Rach Sullen
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Rach Sullen-Nathos
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Green, shifting colour depending on mood
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Bane Nathos (deceased)
Skip Lone (MIA)
Korran Halcyon
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Ciara Lone
Kael Arden
Damian Nathos
Lucius Nathos
Tristan Nathos
Jade Nathos
Jonny Lone
Selena Halcyon
Bane Nathos Jr.
Tempest Nathos
Irridia Raxel
Alexander Porte
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Rachel stands about 5'4 at about 115-120lbs. Her skin complexion is light/pale and her hair is pink. One trait she inherited from her father were colour shifting eyes. They can go from a light green (happy/jovial), brown (depressed/sad), orange (irritated) then crimson (angry).


Rachel's personality has changed greatly through the years. From a scared little girl, to a confident and selfish rock star, to a matriarch of a powerful family. She is very stern and impatient, especially when training apprentices. There are only very few people that have seen her soft side as a Sith Master.


Early YearsEdit

Rachel Sullen was born on Tatooine to Ana Sullen and Lord Morgan Portbridge (Hinata). Ana, who was a slave, had learned of her pregnancy after Morgan had taken his leave of the planet. He had promised to return to save her, a promise that she wouldn't be able to wait for as she killed her owner. Ana living off of various people and the kindness of others as she were chased by bounty hunters for a short while. When Rachel was six, Ana was finally able to make her way off of the planet.

Still scarred but strong, Ana pushed her daughter into making herself something better. For she had a sweet voice and her mother tried to culture it the best she could. At the age of 12, Rachel started becoming a sensation. Traveling from world to world performing as she played guitar with her back up band.

At the age of 15 she was rich and famous almost throughout the galaxy. During her tour on Naboo, she met a young man by the name of Skip Lone. The boy, who was the same age as she, was in the audience and sneaked his way backstage to meet her. The two instantly hit it off and became an item. He followed her on Naboo from stop to stop, telling her mother he was a rich Corellian that whose family was involved in the steel industry.

Bad luck was to befall upon the couple as Rach discovered she was pregnant. Ana, who didn't want to see her daughter suffer through the same horrors as she, whisked her daughter away from Naboo before she could tell Skip. The babies were had in secret on Bellassa and given up for adoption. The girl, Ciara, to Clark and Samantha Tierney, a couple that were close friends with her mother. The boy, Kael, was given to the King and Queen of Bellassa, as they had just suffered from a stillbirth and replaced the dead baby boy with Kael.

Completely destroyed by all that happened, Rachel started partying and drinking her life into oblivion. Every show seemed to last forever and every morning she'd find an empty bottle of whiskey next to her. Until one day, she asked her mother about her father. In that, she learned her father was force sensitive. Not long after, Rachel abandoned her mother and the life of stardom to seek out the Jedi.


Her destination to seek the Jedi became Yinchorr. The 20 year old, was assaulted and left on the planet. Luckily enough she was found by who would soon be her teacher, Master Skywalker. With him, she would learn to push herself and draw in the force that she could feel around her. Her body becoming stronger as she trained harder. Soon, as the masters saw fit, Rach was promoted to knighthood in the order. As a knight, she participated in the defunct takeover of Naboo, and saved her soon to be best friend and sister, Sophie Maurow.

It was at this time she was about to run into a bit of trouble. Going out with her friend and knight of the Order, Emily Hinata, she crossed paths with a Sith Master, Bane Nathos. The two had a few drinks, danced and connected on a level. That night was to change her life and set in motion to what made her what she is at present. For that particular night would sire Rachel's twins, Damian and Lucius. Rachel was determined to keep it to herself as there was no way she would let Bane know of this. There were so many things she had heard about him, which made him equal to a monster. Tatooine would soon confirm this as Rachel and another knight of the order and friend, Kyle Solo, were trapped in a arena that was wired up with explosives. In the end, the two failed and the people that were 'saved' were the ones to be killed in the space port. In the heat of battle, she spilled out her news. She wouldn't see Bane after that until the impending birth of her children.

Rach was nothing short of a complete mess when she arrived back on Yinchorr. Defeated, tired and her pregnancy growing ever so quickly, it began to arouse suspicion between those in the order. Sophie had originally tried to talk to her, and get her to tell her the news but Rach ran out of there. Next, Emily Hinata invited her to her abode where she finally confronted her with her husband, Hawk Hinata. Rach broke down in tears, and revealed that she was infact pregnant and who the father was. They both were in shock as Bane had attacked Emily on a previous occasion. Still, Hawk and Emily stood by her side and discovered that Rach was actually a half sibling to Hawk. They shared the same father, and both had grown up on Tattooine, unaware of the others' existance.

After being shunned by most of the order when the news came out about her pregnancy, Rach traveled to Coruscant to speak with her mother. All she recieved from her were words of disappointment and grief. At that moment, she knew what she needed to do. She had to find Bane. The force was telling her to, it was pushing her and she allowed it to as she jumped on her ship, eight months pregnant and landed on Ruusan.

Looking, she needed to find him. Instead she was found by two sith apprentices who then would drag her back to the Sith Temple and lock her in a cell. Rach began to go into labor and called Bane for help. In due time, Bane made it there, killed the apprentices and helped her deliver their children. From there on out, she would not be seperated from him. The two finding a love for the other as they came together to raise their children, Damian and Lucius.

A Jedi and a Sith being together was something that wasn't heard of often. Yet, Rach didn't care as she still planned her elaborate wedding. The dress was in red, the attendance was huge and the party was even better. So many people had gathered and put aside their beliefs of the Sith to celebrate their love. After the ceremony, the four went to Chandrilla to enjoy their honeymoon before returning what would be known as home for the next year or so. Mygeeto. Bane was able to talk to Chancellor Antonius and get refuge there. The planet was freezing but it was the best the starting couple could make do with.


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