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"To sit still is a sin. A sin I have never committed."

Nomad was a Clone Commando for The Republic at first and then The Rebellion


Like all clone commandos during the Republic-era, Nomad was born along with three other "pod brothers". Each set of four pod brothers became a full commando squad, and each was assigned to a drill instructor, many of which were hired Mandalorian mercenaries. Nomad and this three brothers (Jatne, Birgaan, and Pereese) were assigned as "Theta Squadron" and assigned to an instructor from the Fett clan. One of the more kind hearted and caring instructors, he adopted all the commandos he trained as his sons, though it was later found out that this was an "illegal" adoption in the eyes of the Mandalorians. Regardless, he showed the clones compassion, and was a father figure to them.

Unfortunatly he was killed during a "training accident" when Nomad was five years old (biologically, he was developed as a ten year old due to the accelerated aging). Theta was reassigned to a new instructor, one that wasn't as kind to the clones as the other. He put Theta through tough challenges, including live fire excersises when they were only six (twelve) years old. In one exercise, Birgaan had been shot, and Nomad had to drag his brother out of the excercise, for no one would pause it.

Theta Squadron was finally deployed when all four brothers turned ten (twenty).

Life in The RepublicEdit

"The Republic. The faction of politics and corruption. Boys, we're just here for the war."
-Nomad to Theta Squad

Theta squad had been deployed in the later days of the Republic. The commando squad had only been deployed on one major mission and several smaller missions before the Republic crumbled under Kael Arden.

Mission to Mon CalamariEdit

The first mission that Theta Squad undertook was during the Republic's attempted takeover of Mon Calamari. Unfortunately the mission was failure, and Theta Squadron did not see any combat.

After Mon Calamari, Theta went on several small missions before the Republic truly started to crumble. Due to multiple mission that were being assigned to commandos, squads soon had to be broken up, and commandos started working individually. This forced many commandos to train themselves in several areas, and turned each into a one man army.

Unfortunately due to the genetic limitations built into the commandos, some didn't have the time or capacity of the ARC troopers to be fully independent units, and suffered because of it. Nomad was one of the few that managed to defeat his genetic limitations by pure willpower.

The Fall of The Republic and Formation of The RebellionEdit

"The Republic was doomed to fail. Ner Vod, we must be prepared for the worst."
- Nomad to Theta Squad


Theta Squad

After the failure of Mon Calamari, Supreme Chancellor Kael Arden revealed himself to be a Sith, using his control over the Force to bend the Senate to his will. With this, the Republic collapsed on itself.

When news of Kael Arden's corruption reached Kallis Mertoi's ears, the Clone leader sent out messages to those he trusted most in the Republic. Nomad was one of the few that received the call. He and other members, such as Marcus Wayne and Ronin Wendigo, were called upon to help form The Rebellion.

Because the rest of Theta had been assigned to missions and were still out of contact, Nomad had to meet Kallis alone. To escape the Republic before they could trace him, Nomad unfortunately had to kill a clone technician, a fellow brother.

He escaped and met up with the rest of the soon-to-be Rebels, where they planned their next move. While Kallis went off to Endor, Nomad and a few others headed out to Kamino. There were reports that TJ 1884 (a fellow clone) had rallied teh clones on Kamino and had started a coup, taking over the planet. It turned out that the Clones wanted to be free from The Republic. When Arden collapsed, the clones took the opportunity to set up their own government. Luckily, Nomad was able to convince TJ and the rest of the Clones to join The Rebellion.

Killing BrothersEdit

"They gave me no choice. It was either I kill them, or let them kill The Rebellion."
-Nomad during his debriefing


Nomad and his new armor

After convincing the newly formed Clone Republic of Kamino to secretly join the Rebellion, Nomad had planned on finding the rest of Theta squad and convince them to defect with him. Unfortunately, he was too late. After their missions were complete the reported back to command, and were tasked with hunting down the rebel defectors and eliminate them, including Nomad.

Theta tracked Nomad to Mygeeto, where a firefight ensued. They truly believed that Nomad had betrayed them and wanted to turn him in. Nomad was forced to kill his brothers, the people closest to him, to keep the Rebellion safe.

After the fight on Mygeeto, he painted a green stripe down his armor, symbolizing that he was no longer on a team, but an individual. He wears the dogtags of RC-9112 "Birgaan", RC-7564 "Jatne", and RC-8124 "Pereese".

Life in The RebellionEdit

"We are not the Rebellion, we are the Alliance tasked to restore the Republic."
-Srekhi Khe Cenkta to Nomad

The Rebellion life was different for Nomad. He had more freedom than in the Republic. Nomad was actually able to go out and eat at restaurants, or go out on a date if he so chose. He didn't really get into all that until later years.

Mygeeto Raid MissionEdit

Nomad's first mission for The Rebellion was to help control and rebuild Mygeeto. Unfortunatly, two weeks after Nomad had captured the Anti-Rebel resistance leader, an Imperial Super Star Destroyer known as the Quicksilver had appeared out of hyperspace. An Imperial Commando squad, led by VK 333, had been sent down to infiltrate the Rebel HQ. Luckily, Nomad was able to defeat and capture VK 333 in battle. Nothing else was known about this raid.

Sith Attack, and Loss of a LimbEdit

"I can never trust this machine I call a left arm again."
-Nomad about losing his arm

A few months after the Mygeeto raid, the Sith Master Emryc Nethalan and a few other decided to attack the forest moon of Endor. Luckily, two members of Rogue Squadron were able to hold off the two other Sith that engaged in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, Emryc was able to get into the Hangar, and kill the security force sent to stop him.

Unfortunately, Nomad had been sent to Endor to help finish construction of Endor base. When he got there, Emryc had just started killing the task force. Nomad quickly landed and engaged the Sith in the hangar. Nomad had been fighting well, until another Sith apprentice showed up. The fight was unevenly matched, so Nomad did what he thought would kill them all. He detonated a bomb which blew up the entire hangar. Nomad fortunately, did not die, but neither did Wadden, the other Sith, or Emryc. In the process of the Hangar collapsing, a beam crushed Nomad's arm off from the shoulder. Breadon Burke was able to give him a new arm, but he never trusted his left arm again.

Takeover of GeonosisEdit

"Don't worry mates, the minute we set up here was the minute we won."
-Nomad to some nervous non-clone soldiers

Geonosis was one of Nomad's prouder moments. The Rebellion, mostly Pheonix Hinata, wanted Geonosis's droid factories, to build battle droids for the front lines and a surplus of medical droids. Nomad, at the time, had been given command of the takeover and a large task force of Clone Troopers and newly trained non-clone humans and aliens. He had some connections with the Geonosians, he had helped to defend them against the Empire, though he had failed at that. They allowed him easy access to set up large ion cannon emplacements and a large defense base in which Nomad used the military strength he had with him to repel the Imperial forces that had been sent to stop him. The mission had been a success and Nomad had been promoted within the Rebellion military.

Becoming a Mandalorian WarriorEdit

"Vod, Olarom bah aliit D'ael'mor. Aliit ori'shya Tal'din."
-Kane E. Smart after Nomad had been adopted as a Mandalorian. Translation: "Brother, Welcome to clan D'ael'more. Family is more than Blood."

While The Empire was attacking Endor, Nomad was on Mandalore, going through the Gai Bal Manda, where Kane E. Smart adopted Nomad into the clan of D'ael'more.

The TrialsEdit

Now I'm hungry
-Nomad thinking to himself after defeating a Zekkag

The first trail was the hardest of the seven, where Nomad had to travel miles in a few hours, without armor or weapons save two daggers. The hardest part was fighting the powerful Zekkag. Nomad managed to lure the mighty creature into a hole trap. He managed to pass the trails, impressing all of clan D'ael'mor.

Other InformationEdit

Owned ShipsEdit

Currently Nomad flies an X-Wing owned by The Rebellion.

Nomad bought a ship known as the Dark Night, a heavily modified Corellian Corvette of his own design. The ship has been donated to The Rebellions Special Forces.

Nomad commonly flies in the Skirata, an Interceptor IV Friagte, but can be found on any ship that was produced by Mandalmotors.

Love LiveEdit

Nomad is currently married to Iria Blaedz.

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