Rebel Scum


Pal Holloway
The Rebel Alliance
27 standard years
1.92 meters


There are men who come from nowhere to change the face of history. Great heroes who want nothing more than to see peace and justice across the galaxy. With selfless courage and a strong conviction of morality and virtue, they fight with all their might for what is right, for that in which they believe. This is no such man.

OOC InfoEdit

Former Names: Pal Vader; Paul Vader

Other Incarnations: Rebel 69; Kurklash

Trained by:  Bounty Hunter Dreyas (SWFans)

Joined TGC/SWFans:  May 2000

Current Faction: The Rebel Alliance

Former Factions:  The Bounty Hunter's Moon (SWFans); The Rebellion; The Band of Outlaws; The Galactic Underworld; Independent

IC InfoEdit

[I New-52ed this to make everything work, will make further changes to reflect familiar relationships]

0-16: Raised by the Guild on the Bounty Hunter's Moon. Trained by various bounty hunters, including Dreyas, mostly in piloting and gun-slinging. Trained younger hunters, notably members of the Brood, such as it's leader, the Mandalorian known as Bubba. 

16-19: Enrolled in the Imperial Academy. Designated to TIE corps. Expelled and nearly killed after superior officer used him as a scapegoat when caught selling Imperial weapons on the black market.

19-20: Operated as a freelance pilot.

20-23: Joined the Rebellion after meeting a Rebel agent while both were being hunted by the Empire. Flew for Rogue Squadron, under Admiral Angel Hawkmoon's leadership for much of the time. Also participated in several clandestine missions.

23-25: Once the Rebellion temporarily defeated the Empire and rebranded itself the Republic, he left for the underworld. Operated as a freelance pilot and smuggler. As with the Rebellion, he participated in clandestine missions against the reforming Empire, but for personal gain.

26-now: With the Republic crushed and reformed as the Rebel Alliance, he rejoined his old comrades in arms to fight the growing Sith Empire and Dathomirian threat.



Pal is normally seen in civilian clothing, nothing flashy. His garb is typical of a smuggler: brown boots, pants of a blue, gray, or khaki color, and a simple shirt, usually white or gray. In the cold, he wears a gray or brown jacket.


Pal is cocky and selfish, looking after himself before all others.


Pal is an amazing pilot, but he embellishes his stories quite a bit. He is a pretty good shot with a blaster, and he can handle himself in a fight.


Pal typically carries a DL-22 blaster pistol in a holster on his hip, and he sometimes carries a Blurgg-1120 holdout blaster in a holster under his arm. He also frequently uses a double-barreled blaster carbine and various other weapons when necessary.

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