Raek Class

The Raek Class Carrier is the second ship within The Horde fleet that was entirely designed and created by the Artifical Intelligence known as Omni. The Raek Class was designed and build much like The Balmoth Class Warship, the only significant different between the two was its armament and size. The Raek Class was considerably larger than The Balmoth and served primarily as a carrier for The Hordes armies and Star Fighters. Because of its massive size and design The Raek Class Carrier was capable of carrying thousands of fighter. However just because it was a carrier did not mean that it was not armed, The Raek was armed with several dozen ion cannons as well as a few turbolasers and most importantly two large Plasma cannon, It used these weapons to defend itself from capitol ships that came too close. Most uniquely however when it came to spaceships the Raek Class carriers bridge was not at all visible from the outside of the ship, instead of having windows or viewports the bridge is entirely within the ship covered with flesh and durasteel. The Commander of the ship operates it via a massively detailed Holomap as well as several dozen view screen's all around the command center. Along with these normal Starship qualities The Raek class carried one very Vong like quality, the presence of Dozens and even hundreds of Dovin Basal's as well as one giant one that could act as an interdictor field.


The Raek much like the Balmoth Class Warship has only been operational a short time, unlike the Balmoth however there is currently only one Raek Class Carrier in operation. The other ship that was constructed(which the class is named for) is entitled The Raek, this ship however is a prototype and is under the carefule care of Kathara the master shaper. It is currently the largest ship in The Horde fleet and is usually acompanied by a further fleet to make sure it survives.


Powerplant:I-a2b solar ionization reactor
Shield Generator: 4 Internal Deflector Generators
Armament:Dual Heavy Turbolaser(4)
NK-7 Ion Cannon(70)
Plasma Cannon(2)
Starfighter Capacity(1500)
Dovin Basal's(Hundreds)
Interdictor Basal

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