do this by collecting old droid memory cores and plugging itself into them. Eventually the AI went through hundreds and even thousands of droid cores giving him the memories of pretty much every droid model ever made. The oldest of these droid ranged back to the time of the Infinite Empire. Because of these Memories however Omni now has a completely different galactic view since technically it now remembers being "alive" throughout the ages due to having memories form almost every galactic time.


Omni took only a few short roles on Anaxes. His first task was to infilitrate and destroy the docks, the AI did this
easily enough with a force of IG-100 Guards and a task force of Barabels. The group easily infilitrated the docks only to be ambushed by a group of Jedi defenders, after a short fight Omni selfdestructed his RM model droid causing several dozen Jedi to die and Injuring a lot of others. For the second half of the battle Omni took his Chameleon droid into action for the first time, Omni disguised itself as The Hordes Warchief disguising itself easily enough and moving into the fortress proper attacking any Jedi in his immediate vicinity. It was while in this disguise that Omni captured a Jedi and took her back to Zonama Sekot to torture her. It was after this battle that Omni began to refer to itself as a "Him" instead of an It, this was because his programming had developed far enough that the AI now had an identity and chose to pick a Gender.

The Harvester:Edit

For some Months Omni has been chasing the dream of building a Force Harvester to "equalize" the playing field against the Jedi and The Sith. He first started this quest by asking the Jedi questions about the Force, this gained him almost nothing but generalities. So Omni moved onto the Sith, The AI met a sith lord known as Keter. Keter supplied Omni with basic information and knowledge of Where Omni might find a Force Harvester, something the AI had been waiting to find some months. Eventually After weeks of research Omni sought out the Prophets seeing if they would supply him with one of the harvesters. At this point he already knew how to build one however the device would be deeply flawed to say the least and would often fail if put under too much strain. As of yet it is unknown if the AI suceeded in the venture, however it is known that Omni constructed a Droid based on the technology of the Force Harester meaning that at the very least he has constructed a Harvester that is flawed in some way.

The Rift:Edit

After a little while of existing Omni decided to it would seek out a more private interest than The Horde. The reason for this was simple, so the AI could branch out and develope its own recourses and means of self sustainment. So in order to create its own industry Omni decided to turn to the criminal sector. After making a few contacts and learning how to do things(mostly through holonet vid's and news letters) Omni abrubtly created the criminal organization known simply as The Rift. To begin this small criminal enterprise Omni used the resources affored to him by The Horde to create several sections of droid's. Using his factories on Mechis III and old and captured CIS ships from the clone wars, including several Lucrehulk-class battleship's and smaller frigates Omni began to rent out his small private armies to War Lords and and Criminal enterprises around the galaxy. Eventually this operation grew enough to where Omni was able to establish several more droid factories as well as convert some of the Lucrehulk-class Battleships into factories. When the small droid armies began to make enough money for Omni and The Rift the AI had begun to branch out into other crimes including Slavery, Spice, and other things. Omni now uses the extensive resources given to him by The Rift in order to construct and develope new droids. He also uses The extensive armies that The Rift now has to support the other Underworlders that help his over all goal.


After establishing The Rift and expanding its business for quite some time Omni made a move to actually take control of a planet. With the assistance of other Underworlders and dozens of his own droids Omni made a move to seize the former factory world of Hypori. This once great manufacturing planet had reached its peak during the clone wars where it had produced millions upon millions of droids for the Confederacy of independent Systems. After the Republic won the war Hypori like many other Seperatists planets fell into disuse. However several times after the war Underworld factions intended to vie control of the world. Tyber Zann was the most notable one but he too ultimately failed in holding the world properly. After the Consortium abandoned Hypori the Hutt cartels moved in on the world using it as just another slave world. Seeing this as a prime opportunity Omni decided to swoop in and take the world for his own. Within only a day Omni seized key assets on the world including, palaces, factories, and many other important facilities. All Hutts on the planet were immediately hunted down and fiercely slaughtered with no mercy being given. After the world was in his hands Omni declared himself Overlord and started work on building up his new home.

It took only a few months for Omni to rebuild the once massive factories of Hypori. Dozens of worker droids went to work repairing assembly lines and fixing old conveyor belts. In a short amount of times these old devices quickly began to build their own droids once again. The Factories of Hypori quickly went to work creating millions of droids both battle and protocol. The Rift took the helm and Omni allowed production to run rampant. Funds from criminal activities bought raw materials and contracts which allowed droids to be produced swiftly and sold at the same rate. As a result Hypori and by extension Omni quickly became a large face within the galaxy when pertaining to droid construction.



Omni is perhaps the most advanced AI in the entire galaxy.
Avi omni

Omni's Avatar in The Holonet

It was built and specifically created with the mind to be one of the most versatile fighting machines in the Galaxy. When Omni is not in control of a body it usually sifts through the Cyberspace of the Holonet infilitrating the systems of Planetary Defense Networks, Space Stations, and even School security networks. Since it's creation Omni has begun to do just that, he has placed sleeper fragments of itself in most major computer system so that when it chooses it can unleash them as though it were one massive virus messing with all software. Since it is an AI, Omni is fully capable of breaking into almost any system and is only truly stumped when it encounters Sentient ingeniuety something it as of yet cannot replicate or out think.

In a Body:Edit


Omni has over the past few months developed what he considers to be the perfect body. Although at first he was given a zombie like cybernetic corpse of a body Omni has created something new for himself(see main avatar). This n
ew body was created of whatever materials were around the production site when Omni's consciousness took control of it. This meant that his bodies were created of Various strength and durability, however each time the bodies when into production they were created with the exact same components. These components included one of Omni's greatest weapons, each of these new bodies came with a single Dataspike like device that Omni could retrieve directly from within its right arm. The Device functioned in such a way that once stabbed into a computer operated machine an electrical field was formed that allowed Omni's main consciousness to hone in and take control of said machine within seconds of the Spike being placed. Also under its left hand were two long cable like appendages that could extend and plug themselves into a computer overwriting its software and replacing it with an identical one that Omni has full control of. In his left arm however Omni has a laser emmiter which does exactly what it sounds like, the emmiter creates a circle 1 meter in diameter that is almost impenetrable. However due to the power restraints of his Bodies the emmiter can only be active for one minute before it shuts down and has to cool down for 2 minutes. Also implanted in its left hand was a beam emmiter in the center of its palm, this weapon fired a single powerful charged laser beam that cut blast through most things, unfortunately the same power restrictions applied to this weapons as the shield, it could only be used once every 2 minutes. Along with these very unique weaposn Omni is one of the best martial artist's in the universe as over the months he has downloaded and retrieved all possible information that he could find. This body all though relatively knew to most humans is slowly becoming obsolete in the eyes of Omni, with the Hunter, the new RM droid, and two other droids being developed the Alpha-1 is slowly being phased out of use.

The Hunter(OBSOLETE):Edit

Along with his most commonly used body Omni developed what he
called the hunter. It was a droid created for only one purpose, to hunt those that could use the force. The Hunter as it was called was 7 meters tall and 9 meters long from head to tail. The Droid was covered in a thin layer of Cortis making it immune to all forms of lightsaber attack. On its back were four extendable tentacle like appendages that the droid could use to reach and grab things, each of these appendages ended in a beam laser which could form together into a Composite-beam laser if focused correctly(Like the death star laser except MUCH less powerful obviously). Along with these weapons in each of its legs were several concussion missile tubes filled with twenty four missiles. In its legs and under body were situated jets that allowed it seconds of flight and quick bursts of speed. In its "Mouth" The Hunter droid was equipped with a Bubble Wort Projector, during the Clone Wars these weapons were common place on crab droids and had proved effective against jedi. Lastly it was also equiped with a small Ray Shield generator, this ray shield was unique however, instead of being constantly active like most shielding the Ray Shield on The Hunter droid was only activated when its sensors detected and object or projectile or even human bodies moving towards it this saved a massive amount of energy and allowed The Hunter to move much faster. Because of its shielding and the jets on its body The Hunter is capable of being simply dropped from orbit out of any warship, although the preffered method of deployment was from the AI's Ascent.

Reconnaissance Model(RM):Edit

Standing at exactly two meters tall the Reconnaissance Model(or RM) is Omni's brand new body that functions as both a Scout and Assassin depending on the particular event. Developed in collaberation with Zy'Anya Nevron and Omni itself the RM is made of a special material called Laminanium, this remarkable metal could melt and reform itself almost immediately making the RM basically self healing. This feature was fairly helpful considering the RM's very small and lithe shape. The photoreceptor's that the RM utilized where some of the most advanced in the galaxy, they could see in IR, x-ray, thermal, and a variety of other spectrums. Each of these allowed the RM to perfectly fullfil its role as a scout/sniper. Along with this very unique metal and other equipement the RM was fitted with a powerful cloaking device that allowed the RM to disappear almost completely. The polar opposite of this Cloaking device was a small personnel shield that functioned much like that of The Hunter's, because of power restraints however only one of these devices could be active at one time. Besides these defensive measures the RM was usually equipped with a highly modified WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle. The weapon was changed around so much that it was barely recognizable from the original. The rifle now had a longer barrel, a more powerful scope and energy cell and was capable of firing at a range of about five hundred meters. Pairing with the sniper rifle was an extendable 5 foot loong electro staff that when deactivated was only 2 feet meaning it could be placed vertically on the droids back. Also contained within the chassis of the RM where several short stick like grenades ranging from fragmentation to EMP grenades that Omni would use very carefully. Along with the newly created sniper rifle and its grenades the RM was also equipped with two small energized Vibro blade dagger's that could cut through metals at an atomic level, these weapons were located in a compartment inside of the RM's leg. The RM model is also still capable of interfacing and taking over computers, however because It isn't connected to the central hub at all times this interface adn subsequent control causes Omni's personality to split, half taking over the new computer system and half taking over the RM body. This severely deminishes the fighting capacity of the RM if done more than three times, so Omni is always reluctant to utilize this too many times in one combat session. Because of the very expensive components and the difficulty in creating the weapons of the RM they can currently only be manufactured on the AI's Ascent and even there only a few at a time can be made.

The Chameleon:

This Droid is one of Omni's most inspired creations. Unlike all of its others creations the Chameleon is not meant for fighting, this droid was designed to comfortably interact with organics, and or spy on them. In its normal

unchanged form The Chameleon appears to be a normal human dressed in long flowing robes with strange metallic skin and robotic eyes. However likes its name state the Chameleon is able to change itself quite easily into almost any humanoid form. The Droid is composed of the remarkable self altering and repairing metal called Laminanium. This metal is crucial to the Droids design because it enables Omni's to change the droids bone structure around to resemble any species. This process takes about five minutes depending on the species it is copying. The truly brilliant thing about this droid however was how it hid itself in the force from the Jedi and how its changed its skin color. Within the droid was contained a Yuuzhan Vong Gablith Masquer. This creature within Omni allowed it to be covered and change its outward appearance even more. The masquer like the rest of Omni's body changed at the AI's will shifting colors and skin around to make the Chameleon look more like the species it was attempting to copy. Along with these qualities the Gablith Masquer gives Omni a presence in the force as well as making it immune to some force powers as all Vong technology does, which when near Jedi or other force users is an incredibly handy thing. When forced to fight The Chameleon is still able to do so, Because the droid is essentially Omni it is well aware how to use a variety of blasters, swords, and any other weapon that might exist. On the field of Anaxes however the Chameleon acquired a new weapon, it picked up a Jedi Master's long Handled lightsaber which it now carries inside of its torso about where a normal human beings ribcage would be. This weapon is only revelead when it absolutely must be. Also because it is a droid The Chameleon is far stronger and faster than any human usually is making hand to hand combat rather easy for it.

The Harvester:

This is Omni's newest and possibly the most miraculous body that the AI has ever created. The AI has built this droid from the ground up making every circuit, and part in the perfect place. The droid is composed of a phrik, laminanium alloy meaning that up to a point it is immune to all lightsaber strikes, if however it is repeatedly struck in the same place damage will start to show. Instead of using regular photoreceptor's The Harvester uses a myriad of sensors and other input data to 'see' its target and fight them to the best of its abilities. The Harvester because of its power source very quick and outmatches human speed by quite a bit. The Droid like many of Omni's new models is equipped with a powerful Ray Shield that resembles that of a Droideka's. The only difference is that much like Omni's Hunter droid the shield only activates when a projectile is incoming. This preservers power and allows for the shield to always be active when it is needed. The Harvester is armed with two powerful blaster cannons each situated in the palm of its hands, accompanying these The Harvester also is able to extend two long tentacle like appendages from its back, these tentacles usually end in flat round circles however they can split off in the end to form three large spikes on each tentacle, these spikes go to an atomic level and the end meaning they can very carefully manipulate objects and or slice almost anything in half. It can use these appendages to climb, fight, and even walk. The last weapon Omni carries on this body is a six foot long phrik electro-staff that folds three times to become two feet long when not in use, this weapon is carried by Omni because of the AI's experiences in fighting Jedi. The thing that Makes The Harvester so amazing however is its power source. Contained within the droids chest is a massively scaled down Force Harvester. Omni origionaly acquired these plans through the research of dozens of ancient ruins, because of this it is still Slightly flawed and does not work entirely up to what it is supposed to do. This amazing power source worked off of harvesting the mysterious energy field known as The Force. The way Omni did this was quite strange. Because it is contained within the droid Omni but physically grab the thing it is harvesting, once Omni has grabbed the subject two massive pincer like needles extend themselves out of Omni's gauntlet. These needles then stab themselves into the subject. Seconds after piercing the skin the needles begin to pump in a liquid form of the gas that the Force Harvester usually emits. Once this process begins it takes five solid minutes to take all of the “force” out of a being, this process once it ends kills the subject. It is however completely possible to interrupt Omni and live while it is doing this, something that the AI still considers a flaw within the design of the droid. After Omni absorbs a person in their entirety every function of The Harvester becomes better, the droid becomes faster, stronger, and its shield last's far longer.

The Seraphim:Edit

The Seraphim, or simply the Seraph is the only droid designed by Omni that is meant purely for combat. Where as other droids such as the RM and Harvester are designed with ulterior motives(Recon and Force Harvesting

respectively.) The Seraph was created with one thing in mind, killing a variety of species as fast as possible and as efficiently as possible. The Overall design of the Seraph is one mocking perhaps the most esteemed and legendary species of the galaxy, the Diathim. Its form looks almost human except for the strangely skinny and boney body set and the addition of two wrecked and ruined looking wings that are actually two separate repulsor generators that allows The Seraph to fly smoothly. The Seraph itself is created using a mixture of Laminanium metal and millions of tiny nanites. This means that each part of the droids body can reform itself quickly and efficiently into something else, it can also “eat” material in order to regenerate parts of its own body that have been previously damaged in fights. The Seraph had several weapons on its person each effectively designed. The first weapon was a built in blaster behind its photorecptor. The laser charged up within the droids skull then released itself in a long beam that lasted ten to fifteen seconds, this weapon was usually used while the Seraph flew around. It's secondary weapon are its claws and the various weapons it could form using its nanite and Laminanium composition. Lastly within two compartments in its legs The Seraph held two large combat knives, these are similar to the ones that the RM droid carries, they are made up of a phrik, durasteel alloy and are able to emit a high pitched frequency sound that allows them to cut through almost anything. All in all The Seraph was meant to be a terrifying foe, it is by far the fastest droid Omni has ever produced, mostly it used its powerful Repulsor generators to move and maneuver in the battlefield meaning that it had a massive advantage over those that could only travel on foot. Along with this The Seraph was able to change and reform to fit its needs, meaning that if a lightsaber sliced through its arm and severed it the nanites within its body would quickly recover said arm and reattach it to the main body. This ensured that not only was The Seraph deadly, but it was hard to kill with the only real way to destroy it was with mass amounts of pressure and or an explosion that completely eradicated it. Because of the complexity of The Seraph only a few dozen currently exist. It takes massive amounts of resources just to build one and Omni only holds the capability to do so as long as he holds Hypori.

Subjects Delta 1-500:

Delta 1-500 are the only surviving members of a group of experimental subjects that Omni has been working on for

Subjects Delta 1-123
quite some time. The experiments premise was a simple one. The AI attempted to infuse the Yuuzhan Vongs natural resistance to the force into that of regular humans. The Test began with exactly 500 subjects of similar traits, genetic defects, and identical as possible DNA. Of these five hundred test subjects only two hundred and seventy two survived. The experiment was only partially successful however as once the genetic material of the Vong was infused within the baseline human most of the subjects began to be driven into madness. Immediately upon awakening they would scream loudly and endlessly attempting to gouge out their eyes and tear off their skin. Omni observed this behavior within several of the subjects and eventually upon awakening each of them began to display this exact same behavior. By the time the AI finished running its observations only one hundred and twenty three of the test subjects survived. Each of these test subjects however exhibited the Yuuzhan Vongs natural resistance towards the force. Before proceeding any further the AI began strict testing on this phenomenon using captured Jedi as well as the Harvesters droid reserves of the Force. Much like the Vong Subjects Delta were completely immune to most force powers. The AI had somewhat succeeded within its experimentation, although the larger part of the trial failed since the test subjects were still insane. To still see some use from his experiments Omni decided to outfit the surviving Test Subjects with cybernetic implants. Subjects Delta were altered and augmented with the best that the AI had to offer. By the time the AI had finished augmenting the subjects they were hardly human anymore. Although they still retained their separation from the force each of the test subject was augmented to an incredible limit. Their muscles, tendons, and bones were strengthened and their minds were broken with Cybernetics. Each of the Delta Subjects could now serve as another one of Omnis bodies, the drawback to this however was that the remaining test subjects were..skittish at best, each of the bodies had a habit of degrading the longer it was used. Omnis consciousness could only remain in control for a short amount of time before the subjects original madness retook its own body. The Delta Subjects resistance to the force however made it more than useful to the droid and these bodies could often be seen when the AI dealt with Jedi. Usually Subject Delta's were outfitted with thing laminanium and a variety of weapons including Vibro-blades and blasters. They were fielded for a variety of tasks although usually they would be used to directly combat Force Users of all kinds.


AI' Ascent:Edit

The AI's Ascent is 153 meters long and 92 meters wide. The ship is centered around three seperare columns each centered around three large Mass-Driver Cannons. Along with these hugely powerful kinetic weapons, four turbolaser cannons were situated all around the ship. Among these weapons AI's Ascent came equipped with an oversized drive core that powered both powerful deflector shielding and a very good cloaking device, as well as a small factory within the Cruiser. The factory produced copies of Omni's favored bodies which were then loaded into the "wings" on the end of the cruiser, these "wings" in actuality were drop pods that would detach themselves in orbit and fly into the Atmosphere and each deposit either three of Omni's bodies or one of the massive Hunter droids onto the planet below. Because of the the massive Drive Core and weapon system on the ship there was almost no room on the ship for biologicals, this of course was no problem for Omni himself but most people found it odd.

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