Quel-Jin Lorn
Quel-Jin Lorn
Jedi Master
The Jedi Council
202 lbs.
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Dark brown
Home Planet


Jedi Master Quel-Jin Lorn was born a highly force-sensitive son to the Lorn family, whose names and location of origin have long since been classified by the Jedi. It is known that they held close ties to the Republic, and as such, agreed to give their youngest son up to the Jedi, when his potential in the Force was revealed. Like most Jedi, Quel-Jin left his parents and came under the care of the Jedi Temple at infancy, and was raised according to the Jedi order, without ever having known his family. Nothing else is known of his family's lineage, other than that they had only recently been discovered as Force-sensitive individuals, whose offspring were being monitored for Jedi candidacy.

Jedi TrainingEdit

Quel-Jin began his Jedi training at the age of 2 on the Academy at Naboo, proving an exceptional student as a young boy. He trained hard and diligently while looking up to other famous early Masters of the order such as Danster Bokoto and Saace Falyk, hoping to one day be chosen as an Apprentice by either. His commitment was noticeable, and at the age of 12 when it came time for younglings to either be Apprenticed or relinquish training, Quel-Jin was chosen among his class to become the Padawan of General Ceel himself, the Grandmaster of the Order. The boy was ecstatic, and the two would begin to forge a friendship that would last for many years.

Training under arguably the most powerful Jedi Master in the order had its benefits, as well as detractions, for young Lorn. During his early teenage years, Quel-Jin followed in the footsteps of his esteemed Master by relentlessly rehearsing Ceel's special lightsaber techniques, as well as adopting the old Gungan's steadfast old-school Jedi mindset of the Unifying Force. While he grew increasingly proficient in the arts of the Jedi under the Grandmaster's tutelage, the expectations and stigma that came with being Ceel's Apprentice began to weigh heavily on young Quel-Jin. As the years progressed, Quel-Jin continuously felt the need to prove himself worthy to the greater Jedi Order of being Ceel's apprentice, and sometimes even felt it necessary to prove his worth to Ceel himself.

General Ceel tried to reign in his young Padawan and calm him of such distresses, and for a time Lorn was able to quiet his mind from worry. During his Apprenticeship, Quel-Jin and Ceel completed a number of missions together, including peacekeeping on Kalist VI and even vanquishing an Aqualish insurrection on Mon Calamari. Quel-Jin was present when the Bathory clan attacked the Jedi Temple in Theed, yet was instructed by his Master to help other Padawans and younglings to safety, while Ceel himself dealt with the powerful Bathorys. Nevertheless, the brash 15-year-old ventured out of his hiding place with the rest of his fellow Padawans, and fought his first Sith Apprentice in the streets of Theed. He killed the Apprentice, Kohmar Tahrk, yet faced punishment afterwards for disobeying his Master's orders.

Eventually, as his teenage years progressed and despite accomplishments, Quel-Jin became increasingly dissatisfied with his skills, thinking himself unworthy as a Jedi. Little did he know his fear was causing him to tread down the Dark path, nor did he realize that his quest to prove himself had developed into an insatiable lust for power. Finally, to Ceel's dismay, Quel-Jin finally succumbed to his emotions, and turned his back on the Jedi Order. Deciding that the life of a Jedi was too much to bear emotionally, he ran away from the Theed Temple at the age of 17 and decided to live according to his own will, along with his fellow Padawan and best friend known as Hayt.

Corellian AdventuresEdit

Quel-Jin and Hayt escaped Naboo aboard a freighter bound for Corellia. Hayt had a vast previous knowledge of mechanics, so the two youthsdecided to use their Jedi powers to become swoop racers, and make a living through the infamous Corellian Speeder Bike Circuit.

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