Ramixan Thaylen
160 lbs
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Dirty blond
Home Planet
None that he knows of

"Reality is an illusion that occurs due to a lack of alcohol." - Anonymous

Rami is a pilot for the Crimson Revenant Pirates and quite a colorful character. Though his defining attribute is his almost-constant drunkenness, he's almost as well-known for getting into trouble.

Early lifeEdit

Ramixan Thaylen was born to a lower-class family on Coruscant, and one he quickly lost contact with. By his twelfth birthday, Rami had managed to lose track of his parents and whatever siblings he might have had in favor of scouring the streets for scraps and unprotected wallets. While his early years were nothing of significant value, he managed to get a bit of amusement out of joining a couple of very violent swoop gangs.

Rami's tendency to join the winning side made him a frequent candidate for switching to a new gang as soon as his older one stopped being quite such an inviting prospect. He was generally the "brains" of the gangs he joined, and learned both how to fix a swoop and how to shoot the guy who was trying to steal it. In return,he acted as the gang leaders' logical mind and cool-headed thoughtfulness. Any way you look at it, this is ironic.

By his mid-teens, Rami had worked his way up to vice-leadership in a particularly vicious gang with the charming name of "Mynock Bite", but he spent less than a year there before he decided he needed a slightly safer, less illegal job and joined a freighting crew. While a bit young to begin working with the main parts of the ship, Rami was taken in as an old pilot's apprentice and assistant, running around fixing what he knew how to fix and occasionally running as a makeshift copilot. His first crew included a kind of mentor figure named Harris Rosen, who taught the young man all he could and generally made him more of a help around the ship.

As a change of pace, Rosen's ship was actually a legitimate cargo frigate that often passed through pirate-heavy space. While he was doing legal work, Rami found that he came to enjoy more combat than he did in the gang while he bravely fought off brigands of all kinds. For almost four years he served as a general second on the ship, doing what he needed. When Rossen retired, Rami looked to find more work in other places. He happened upon both Ayden Cater and Tal Niko, and joined the Rebellion with at least one friend in hand.

Early Work with the RebellionEdit

Rami performed particularly well in the Jedi/Rebel wargame, managing to use his unique approach of being punched, thrown around, arrested, and drunk for half of his stint on Cloud City to get objects that no other person could manage. He also caused quite a headache for Tal Niko, who was sent to make sure he didn't do exactly what he ended up doing. For much of his early Rebel career, Rami spent his time training as a fighter pilot and drinking in the Crashdown tapcafe. During this time, he made the acquaintance of one Commodore Yalin Hawk and became fairly good drinking buddies with the "old man".

Rami was present for at least part of the post-Mygeeto raid, flying support for Ayden in its early stages.

Joining the Crimson RevenantEdit

Rami had managed to acquire a room in the Pearl of Kakori. He, along with Saelia Santori, was key in the defense of the vessel against a raid by the Crimson Revenant Pirates. During this attack, Rami achieved the highest level of inebriation he could manage, pushed upon Saelia the duty of breaking into a secure weapons locker (in the nude), then picked a fight with a rather large number of pirates. He was accosted during the proceedings, but managed to buy Saelia enough time to get to the locker in one piece.

He awoke almost two days later with a huge hangover in Saede Taggart's ship, The Scarlet Scion. After a brief interview and the promise of a huge paycheck, he joined up with the pirates as a starfighter escort pilot and first-strike flier. Some time soon after his induction into the Crimson Revenant, Rami managed to acquire a highly-modified N-1T starfighter for his personal use.

Only a month after joining Saede's crew, Rami made a short trip to Eriadu mostly for his own amusement and to sample the local alcohol. He ended up finding a young slavegirl named Astrid Nylani and rescuing her from her captivity by way of violence and luck. Taking her back to Saede, Rami managed to find Astrid a safe place to live while she made her way in the world.


Rami's Ship

Yes, it's red. Not pink. Red.

Rami managed to acquire quite the personal armory in the time he worked for Rosen. His common equipment includes an SSK-7 heavy blaster pistol, an ACP shotgun, an RT-97c heavy blaster rifle, and usually a large knife. Since he joined the pirates, Rami has begun carrying a cutlass-style vibroblade during combat for purposes of "uniform".

Rami's personal starfighter is an upgraded N-1T with a very gaudy custom paint job. It has the renowned Nubian speed of the original fighter with tons more armor and shielding, as well as four heavy blaster cannons on the frontal fuselage and two proton torpedo tubes to the side of the cannons. With this blend of speed, power, and style, Rami thinks himself the galaxy's best pilot.

And, of course, he always has some kind of alcohol on him at all times.

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