Peiori Caligga
Peiori Caligga
Sith Master
140 lbs.
Eye Colour
Crimson/bright red (changes based on mood and stimulae
Hair Color
Pure white
Home Planet
Theed, Naboo
None, Involved with Ciara Lone
Pelegri Caligga
Malak Caligga
Pelegri Caligga (Sister)

"Madness and genuis are seperated only by degrees of success."

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Peiori Caligga is a rather long and lanky sort of character, almost too thin to be given any sort of notice as to his physical stature,but Peiori's thin physical form also hides a secret. Below the thin, almost emaciated body of this eighteen year old madman lies the power of a teenage human in perfect physical condition. This primal fitness gives Peiori a degree of athleticism which allows Peiori to perform rather amazing feats of physicality, endurance, and strength even without the aid of the dark side of the Force. A warrior through and through, but also a cunning tactician, Peiori's physical prowess and mental cunning are not bound by the laws which govern a being of sound mind, and in some ways, this is his second greatest ability. His skin, once alabaster white, has been scarred to a hard, weathered brown while his once flaxen hair has been stained to pure white by the ravages of the dark side. Though his body is fierce, and a creator of external terror, nothing summarizes Peiori Caligga like the horrors of his face. Always twisted into a strange and over-exaggerated grin of total madness, with flashing crimson eyes that reflect all that can go wrong in a living creature, Peiori's visage has been known to cause fear in his enemies and cause them to go mad with fear. Peiori's crimson eyes, which were warped after he had been stained with the mark of the Dark Side from Korriban's harsh sands, reflect the inner madness and insanity that strike fear into the hearts of his enemies and the entirety of the galaxy.

Traits and AbilitiesEdit

Origins and Life Among the JediEdit

Peiori Caligga was born to a mild-mannered, perfectly normal family on the outskirts of the Nubian City of Theed. Like all, or rather, most Jedi candidates he was tested at an early age for acceptance into the Order, but barely made the prerequisite midichlorian count to be accepted into the Order. Accepted nonetheless, Peiori went off to live in the Jedi temple with others like himself, now out of his parents' and family's hair forever.

Peiori didn't have a very nice family, he wasn't a wanted child, quite frankly; he was an accident. Therefore unloved and unwanted, the family decided to get an abortion, but a malfunction and a greedy doctor caused Peiori to survive. There was some stunted growth, but the biggest problem, of course, was Peiori's emotional development. Unlike other children his age, Peiori isn't exactly the most stable emotionally. Why this is, is up for grabs. Of course, an attempted abortion could have untold effects on a person, but also while he lived with the family of his birth, for those few short years, he no doubt picked up on many negative emotions from his mother and father, also having an effect on his emotional outlook. Regardless, Peiori fell back on the codes and the solitude of the Jedi Order to keep himself in the right emotional straits. Such a control they became for him that he was thoroughly entrenched in their belief, even as a young boy.

Then there came the first time his trust in the Code wavered. Peiori had been through many Jedi Masters in his life, one being killed (without his knowledge), another just disappearing, and then another one just leaving the order altogether. He had thought he had finally found his final master in a young Jedi Knight. The two had trained for a few months, a Peiori was confident that this would be the one that finally stayed with him until Knighthood. Then, tragedy struck. The Sith invaded the Jedi home world of Naboo, and put the grand metropolis of Theed under siege. With Jedi being called out to defend the planet, and Peiori being too young in the ways of the Force to contribute, he was left in the temple while his master went off to defend the Order. His master came back, of course- cut up and charred by the inhumane but powerful magic of the Sith. Emotionally distraught, Peiori not only had to deal with the loss of a master, but also a pure wakeup call for his beliefs, which didn't end very well. He settled his demons, yes, but not at the risk of regression. Basically locking the experience of his master away in his mind, Peiori continued about his life denying that the Sith had ever killed any Jedi he knew.

Now Peiori stands, or rather crouches, frozen with fear in an undisclosed corner of the archives while the Jedi and the Sith battle for control, after the Archives have been whiped and many of his friends have been killed. Can the young boy stand up and support his beliefs? Or will he once again experience a fall of the Jedi so magnanimous as to lose him to the Dark forever?

That question was answered soon after the Sith infiltrated the Jedi Council Archives. On that fateful day, the Sith attacked the archives, killing numerous Jedi knights, padawans, and younglings. Taken aback by the sight of the dead younglings and padawans mostly, for those were his peers, those he considered his friends, the young boy finally lost all faith in the codes of the Jedi and decided it would be better if he abandoned the Order at that time and gone on his own quest to find himself; realizing that he had followed the dogma of the Jedi blindly for all of his life, he wasn't rejecting it, simply deciding to find himself before returning later. In his exasperation, he stowed away on a docked ship, and then waited for that ship to take off when its owners decided to escape the carnage of the infiltration.

The Force did not grant Peiori Caligga any sort of luck that day. The ship he had stowed away on, hoping to find a more peaceful and tranquil life to counterbalance the carnage he had just seen, and to equalize the uneasy epiphany he had just experienced. However, he had already set himself up for demise; for he had stowed, not on a Jedi ship that would take him to safety, but on the ship of the very same Sith that had infiltrated the compound in the first place, murdering his comrades and shattering his life as he knew it. Yes, he was off to the doomed world of Korriban; the Sith stronghold he had wanted to stay the farthest from.

Once on Korriban, the child was doomed. Though a Jedi tried valiantly to save Peiori from the fate of the Sith, the boy was driven mad by the influences of that Dark planet, and he disappeared inside the depths of the planet, as far as the Jedi were concerned, forever; dead to the harsh realities that the Korriban desert planet would force upon his fragile body.

But he did not die.

Peiori wandered the surface of that Force-forsaken planet until he finally came upon a veritable city of graves; the Valley of the Dark Lords. By now the darkside had warped the young, traumatized Jedi's mind into a mere shell of what it had been previously, and had turned him insane, warped into the perfect shell of a disciple for the corrupting dark lords. There they spoke to him, keeping him alive for months and teaching him their corrupted dogma to replace the ideal one he had kept in his head for so long.

By the end of it, Peiori Caligga had been warped; now infused with a dark Force aura that rivaled in potency the evil of even the darkest lords, he left the teaching of those ancient dead ones to pursue more concentrated training at their permission at the hands of the living. Carrying with him tattered clothing, a primitive lightsaber with an exposed crystal and a crude wood handle, as well as the smile and the gaze of a child gone insane, Peiori Caligga, now a willing and able Sith padawan, appeared at the doorstep of the Dark Sith Order, ready to continue his trek on the road to darkness.

The Apprentice of ChaosEdit

"Chaos: the infinately complex patterns of the universe to the simple human mind."

The Acolyte of the DarkEdit

The Dark MasterEdit

"We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells... and of constellations."