One of the five pillars of The Sith Council, chiefly for Field Study/Scientific/Technical/Research types.

Led by Quietus.


  1. Archon Kaan (Master)
  2. Darth Jase (Knight)
  3. Darth Volden (Apprentice)


Need to find out what's going on over on Tattooine? Heard of a Force relic that's been discovered by the Jedi? Does the faction have need of more lightsaber crystals? What's that creature and how can it be used to our advantage? This is the team you go to when you need intel or a job done quickly and quietly. Archivists, and Field Survival Specialists. Their knowledge of foreign planets, ancient relics and civilizations, beasts and much, much more come in handy when you need the home field advantage. Their ability to survive just about anywhere is also useful when a mission posses high danger.

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