General Pter Arakin

Physical Characteristics Edit

Standing at 6' and weighing at 190 lbs., Pter Arakin is by no means a physically imposing figure. His brown hair is no longer buzzed, as is required of the newly enlisted personel in the Imperial Army, but falls down across his forehead. His eyes are a very plain brown as well but when looked into indicate a determination and focus unmatched by many. He bears several scars from laser fire and other combat situations as well as one mark on his shoulder from a lightsaber burn.

Personal History Edit

Childhood Edit

Pter grew up on the planet-wide metropolis of Coruscant and rarely traveled off-world. His father, Jon, was a mid-level Imperial officer stationed on Sector Zero (Coruscant) and as such, Pter was constantly exposed to the Imperial military throughout his younger years. At the age of six he declared to his father that he "was going to join the army, to impress him and his military friends". This began his dream of gaining admission to the prestigious military academy at Carida.

Adolesence Edit

Pter excelled physically, but even more so academically especially in the fields of physics, math, and literature throughout his high school years at one of the many private institutions available on Coruscant. His childhood dream was realized at the age of 18 when he was admitted to the Imperial military academy on Carida.

The Early Years in the Imperial Army Edit

Throughout his time at the academy Pter pushed his abilities to the limit in the classroom and in any physically demanding exercise. This left little time for personal relationships or friendships with the other cadets, but Arakin was determined to graduate at the top of his class in order to gain a prestigious position in the 501st Legion. After graduating third in his class, Arakin was now a 2nd Lieutenant in the Imperial Army, although at this time he was not a member of the 501st Legion. His first years in the Imperial army reached their apoge with his involvement in the crisis at Bespin. This was his first introduction to the now leader of the Empire, Admiral Disra. Lieutenant Arakin led the rescue party that helped remove Disra from Bespin after he and other high ranking officers were ambushed by members of the Underworld.

Rising Through the Ranks Edit

Pter rose through the ranks of the army over the next several years, ultimately culiminating in the rank of General and head of the Imperial Ground Forces after General Dorlas' leave of absence. After several years of relative calmness throughout the Empire, General Arakin was sent to the Outer Rims for the purpose of scouting out worlds with high commodity potential.

The Return of the Old Guard Edit

General Arakin recently returned back to the Imperial army after his expedition to the Outer Rims. Resuming his position as Commander of the Army, Arakin is once more instilling discipline and efficiency into the finest fighting force in the Galaxy.

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