One of the five pillars of The Sith Council, chiefly for Sorcery/Dark Side Force specialists.

Led by Darth Cazador.


  1. Jessan Solo (Master)
  2. Karin Dorn (Apprentice)
  3. Koga (Knight)
  4. Lelila Marzullo (Knight)
  5. Rach Sullen (Master)


Named the Sorcerers, members of this Pillar are knee-deep in the Study of the Force and the powers that go along with it. They specialise in Sorcery, Alchemy, and subtleties of the Dark Side. Some can be denoted by their disfigurement and scarring from delving into the darkness. When fighting against other Force users, they are usually at the forefront, alongside the Pillar of Strength.

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